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5 BEST SNIPER TOWERS In Fortnite Battle Royale

(Introductory noises) – [SXVXN] What’s happening, everybody. My name is SXVXN. Welcome to a Fortnite Video. Now, if you’re brand new to the
channel hit that subscribe button my trying to race towards 100,000
subscribers. Now, for a Christmas special as well me and D4. If you don’t know who D4 is
definitely go check them out are hosting a giveaway for Christmas and the winner
will be announced on Christmas Day so that’s for either $100 or 100 pounds gift card
or either PSN and Xbox or steam so definitely go in the description and
check that out now in today’s video. We’re gonna be looking at some top
designs now you guys sent me a bunch of different designs on Twitter I spoke to
a bunch of people on my discord and I got a cool set of different sniper tower
ideas both for solo, duo and for team as well so if you’re somebody who wants to
build a bill better and have some cool in concepts and ideas fed into the ones
that you already know then this video is going to be perfect for you. Sit back and
relax let’s get straight into design number one. Now, the first design that
we’re gonna take a look at today is the standard sniper tower now this is
something that we always build whenever we’re in a mode of panic you know when
you need to quickly build yourself some shelter whether it is to obviously heal
up or just to use it as a sniper tower itself what you want to do is build
three high you don’t want to build any higher than that and there is reasons
for this because if you jump out of your tower very very quickly you will then
get damaged if you wear any higher than three high now all you have to do is
build four walls and a ramp inside and repeat this process three times this
will then get you a standard sniper tower and this will allow you to also
jump out if you need to say for example you want to quickly get into the zone
etc which is over in that direction. The best way to design these
towers as well if you wish to is to put the ramp that is on the top layer facing
into the zone or at least in the same direction as the zone because this is
where most of the conflict will be coming from unless you are in the center
of the zone and then this is when the next sniper tower design will actually
help you that little bit more especially if you’re in the middle of all of the
action. So in this second design that we’re going to take a look at this is
the one that is going to be perfect when you are surrounded it’s very similar and
all you have to do to begin with is build the same set of four walls and
the stairs inside repeat this process to get to the same height now you want to
do this twice so that you get up to the third. Now on this third layer this is
where we’re going to be able to do the difference so what you want to do
instead of placing a ramp on the third layer is place a floor now you’re
probably wondering what I can’t see I can’t see what’s going on with the
enemies and this is why you do this what you do is you take the four walls and
you cut the top line off them and this makes your walls at height of your
character allowing you to see over the wall and see where enemies are coming
from this is great if you’re standing open you want to heal really quickly you
can also hop up onto the edge and it allows you to jump quickly out of your
Tower just like the other one as well now if you want to build it and fight
with somebody what you need to do is learn how to get rid of this actual wall
very very quickly all you need to do is take away the middle row and it will be
one row left now if I had a weapon at this time and
someone was facing that direction I could then quickly edit that and then
get into gunfire with them and then quickly edit and read put the wall back
up again or repair it or if the wall got destroyed I could replace a full wall
once again and obviously because it’s only three high you can jump
out of it without taking any damage whatsoever so it’s very similar but it’s
very different in the sense of that it’s better for being in the center of the
zone and being surrounded by enemies. Now, take a look at number three
this follows a similar concept but it’s a slightly different design now this is
what’s known as a four Tower you need at least a decent open area some kind of
nice flat area and this once again is a really good design for being in the
middle of all the action so what you want to do once again is build two
flights of stairs inside and this is the beginning to all of your towers on that
third what you want to do is instead of doing it just like we did before place a
floor inside and on the four walls you can place windows you can either put
windows in all of them if you wish or you can do this where you can place a a
window and a door and this will allow you to build a look at all different
directions now of course this does make you somewhat exposed so you do have to
be very careful when fighting against the enemies that are in your area so I
advise only putting windows in size that you need to now always put a triangle on
top of your actual tower when you’ve got this on
you’re gonna be safe from grenades or anything like that what people are gonna
be throwing them in your direction and so like I say if you don’t feel
confident having all of the windows open because you might get sniped from a
certain direction you could end up changing it so you can have two windows
maybe just a door you could even put a flight of stairs inside and you know get
rid of the roof there’s so many different ways that you can edit this
but the idea of this tower is that it protects your top of your tower so it
prevents you from getting grenades thrown up and it’s also really really
good if someone who tries to build up to your tower which is a very common thing
it means they have to destroy the roof or one of the walls before they can get
to you so I really like this four tower design it saves lives and like I said
before it’s great for when you’re in the middle of that action. Now, the next
design is a little bit more creative and you will need to be able to learn how to
edit the triangle and I’ve got to show you that so don’t you worry I’ll show
you how to do this now in team you can expand on this design I’m about to show
you very easily all you need to do to begin with is take four ramps so take
the four ramps and you want to place them all around each other like this so
they’re all centered inwards you’ll end up placing four in total and this will
then build like a small pyramid base to your tower what you want to do next is
take the actual pyramid and what you want to do is edit the pyramid and if
this gonna chaplains to you which is happening to me right now as well where
I was having the the weird grid our area just go and stand up on top and
when it’s on top what you do is you want to edit it and you want to raise one of
the corners now once you’ve raised one of the corners you get this corner piece
just like this and you want to go around and you want to place this corner piece
at all the four corners and it’ll build yourself a small beginning to what is
known as a pyramid now once you’ve built this pyramid section this is where
things get interesting now we’re going to be building an hourglass Tower so
what you want to do is to fortify the base of your tower you want to place
four walls underneath and this will then mean if someone shoots the base of the
actual pyramids you’ve then got more protection because then they will have
to shoot the base of the tower once again place the floor down and place one
mid section of a tower and on the third level all you need to do is place
another set of stairs all around so you want to place four in total and they
will be pointing outwards of your tower now this basically is going to be doing
the exact same thing as what we’ve done but law on the ground before we built
the intersection but all we’re doing is invert it now to invert the actual
pyramid is all you do is you select every single one of them apart from one
corner this basically will create an upside-down corner piece as you can see
just like this and all you have to do is rotate it if you have issues about where
it’s going and on the actual top section is you place this down now you’ve
created yourself an hourglass this allows you to go and move around this is
great for duels because there’s loads of space to be covered and there’s an
extension to this design as well which I’ll show you for number five now as you
can see it follows the hourglass look and is a solid design if you get
destroyed in this don’t worry you can obviously just quickly build up walls
around it and go straight back in your standard design of a tower but the base
on this makes it very very tough to be destroyed and it’s a very good one for
duels. Now, taking a look at number five number five is going to be a big one and
this one is best if you’re playing in squads because you’re gonna need a lot
of resources what you want to begin with is the corner piece the upside-down
corner piece which I mentioned before and you need to place four of these what
we’re gonna be designing is an upside-down pyramid and this is a very
popular design that I’ve seen a lot of players using as of recently
once you build your first base all you need to do is go around the sides and
place ramps like I’m doing here you want to do this a total of 3 times so we’ve
done this once and twice and it will do it one more make sure you place the
corner pieces as well so that you finish off the actual levels and you’ll end up
having this dome upside down pyramid now you can stand here and you can leave it
at this size if you want to and you can begin play some walls to protect it or
if you wanted you can do what I’m doing and extend it additionally to actually
push it to that third level height which is the safe height for your building all
of these towers now all you need to do is go around all of the walls placing
down ramps again just like we did prior and then obviously place the corner
pieces in as well but there’s something more to this and this is why it needs to
be in team because you’re gonna need a decent amount of resources to build a
successful version of this once you’ve done the actual upside-down pyramid you
want to go around the base of it play some walls down this saw makes it harder
for the enemy to actually destroy this if they shoot the corner pieces at the
bottom of this will just destroy instantly and you
can then do it secondary and third if you have the actual resources it’s
entirely up to you but of course it’s easier just to do two layers of this
because you can just jump up and place the bricks so all you need to do is go
around and I do advise how to use and something like brick at least to do this
metal would take a lot of resources up so I don’t know if that’s even possible
but if you had the resources it would be very sturdy indeed so once you’ve
finished all of these off and you finished all the corner pieces and you
placed the bottom section around this you will then have a very strong defense
and each player in team can take one side so this is a very very good design
for being in the heat of the moment if someone starts throwing grenades in this
is of course where you’ll have to start building walls or some form of other
protection but as you can see it looks absolutely amazing. Now, if you guys have
other designs that you want to let me know about send me tweet send me
pictures all that great stuff and join our discord as well I wish you all the
very best of luck with the giveaway and thank you so much for tuning in and
watching today’s video. I hope you take some of these designs and use them in
your games to survive to conquer and to win and win and win. Thank you for
watching. Take care, peace. [Outro Music]

