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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Eject a Live Round from a Gun

I don’t want to fire my weapon. Okay, I am
done. I want to unload my weapon. Always start first by ejecting the magazine. The magazine
is out. Okay, I see a round. That tells me there is a good possibility there is a round
in that chamber because there is one here. So I have my rounds with magazines. I sit
those down. Again fingers naturally curled as I turn this over my index finger has never
left the side of that frame. As it shouldn’t I was never about to fire and I wasn’t on
target. Okay. So my finger stayed there. What I am going to to at this point there are a
couple of different ways to do it. You can pull the slide to the rear and let the weapon
eject the round automatically as if it’s being fired. Lock the slide to the rear and
go retrieve it. Some people try to go get fancy and they will pull it to the rear let
it pop up they will catch it in their hand. We are not going to get that fancy. This is
you know we are not into that. We are into safety. So at this time what I am going to
do make sure that live round is ejected I am going to pull this slide to the rear. As
you see the round go flying and then I am going to lock the slide to the rear. Now I
am going to do a visual and physical check of weapon to make sure that, that round was
ejected from this weapon. So I will do a physical check. I don’t see any brass. I now I will
stick my finger inside of the barrel and I can stick my finger inside the barrel and
there are no obstructions. And then I do another visual check. I will check the bottom to make
sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. Okay, that’s the proper way to load
and unload and unload. Always in a safe direction. Where no one and no animal that you don’t
plan on destroying is in front of you. Okay, and you use those exact steps that we just
showed. The proper way to load and unload a firearm.

20 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Eject a Live Round from a Gun

  1. Good technique. Two comments though. Don't ever worry about what's left in the magazine. That has NO BEARING WHATSOEVER about what is in the gun at that point. Also, I would never stick my finger into the chamber. That's a good way to loose a finger if the slide release should get bumped somehow.

  2. After watching this, I have to wonder if anyone has ever dropped a magazine, racked the slide, watched the round eject, then found there was still a round in the chamber.

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