40 S&W in a 10mm Glock 20 – Wrong Caliber Pistol Shooting

Yo this is Mattv2099. what we have here is A glock 20. 10mm. And a box of 40 smith and wesson We are going to epic fail. we are going to load ten rounds of 40 S&W into this 10mm magazine and see if the glock 20 functions properly. for clarification. if you can see that. forty s&W 40 forty nine. let me get one more in here. ten rounds of 40 S&W get my gloves on for safety. here we go. forty smith and wesson tap. rack. the gun performed flawlessly looks fine barrel looks fine. lets put a 10 in there. 10 goes like that perfect fit a forty goes in deeper. it’s going to be held out like this I wonder if you can damage that little lip in there. doesn’t look like it’s damaged at all. there you go. forty in a ten milimiter. 40 caliber smith and wesson in a glock 20 functions flawlessly

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