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45acp DRT “Terminal Shock” Ammo vs. GEL & RIBS

Hey it’s Andrew with GY6vids, in today’s episode we have a ballistics test shooting the DRT ammunition terminal shock 45 acp rounds now in the past we have test another terminal shock round from DRTammo, we tested the 308 as well as their 223 elite series, now the terminal shock round in 45 acp differs to their rifle ammunition because the rifle ammunition is pretty much barrier blind even though it is a fragmenting round when it goes through windshield or bricks or windshields it holds its shape and its sprawls out and that fragmentation of compressed powder goes into his target the 45 acp rounds is designed to go through a target that is a threat so person wearing light to heavy clothing and that’s about it. it’s not designed to go through bricks and wood and other barriers, it’s meant to impact and expand out and fragment and get anywhere from that 10 to 15 inches of penetration with its fragmentation coming out of the round so we will see in a second we’ll shoot bare gel first to see what it does without any resistance then we’re gonna put ribs with cotton t-shirt over top of it now the cotton t-shirt we’re gonna put four layers not just a single layer but we’re gonna double up the shirt on top of the ribs shoot through it and in the ribs and in the meat in the gel and see what happens some people do not like fragmenting rounds and it’s your prerogative if you don’t like them you don’t like them, there’s a certain place and timing for fragmenting rounds especially if you’re looking for situations where there is collateral damage you dont want over penetration. with a fragmenting round you going to impact your target and that target gets impacted only that’s the intended purpose of this so there are times to use these rounds and there are times to use regular jacketed hollow points which i use a lot! i do want to point out one factor before we get into it, I have hearing protection today that is made by that is a 9-millimeter shell with a actual hearing pro put into it wanted to point that out so you don’t think I’m shoving regular brass into my ear as I shoot keep in mind these are 150gr projectiles much lighter than the standard 230gr you’re going to see with most 45 acp rounds but you’re getting a lot more speed behind it the velocities increased usually get around that 900 feet per second mark with 230gr rounds these are coming out 1100 feet per second! We are using the Kimber stainless gold match II- 1911 shooting this ammunition today let’s see what happens on bear gel first impact perfect dead center placement is going 12 inches into the ballistics gel and stopping fragmentation looks perfect as well now granted this round is never going to be the best penetrator but for personal defense when you want to impact your target stop the threat and not over penetrate these are definitely good choice so far …four layers of cotton t-shirt from the front not the back so it’s wrapped around the front but not the backside because once around penetrates your shirt and through your ribs it’s not going to penetrate another shirt inside you so four layers on the outside I don’t like doing denim because I’ve said it a long long long long time ago in a very very old vid unless youre a rhinestone cowboy and you have your jean jacket on most of the time you’re not gonna have denim on your chest yes sometimes the FBI does use that as a protocol sometimes but cotton t-shirts are more realistic four layers of it even more realistic because it’s you know you have a tank top underneath and 4 layers of tshirt gonna make up for that so shoot haha whole alright I’ll take that so not only did it go all the way through gaping hole in the back side and went right through a rib there is fragmentation of the jacket around the compressed powder that’s inside the meat on the table ribs are hanging out of the entrance wound and going all the way into the jail and stopping at exactly ten inches and I’m pumped that’s good to know that’s for sure I’ve what I’ve done now is something i didn’t really think I should do because it’s not meant to be an extreme penetrating around but I’m doubling up the ribs so there is two racks of ribs and in the gel… lets see what it looks like blew through and impacted the bone exploded and that is a rib right there in the middle it’s not meant to be an extreme penetrating round keep that in mind but damn! wow theres a lot of bugs…lot of meat to I guess bringing in the bugs yeah the meat is over there go get it! The terminal shock 45 acp rounds i think they did the job and then some but remember there’s a time and place to use fragmenting rounds jacketed hollow points take care of the job most of time as well to…find your favorite round test them yourself… shooting some things, do your own testing as well I’m never going to say yes “yeah this one is the best” or “Yeah that one is the worst” i’m just going to show you the results tell you my opinion you’ve got to go out and put in the legwork to find out for yourself thanks for watching appreciate you guys hope you enjoyed the video make sure to go subscribe to helps a ton also have a secondary youtube channel go check it out we’re posting nothing but slowmo clips and we’re gonna start doing standalone videos for that youtube channel too, so links in the description go subscribe definitely helps a lot you got any other types of rounds that you want to be tested through ballistic gel leave a comment the comment section i’ll be seeing you next time!

100 thoughts on “45acp DRT “Terminal Shock” Ammo vs. GEL & RIBS

  1. Hey I understand the difference between hollow points and frag bullets but no one could really choose the time and place when they might need to use there firearm. So I was just wondering how these Terminal shock rounds will hold up against car windows, sheetrock walls, doors, or even turned over tables that a perp might use to hide behind. Was wondering if maybe
    you could test them on some of these sometime.

  2. I use these in my 9 for precisely the reasons mentioned. Time to pick some up for my new 45 I've started to carry as well.
    Excellent job on the video.

  3. I thought the purpose of denim was to show that if it can expand through four layers of industrial denim it should be able expand through any clothing material

  4. I just left a longer comment on one of your other videos but the Gorilla Silverback solid copper hollow point ammo would be my input.

