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5.11 Mag Pouches Review (AR Doube and Single Pistol)

Hy Everyone! Today i would like to show you
the 5.11 AR double and Single Pistol mag pouch. 5.11 is the US based company who makes real
deal military equipments for soldiers or law enforcement units. First of
all i would like to talk from the materiak
of the pocuhes. The pouches made from 500D nylon and bottom of the pouches are reinforced
with 1050D nylon fabric. In this video i would like to
show you how it works or how we can use the
pouches. The pouches can be used in various ways. These ways are the follows: Open; Closed
or Open – Fix with bungee. The AR pouches can hold one M4 or G36 mags but these pouches
made from elastic material that’why we can put in 2 mags in each of it, and in this ways
the pouches hold strongly the mags. The Pistol mag can holds only one mag but
we can’t put in the cover inside like the AR pouches because too tight the place in
it. At the end of the video i will show
you the looking of the
pistol or i show how could the use the 5.11
molle system. The molle stripe is very rigid that’s why
we can easily put on these pouches on the vest. Metal studs on the molle stripe is made
from good quality metal and the studs are very strong and very difficult to open the
way you see it. I hope you enjoy this video, if you like it
please subscribe. Thanks your attention.

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