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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : Learn Gun Lubrication Tips

Having done all of that, now I am going on
the assumption that my weapon has already been taken down. Again, a cleaning patch after
I have scrubbed it down with solvent and my toothbrush, I get a cleaning patch and I just
lightly rub the insides of the slide with that patch to get a little bit of oil on there.
Again you don’t want the oil dripping off of it because that can cause a problem. It
can, actually people think more is good but it is not necessarily true. And depending
upon what weapon system you have, what manufacturer. Some have specifications on the type of oil
and the amount of oil used. You may want to consult with the brand name you have or whatever
type of weapon system before you do so. But as a general rule of thumb you know you want
it where you can actually touch it and it is not drooping off but you leave a slight
finger print behind. That lets you know that this is properly lubricated. Anything that
again that is shiny metal, too shiny that means it is creating friction. Friction on
some point inside of the workings causes it to be that way. So with friction we need oil
to coil that to keep the metal cool and keep it in the proper working order. So you are
going to inside here you would lubricate the feed ramp. You would lubricate your take down
lever. Make sure that’s lubricated so it will move freely. Also the slide release which
kind of comes up and down put a drop of oil back there. And you don’t want to get to crazy
with the inside springs as far as the hammer as far as putting oil but you definitely want
to make sure they are lubricated well.

4 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : Learn Gun Lubrication Tips

  1. "u dun wan oil dripping off from it because it will cause problems, it can actually… people always think more is good but its not. necessarily true" er…so what problems does it cause? you haven finish your sentence..

  2. nice video, but I will stick with my sling shot, quite, legal most places and marrbles are cheap ammo and it kills rattlers.
    so you that need such a firearm though this video is very professional
    wish they taught this in school.

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