  5. Hey Andrew, have you seen videos of people using 3D printed bullets? I'd be interested in seeing you shoot those. Hope you gave a great day!

  6. It makes no sense to me why some channels that don't provide as high-quality content end up being more popular. Here's this man, showing good tests and good results, not clickbaiting or anything, no extra bull, with only 500k subs. You deserve more for the quality content you put out.

  7. I have frangible rounds for my pistol in case i have to use it in my house. Do you have a video using frangible rounds? If not could you make one thank you.

  8. 'Bout to say, Andrew I know you love the 2nd amendment but you straight up have brass for hearing protection lol awesome vid I always enjoy the reviews.

  9. Thank you for this vid, GY6. Never heard of DRT ammo until recently. They sell it at Rural King and i picked up a few boxes of it to run through my Glock 41. Very helpful and informative video. Happy St. Patrick's day.

  10. You have the best ammo videos out there. Great info and camera work. I will pick some of these up. I've used them in my 9 and really liked them. Time for a box or three for the 45.

  11. I want to see the same test done with the RIP round. I have one box of it but due to mixed reviews I carry Hydra Shok in my gun.

  12. They use denam because its extremely tough so if it can handle a few layers of denam and perform well then it can handle just about any materal

  13. had trouble feeding the rounds in 2 different 1911s one Kimber one Sig both gov size. also had a few snag feeds in a p227. the nose of the round will find the smallest flaw in the feed ramp and grab. but I had same problem with Sig brand ammo. federal, winchester and Hornady no problems just depends on the rounds shape

  14. Ok Andrew… That…got my attention. I didn't throw away those old Glaser Silvers…some ammo is better than none…but this might work…IDK

  15. I've always trained with Sig Sauer vcrown jhp in all my handguns of all calibers. love that stuff. very inexpensive for self defense ammunition and powder burns pretty clean so it's alot easier to clean after a session. if anyone is looking for a good round i suggest looking into them.

  16. Had a "negligent-discharge" a few years back… (Yes I realize I just put myself on the YouTube Safety Ninja chopping block.) Anyway, it happened and I learned from it. Long story short, the DRT .40 round went cleanly through my bed post, wall and out of the exterior brick of my home. Never found the round, which was surprising to me. Not sure why it didn't fragment, unlike in this video and by design. Just though I'd share! Love your videos by the way…
    Firearm: Springfield XDm 3.8 (.40s&w)

  17. freaking awesome video, I can only imagine what DRT would do to a human predator! I've seen the results of their .223 rd on deer and hog so I assume it would be similar on a thug. I carry Golden Saber +P .45 now but I've always been curious about the DRT .45

  18. I keep two rnds of fmj 1st in line in all my carry guns from 380-45 for automotive glass. any ideas or videos on that? good quality vid keep it up

  19. also I would like to know who the jackasses are that disliked the vid so I could swiftly kick them in the ass

  20. can you please do a test with 9mm. and 40s&w extreme shock ammo and maybe 357 magnum extreme shock out of a 4 or 6 inch barrel? if you could possibly do it. also does anyone know what a 40s&w hydra shok does?

  21. Thanks for adding the ribs and other realistic situation type stuff to the gel. Not enough people do this. In an unfortunate real-deal scenario, you're not shooting a gel block with consistent characteristics. Don't get me wrong, gel has its place. But I like how you do this stuff: T-Shirts, Ribs and then Gel… very realistic scenario. Cool opening graphics too. Peace.

  22. I just started watching GY6 videos and is one of those channels that I wish they could upload like every other day. Still worth the wait though

  23. Hey Andrew., I have a question for you. I am right handed, and I just started trying left handed shooting after watching you. I seem to be able to aqquire my target faster left. My question is it common for someone to be a better shooter with their opposite hand? It was awesome, and I fully intend to keep ambi shooting. Thanks for great vids

  24. I thought the 45acp was designed as a replacement for the 38 special cartridge for law enforcement in the mobster era because they needed something that would penetrate barriers and car doors more effectively

  25. When I bought my first 1911 40+ years ago I walked into a gun shop, asked The Old Codger behind the counter who knew everything about guns what a good defense round would be.

    "What ya shootin?" he asked.

    .45 ACP I answered.

    Old Codger that knew everything wrinkled his nose and said "Son, the .45 Auto doesn't need any Magic Boolits, you fill someone full of holes a half inch wide they won't bother you no more" and he handed me a box of GI ball ammo.

    I saved a lot of money over the years following his advice.

  26. That ballistic gel block is a thing of beauty. They are interesting rounds, but id still choose soft nose jacketed ammo if i was to carry

  27. You better see how your local county prosecutor feels about these rounds. Throw in the feelings of your local sheriff and police chiefs as well. Just saying better safe that sorry.

  28. Cool concept rounds for the safety conscious with over penetration or stray rounds, but honestly I think either ball ammo, or quality PD ammo would be best carry. PDX1 or hydroshock would be best IMO.

  29. great video, but why are you second guessing dudes that made a living from killing ppl. I am pretty sure the crap testing youre doing is laughable compared to the guys that created those fire arms.

  30. Andrew my name is nicholas woodruff but you would have known me by nick Espitia in high school. I was looking at the ballistics of the 45 in a 1911 since I have one as my carry and realized that you were my strength training coach my sophomore year at foothill high school lmfao small world

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