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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Break Down a .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Pistol

Okay, Now that we have gone over the most
of the external parts of the grip, the magazine well, the trigger and the slide or the ejection
port I am going to show you how to break down this particular .40 caliber semi automatic
weapon. As I stated earlier this weapon is a take down leaver and I can sit here all
day and push all day and nothing will happen. It will go that far but it won’t do what it
is suppose to do. Now when you go to disassemble a weapon or firearm you always want to make
sure it is clear, therefore if there was a magazine in this weapon I am going to automatically
drop the magazine before I go any further. So if there are live rounds in here I am assuring
that there are no more in to be feed to the weapon. From there what I am going to do is
going to come over with my hand and slide this weapon to the rear with enough force
where if there is a round in the chamber it will eject it as I am pulling it back. Like
so. When it comes back I use the take down leaver to lock the slide to the rear. Again
physical check and I do a physical check to make sure there is no round or no brass in
there. Having assured myself this weapon is clear then all I am going to do is my thumb
rotate that down to the 6 o’clock position.

3 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : How to Break Down a .40 Caliber Semi Automatic Pistol

  1. Yeah…stick your finger between the pieces of steel, being held by a compressed spring and a small piece of metal.. Sorry, that is just dumb. At least you do it with your pinky finger, so you'll still have your trigger finger when your "safety checking" goes wrong. I hope you don't need your pinky for anything important.

    To all that are learning about firearms, THINK CAREFULLY and use common sense before you do something. Just because it says expertvillage, doesn't mean he knows everything.

  2. @MrBryce47 No, it would smash your finger to a degree of damage dependent on the slide and the spring. Call me crazy, I don't want any of my fingers smashed. I still check the chamber every time I pick up a gun.

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