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5 additional pro tips to become a better sniper on Battlefield 5

Hey what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here. Today I got a new video for you where we discuss
5 additional pro tips on becoming a better sniper on Battlefield 5. Remember if you found any of the tips helpful
be sure and leave a like or a dislike if you did not enjoy the video. Let get started right off with … Number 1) Always reload during down time Ammo capacity can always be a problem when
you are in an encounter. When on a kill spree the last thing you want
to do is stop midway through and go through a huge reload animation. One major tip that people never utilize is
to keep on top of your ammo management. When you are traversing to a new location,
waiting for health to regen, or perhaps pinned down waiting for the moment to strike. Take a second and reload. You are not physically doing anything else. There truly is nothing else going on and its
best to capitalize and make every second matter and ensure you go into the next encounter
with all the ammo you need. It’s always that one extra bullet you need
to win the fight. This increases the effectiveness of your gun. The Krag is a great example of ensuring all
ammo is full no matter what as each ammo count remaining has a different reload animation. It can be even faster the M95 if you stay
on top of it. But that’s the key, staying on top of it. Number 2) Take the darn shot I love the quote “You miss 100% of the shots
you don’t take. This is 100% true for sniping. People are always so concerned about how accurate
you can be and oh look I was at 100% accuracy. But the issue is they got 4 kills. You need to learn to take the shot. By taking the shot and missing you learn to
improve. If you never learn to improve then it is clear
you won’t get better. Which leads me to my next topic. Number 3) Learning your speed vs accuracy We all have a point where we can be most efficient. You can be more accurate but you lose speed. And if you speed up you will lose accuracy. As a player when you take those shots you
will inherently miss you need to find the moment where you are accurate and as fast
as possible. But not compromising too much of one or the
other. Also, not go to fast where you are not learning
and just shooting god knows what. And don’t go to slow where you can’t pick
up any momentum. The best way to look at this is a graph and
knowing mentally where you are at and where you could be! Allocative efficiency – An economic term where
a very good or service is produced up to the point where the last unit provides a marginal
benefit to consumers equal to the marginal cost of producing. So replace that with speed and accuracy and
find the best middle point. As your grow it the lines will change and
you can improve. Number 4) Utilize different camo’s Do not judge me. This one sounds like the most simple thing
in the world, and I am calling myself out on it even. I was using the Union jacket for every map. Now we can choose camo based on every map,
and we need to utilize it as snipers. Positioning is our greatest asset so be sure
and capitalize on this by wearing the correct camo. I was dying hard on Narvik and it makes sense
I am the first target if I stick out like a sore thumb! Number 5) Move in between shots I spoke before to always keep moving. Yes, move and change positioning. I am going to delve a lot deeper into this
for aggressive recon when you are in a 1v1 fight. When you shoot you have downtime until you
are physically able to zoom and shoot again. I see so many snipers make the mistake of
just standing still awaiting death if they missed. Remember to use the following. Jumping or references as the bunny hop, Slide
back into cover and peak back out, or crouch and moving in an unpredictable direction. These tactics will help you live longer against
the average player. Anyone can hit a target standing still. So why not make it more difficult for them? That is it for today’s video. Be sure and hit me up in the comments if you
have more tips we should cover or which one you found most useful. I look forward to chatting with you guys. Do not forget to leave a like if you enjoyed
and a dislike if you did not and will see you guys in the next video!

20 thoughts on “5 additional pro tips to become a better sniper on Battlefield 5

  1. unsubbed

    thought i was done with ecomics when I finished high school, WHY IS THERE A GRAPH HUH

    jk nice video Dazs, some good tips in here <3

  2. Thx for the tips a couple of them are new for me and I hope they are gonna help xD , keep the work up and everyone a happy new year!!!!

  3. Thanks daz, i use like 3 of your past tips and i have improved myself a lot at sniping. Can you do a review of the self loading rifles (Best to worst, when use, how, assignaments solve, etc)
    Keep the good work

  4. I hope these tips help out! I am going to catch up on YouTube comments, family is in town so been a bit delayed on some! 😀 <3 Love you guys!

  5. Nice tips! Quick unrelated question: Do you know a good cinematic song I could use for a montage? I struggle to find good music everytime.

  6. I wanna improve but my connection is bad i live in the middle east and servers are trash, is there a certain router to make my connection better?

  7. you are awesome. Could you show me a tutorial to hit moving targets? With each of the rifles available in the game if possible.

  8. Really nice and, yeah, a chill video.
    I have a little request. May you please make a video about positioning (like where are the positions where you can stand still a little longer, how to push objective, how to predict enemy movements and so on). I know it is a wide topic but you may put just a few examples or your experiences into the video.
    Wish you the best for the channel in 2019.

  9. Be a Try Hard LEarn Leading ur shots do a idiot dance when u get shots and use the cover between them dont run in open only if ur pro use the krag aim for the head use close querters the throwing knife and use the fking beacon pro tipps from hungarian agro sniper

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