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40 S&W in a 10mm Glock 20 – Wrong Caliber Pistol Shooting

Yo this is Mattv2099. what we have here is A glock 20. 10mm. And a box of 40 smith and wesson We are going to epic fail. we are going to load ten rounds of 40 S&W into this 10mm magazine and see if the glock 20 functions properly. for clarification. if you can see that. forty s&W 40 forty nine. let me get one more in here. ten rounds of 40 S&W get my gloves on for safety. here we go. forty smith and wesson tap. rack. the gun performed flawlessly looks fine barrel looks fine. lets put a 10 in there. 10 goes like that perfect fit a forty goes in deeper. it’s going to be held out like this I wonder if you can damage that little lip in there. doesn’t look like it’s damaged at all. there you go. forty in a ten milimiter. 40 caliber smith and wesson in a glock 20 functions flawlessly

83 thoughts on “40 S&W in a 10mm Glock 20 – Wrong Caliber Pistol Shooting

  1. It does not surprise me that it will "work". A 40SW is a 10 MM Short, or so they say. But it might NOT be a good HABIT to shoot ammo OTHER than the one the firearm is MADE FOR. You know, you only have to have it go WRONG ONCE. You know, have a failure in your FACE. Not good to me. This is something I would never do. BB

  2. G20 best SHTF gun available. Mine shoots 22, 380, 9×18, 9×19, 9×25, 40, 45, 357 sig, 10, 38 super, 40 super, 400 corbon, and 50 cal. possible with barrel and or slide swaps.

  3. as he said "functions JUST FLAWLESSLY" just like shooting .38 special in a .357 mag revolver, or .44 special in a .44 magnum, shorter casing SAME CALIBER bullet…

    Many people I know have done this over and over and over, Personally I bought 4 lone wolf barrels for my Glock 40, stock it was the 10mm and I Now have the 40sw 10mm 9" 10mm 6.01" and the 10mm threaded..

    why not they are dirt cheap…

  4. Yes, it will work, but over time, I would think you'll ruin the lands and groves in the back of the barrel from the bullet jumping that distance to the rifling. Not sure how long that would take, but it will happen. It's your gun, so continue to beat the living shit out of it!!

  5. You can shoot 40 cal out of a glock 10mm all day. The extractor is what holds the round in place, not the chamber. The 40 cal bullet extends past the end of the chamber, so you will not ruin the chamber or barrel. If you own anything other than a glock I would certainly research this out before tempting.

  6. I cant believe they actually neutered the 10mm took one of his balls off and called it a .40S&W what a shame,  Don't make any sense smaller case and they call it a different bullet and now the 10mm suffers cuz of it But yet was #1 now some people treat the 10mm as the ugly cousin.. But a lot of you still Think the .40cal was first 😒😒 Well till now!!

  7. real test would have been to fire 200 rounds or so of 40 and then switch back to the 10. I know when I shot 38 in my 357 and then switch back to 357 it's tougher to get the 357 in because there's a ring of crust where the 38 brass ended and I usually had to clean it out before the 357 would even go in

  8. of course you can shoot a 40 cal bullet out of a 10mm they are both the same diameter bullet ,just dont shoot 10mm out of a 40 cal because it may not be able to handle the recoil and fail

  9. In The Last 4 Months I Shot Roughly Around 1000 Rounds Of 40s&w Out Of My G20 With Zero Problems, I Just Clean The Barrel Afterwards Because It Does Get Dirtier Than 10MM…… Feels Like I'm Cheating On My Beautiful 10 With A Cheap And Dirty 40

  10. I own Glock 20C 22C, 23,24C, 27. I have fired .40 SW out of my 20C 10mm
    without any problems. The only difference between 10mm and .40sw is the
    length of the cartridge, The 10mm is about 1/8 in longer to
    accommodate more propellant.The 10 mm has a stiffer recoil spring 17lbs
    vs 15lbs. It cycled fine. No damage to the 10mm barrel the same as
    shooting .38sp out of .357.

  11. Although I have a 40sw conversion barrel for my G20 gen 4, I would not hesitate to use my 10mm barrel. Yes there will be headspace but it is fine. A little bit of jump will not damage the throat. Just think about revolvers, just about all have some jump to them as well in order for the cylinder to spin. in any case, I like the LW barrel just for the looks and as far as piece of mind, doesn't add much because like I said, i have no problem shooting 40sw out of the 10mm barrel. Just my experience. Nice demonstration.

  12. It seems like a good idea in a pinch, but I wonder if it is completely synonymous with .38 and .357; it would be cool to see a video of how the G20 functions after many, many rounds of 40 S&W. Overall, I am so glad you did this for us!

