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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Lubricate a .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun

Okay, again when we get back into the care
for the weapon I just briefly touched on lubrication but now I am going to go a little bit more
in depth with lubricating. When you lubricate the firearm you have to lubricate the outside
as well as the inside. Sometimes what will happen if the weapon is exposed to elements
like rain, snow, things of that nature, saltwater, any of those elements it can over time wear
and tear. You will see surface rust if you don’t take care of your weapon properly. You
might see a little bit of corrosion. Okay, those are the things you want to be leery
of and be aware of. You want to take care of them as soon as possible. So again if I
just cleaned my weapon I would use a regular cleaning patch with a little bit of lubricant
and I would wipe down the slide. Not to the point where it is dripping you know with oil
or with the lubricant but just enough to give it at nice coat too you know I would say not
really moist. To keep it free and clear of any you know because it is metal it will rust
if not cared for properly. You want to retard that. And the same thing with the bottom half
you want to do same exact thing.

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