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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Safely Load & Unload a Firearm

Okay, now that we have gone through all of
the other aspects of this .40 caliber semi automatic weapon what I would like to do now
is show you the proper way to safely load and unload your firearm. Now we are in an
environment where there is an actual safe direction and I can do this. Should there
be quote on quote an accidental discharge no one will get hurt. Again I personally don’t
believe in accidents because guns go off because people make them go off. So having said all
of that I am going to load just two rounds that I have to demonstrate. I am loading my
magazine with the two rounds. Rounds are loaded. I grab my firearm and I already have my slide
locked to the rear. At this time I am going to take my magazine slide it in the bottom
and seat it. Now as I turn this over you can see the round right here in the slide. Now
at this point a lot of people will pull it back and let it go home. The way weapon was
designed is that there is enough tension in that spring to seat that round just properly.
That’s the way it was designed. I am going to do just that. Now having in mind. Now if
you notice where my finger is I have my grip three fingers naturally curled thumb over
the top. Okay, finger on the side of the frame. Pointing in a safe direction all I am going
to do is hit the slide release. That just chambered the round. This weapon is now live
and ready to be fired. Okay.

5 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Safely Load & Unload a Firearm

  1. You should k ow what ur saying an i dont think you do.releasing the slide release button certaily work but by no means is the correct way.maybe in a panic situation but using it every time is simply wearing out parts faster then neccacery.your slide release in time will grind away until its inoperable everytime u do this ita a metal to metal slip causeing wear in every for though.this guy is probably a deputy or petrolmen who been trained by tax dollars an received minimal training to funtion a fire arm but anyone with range experience past a decade will far out weigh there training an this is not my opinion so much as it is fact

  2. Loading depends on your philosophy.. I dont think pulling the slide release back is a wrong method either because you control the weapon with both hands and there is no aggressive slamming of a round into a chamber. Some people believe you should keep both hands on the weapon even if using the slide release simply because of control. Loading a pistol is not that hard. Saftey is the key.

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