  13. .380 in 9mm works
    .40 in 10mm works
    .38 long colt and .38special in .357 magnum works
    My 50mm cock in 1mm pussy works

  14. You were saying what you were going to do and continually saying "we're". Who was out there with you, because it looked like you were alone lol. I'm just giving you a hard time, cool vid.

  15. Am not a real lead (steel) gun shooter. I wonder what's the difference between .40s&w vs 10mm. And thought they were the same round. Apparently was right to think this.

  16. shooting .40 in 10mm glock is actually safer than shooting it on a 40 and it's safer than shooting the 10mm in a 10. Seen extensive test, it's true

  17. Very nice! However, have You ever tryed to shot a big burst like that !? That certainly whould be the great test .

  18. Very nice! However, have You ever tryed to shot a big burst like that !? That certainly whould be the great test .

  19. Good to know. I wouldn't do it 9 to 5, but if I really needed to shoot a threat fuck yes I would. Twice on Sundays.

  20. 460 Rowland guns can shoot a 45 ACP with no problem. It is used as a selling point. A 9mm can shoot a .380, but the springs are usually too heavy and it won't cycle.

    The whole, spacing off the case mouth is a load of crap. A .40 is safer in a 10mm Glock than in a .40 Glock. You won't get a Kaboom. The worst thing that could happen is the rim gets past the extractor and the firing pin won't reach the primer. Shooting a .40 in a .40 cal glock, the worst thing that can happen is the case mouth gets pushed past the end of the oversized chamber and the freebore doesn't allow the case to expand, driving it into the bullet and trapping it. Turning the bullet into a barrel obstruction and KABOOM, your gun blows up.

    Shooting a .40 in a 10 is exactly like shooting a .38 in a .357 mag. The hook holds the round to the breach face.

    A 9 will fire in a .40 and a .40 will fire in a .45. The cases don't even touch the chambers. It deforms the brass, you get no velocity and the gun doesn't cycle. But it fires because the hook holds it against the breach face.

  21. Could you try a 357 magnum in there?? I see you have the cute gloves on so your hands should be fine. If it doesn't fire would you kindly try a hammer? Thanks. Anxiously awaiting that video!

  22. It should be noted the headspace is set to the mouth of the case. So the .40 is held on by the extractor. How much of an effect that has I don’t know.

  23. 10mm is the Chad calibre, .40 S&W is a wannabe manly calibre.
    .45 is manly but obsolete, the manly cal of the early 20th century, 10mm the manly calibre of the late 20th century. The late 19th century Chad calibre is .45 Colt, the mid 20th century Chad cal is a .44 round ball.
    .40 is like 10mm's kinda ugly plain girlfriend.
    But down seriouly, .40 is effective, but is no 10mm, it's like 9mm +p, but .40 is advertised as a heavy cal like 10mm. I don't get it it's a compromise no one needs, .40 is to 10mm what .44 special is to .44 mag. Something that should be rare that no one really needs.
    Just use a 9mm with +p rounds. Or use a 10mm. .40 S&W is .40 Shite and weak. Or as it's known .40 shit & wank, or as I know it, 10mm special, or 10mm wimpy.
    Don't carry a .45 it's obsolete 10mm auto is better and more modern. If you want that 'stopping power' (which is a myth) go with 10mm auto, a .357 magnum revolver with at least a 5" barrel, not .40.
    I still think 7.62 tokarev and 9mm largo are underrated calibres. If you could get a 9mm largo +p, that would be a Chad of a round. 7.62 tokarev is hot and will go through concealable body armour, most people aim for centre mass and if a criminal has armour it's probably level 2 concealable as its cheap, easy to conceal and easy to get.
    Idk why 7.62 tokarev isn't a law enforcement cal in the USA, maybe it's the soviet origins which put off the USA.
    Imagine a double stack 18 round 7.62 tokarev glock with +p defensive ammo, now that's a underdog with military grade bite. Copper bullets, partial Spitzer ap rounds would make armour perforation easier, no need for the extremely wimpy 5.7 or 4.6, which in a high rpm smg are viable, in a pistol pretty fucking useless.
    The five-seven should have a stock attachment point and a 600-750 rpm full auto switch on the military market. It would be the modern m712 schenllfeur, or skorpion. A five seven with a 40 round stick mag, full auto, green tips and a shoulder stock would do some of the p90's roles better.
    I'd rather carry a five seven with a red dot in a stock/holster with extended mags and full auto than many other guns as a armoured vehicle crewman. And with something like the b&t USW concept, the five seven could easily turn a duty handgun into a smg for police officers. That red dot and full auto making the 5.7 into a beast, in semi it's a wimpy round which can go through 90's western armour, which is better armour than most 3rd world armies have, Pakistan etc uses 80's era interceptor and PASGT helmets for its elite troops along with a F2000 and a glock in 9mm. 5.7 would tear straight through that other than the hard plates.

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