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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Make Front & Rear Sight Adjustment for Handguns

Okay, we are going to talk a few moments about
sights. Sights as I stated earlier is the front sight post and the rear sight post.
Now they come they vary. Some are able to be moved, some aren’t. Some can be adjusted,
some can’t. Some can be elevated, some can’t. All depends on what type of weapon system
you have. Now with any firearm they have sights to enable the shooter to be able to be able
to aim at a certain point or target and be able to hit that. So, when you look down the
barrel of a firearm you look straight through the rear sight post and see the front sight
post. Now the front sight post should be level with the rear sight post and it should be
directly in the center of the opening. Okay, and if you’re on target that should ensure
that you have an accurate placement of a hit if should you fire that weapon. Again, some
have night sights. Which the sights stay the same but they will have illumination for if
you are in low light situations which a lot of military and law enforcement personnel
have. Sometimes the weapon may need to be you know altered as far as the sights which
is very rare. Most times from factories they sight them in. But there may be that one in
a million chances where your weapon is not firing properly and you are missing your target
because of a sight that needs to be adjusted. You need to check with your owner’s manual
or the manufacturer or send it back and they can adjust sights. If you wanted sights changed
to go from regular sights to night sights or triennium sights or any of the above it
is always best to consult the manufacturer or send it back to them and have them do it
for you. Because it is a precision type of procedure and you know if you can’t hit what
you are aiming at that may not necessarily be a good thing. That is not a good thing.
So we have the front sight and the rear sight working in conjunction gives you right placement.

12 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Make Front & Rear Sight Adjustment for Handguns

  1. Somewhere a village is missing it's idiot!! "If you are missing because your sight is off read your owners manual or send it in to the manufacturer to have it fixed"? WOW THANKS for that "How To" Sherlock!! Should this person be allowed to own that pistol?

  2. In firearms, usung correct terminology is important. In this video. he speaks of the "rear sight post". WRONG! It's a NOTCH, not a post.

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