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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Load a .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun

Okay, loading the magazine. We have spoke
of how to load the magazine into the firearm. Okay. So when you are loading a magazine the
way the magazine is built it has a flat side. Okay, and it had a round side on it. A little
bevel a round the edge almost high. And the inside insert is kind of pointing up. Okay,
that’s the way the rounds go in. Now just for training purposes the firearm will not
be used at this point. I am strictly using the just the magazine. I have a few rounds
of ammunition to demonstrate how to properly load. I have two rounds of ammunition. If
I wanted to load this magazine what I would do is I would take the round, place it right
here at the mouth of the insert and I would press down like so until it goes below the
two lips that are bent in. At which time I push it all the way back and release that
round is properly seated into the magazine. Every round there after is done exactly the
same the exact same way. Depending upon the spring, the tension on the spring it may become
a little bit difficult. They make devices to help you load a magazine which it automatically
pushes the round down so you don’t, so it is less trouble for you the shooter. But in
this case all I would do is push this down place the round on top of the second as I
am pushing down with both thumbs and slide it to the rear and that is my second round.
And every round there after would be the same exact way. Push down and back down and back
down and back. Okay, once my magazine is full then I would you know load it into the magazine
which we will get into a little bit later. Now if I wanted to unload this magazine manually
which is the only way actually to load it besides firing the rounds. All I would do
is place my hand here put my thumb against the rear of the round and push forward. And
as you can see the spring has a lot of tension it will cause it to go flying of you are not
careful. But again push it and it comes right out. Extract all of the rounds therefore I
know once I see this here that insert tells me there are no live rounds in this magazine.
This magazine is safe.

7 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Load a .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun

  1. gets me excited to clear my life…have a 40 cal that should do it. less mess….. but i don't like leaving my dogs behind.. i know…i will find a good home for them

  2. A shouldn't be the first gun someone learns to load. In my opinion.
    I learned to load firearms at an early age, with smaller calibers. But good video.

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