100 thoughts on “5 BEST SNIPER TOWERS In Fortnite Battle Royale

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  3. Instead of your basic 3 high sniper tower, use a roof piece instead of stairs on the third level, and raise 3 corners. It'll allow you to peak from more than one side making it harder for snipers to predict where your head will appear.

  4. Was thinking that once you build number 5 you can always add more on top by overtime the Ramps inward and create a pyramid on top so as not to have nades in there. Then you can take select ramps and edit the to be half width so they act as human size windows

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    1. Smoke granades can be replaced with explosive crackers and let out green or red smoke
    2. A new item called firecrackers witch look like crackers for Christmas explode like a granade but shoot out tiny fragments which rebound of walls and damage enemies
    3. Like Halloween the rocket launcher will get a skin but this time it will be a Christmas pudding

  6. Yo shoot 4 rpg rockets and launch 6 grenades or a little less and I guarantee you most of the base will shatter if not all

  7. For the last build, 760 total resources if you are making it out of one material and doing 2 layers of protection, the pyramid itself takes 440 materials while the protection takes 320

  8. tip for next time, on the 5th tower, once you start at the beggining with the inverted tower you can select the wall and put it on the other side without having to go outside the piramid

  9. forts that are like the hour glass are terible grenades are rlly good to take them down players will throw/shoot them into the top part of the design they cant get out

  10. My faviorate and most simple base is just a 4 wall ramp structure. From there, I build out a few platforms, make walls, and build ramps. My version of a quick Firebase.

  11. A great defense that has made me win is to do a normal base (square with bunch of stairs and at all the side on top put piramyds this makes that when you are behind them you can see outside but the outside people can't see you so this is good for sniping because you can move from piramyd to piramyd easily

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