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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : Learn About .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Pistol

This here is the .40 Caliber Semi Automatic
Handgun. This weapon firearm was introduced some years not to replace the 9MM which was
commonly used by law enforcement and military but this one was brought in to augment or
give a little bit more stopping power so to speak for handguns in any encounter that law
enforcement or military may encounter. The round is basically between a .45 Caliber round
and a 9MM millimeter round. The .40 Caliber falls in the middle of it and it has again
more stopping power than a 9MM but not quite as much as a 45. This type of weapon I have
here has a slide which performs the action for the round to be fired. We have a front
sight, rear sight, hammer, the trigger and we have the magazine well where the rounds
actually go. This particular weapon can come in a smaller frame and a larger frame. This
one here is considered the medium frame. This weapon here is very popular amongst law enforcement
and military. Again for reasons stated earlier, they had a little bit more stopping power.
There are several different brands of .45 Caliber handguns out there but the round stays
the same as far as the stopping power and the velocity depending upon what ammunition
you would use. This weapon will be good for home defense or personal carry as well as
any one of the applications I mentioned earlier.

8 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : Learn About .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Pistol

  1. @12GaugeLosAngeles you get the damn point some ppl call shit by different names if your going to criticize make it constructive not stupid.

  2. @grovesac20 Tis video is constructive, and only a stupid person can't understand it. What do you want the guy to, purchase a 40 cal for you and than shoot it for you. Get A LIFE!

  3. The bringing about of the .40 was not brought into law enforcement to have a gun with more stopping power as you said, it was introduced because of the FBI's use of the 10mm. The 10mm was originally created for the FBI but had not stood up "in battle". so the .40 was created (slightly larger than the 10mm) for the FBI and has since been used in many other applications such as law enforcement.

  4. @s3ns3sfa1l
    Um i dont know what you mean by the 10 mil not standing up in battle but the .40 is not "larger" than the 10mm. Its basically a 10mm casing cut in half because the recoil of the 10mm was to much for some ppl in the fbi. I dont know if you have ever shot a 10mm but its a very powerful round, you can about 650 to 750 lbs of energy while a 40 at the max is 450.

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