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.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : Compare Semi Automatic Guns & Revolvers

Next I would like to talk to you about the
difference between a semi-automatic and a revolver. Now a revolver is an old faithful
which date back probably one of the first hand guns ever made. They vary in size and
caliber. The old west days had revolvers which were normally 45 caliber revolvers. The difference
between a semi-auto and a revolver is a revolver has a cylinder that holds rounds. Normally
anywhere from five to six rounds. It’s cylindrical shaped and it’s normally double action only
which means as fast as you can pull the trigger rounds will come out. It also has a manual
where you can manually pull the trigger back with your thumb and release the hammer with
the trigger by pulling it which makes it almost like single action. The revolver still has
its place in the communities of law enforcement and military. It’s a very reliable fire arm.
But when we move onto the 40 caliber. This one I stated earlier holds approximately anywhere
from five to six rounds. This 40 caliber semi-automatic right here can hold approximately twelve rounds
in a magazine plus one round in the chamber which would give you approximately thirteen
rounds. This is a favorite of law enforcement and military in the growing times of the violence
that needs to be quails shetter officer or someone get into a situation I guess their
theory was more rounds the better. So also this one has a working slide. Every time a
round is fired the gas is blowed, you know cause a combustion which causes this slide
to go to the rear and as it comes forward it cycles another round into the barrel which
means its ready to fire again. And again this one here has thirteen rounds. The look of
a revolver and a semi-auto are totally different. There are some features on a semi-automatic
that you would probably never find on a revolver. But again both reliable weapons. It basically
depends on a person’s preference.

100 thoughts on “.40 Caliber Semi Automatic Handgun Training : Compare Semi Automatic Guns & Revolvers

  1. I take that back, there were other firearms that could be considered handguns, pretty much little rifles that were classified as handguns. Colt just invented the Revolver, which was a great advancement over single shot handguns.

  2. revolvers aren't semi-auto. the revolving cylinder is a seperate action, as different as recoil, blowback and gas operation. cocking the hammer on a revolver (either single or double action) cycles the next round to the chamber, where in pistols firing a round cycles the next round.

  3. It depends on what you're trying to accomplish. I set my wife up with a Walther P22 and silencer combo with a cheap red dot BSA and I can't get any range time with that setup because she won't let me have it. Is .22 the best self defense round? No, but I had to get the wife shooting somehow and this was least intimidating. She also loves shooting the Colt AR with .22 conversion kit and that same silencer set up…she wont let me near that either when we have out at the range.

  4. What a crock of shit. Second Amendment was intended for the purpose of citizens to have a balance between the people and government, that necessity hasn't changed in over 200 years.

    Oh, that's right? Our federal government Invaded Iraq without even blinking an eye but the US government would never think of invading America, because that simply would be to "mean". Just about the time I start liking Europeans again, some wog like you opens that sore on his face and spews puss again.

  5. No you lying freak, Dimebag Darrel died while being shot by a handgun.

    "Police said Gale, whose arrest record lists him as 6 feet 3 inches tall and 225 pounds, used a Beretta 9 mm semiautomatic handgun and reloaded once during the shooting."

  6. Music is in the ear of the beholder, I find that my two UZI machine guns are music to my ears and maybe someday when you have a real job and can afford it, I might consider letting you buy one of mine.

  7. Hahaha, I didn't vote in the first election bush ran in, but I voted for him in the second one…I hope you liked it.

  8. Exactly?

    For the purpose of handguns, a metallic cartridge has 4 components;
    1. the case
    2. the primer
    3. the powder and
    4. the lead pointy end "thingy" sticking out of the front of the cartridge, called a bullet.

    In addition, clips are those things your mom pulls out of her hair before I crawl up on her and poke fun.

    On the other hand, those metal thingamabobs EXACTLY called MAGAZINES are what contain the cartridges for a firearm like a semi-auto handgun, airsoft mall ninja.

  9. Don't waste your time on pukes like that, they can't be trusted with guns as a people and therefore they are not to be trusted for any reason ever.

  10. Dunce, the one gun in his hand is Sig/Saur, Swiss made. Americans aren't the only ones:

    Glocks, German Made. Heckler & Koch, German Made, Zastava M70/M92, Yugoslavian made. Saiga Izhmash, Russian made. Norinco, Chinese made. Browning, Belgian made. FN FAL/FNC, Belgian made. SKS, Russian, Chinese, Yugoslavian made. SAR 48, Argentine made. STG58, Austrian made. Steyr, Austrian made. CZ,Czechoslovak made. Valmet Assault rifles, Finnish made. SIG Assault Rifles, Swiss made. CETME Rifles, Spain.

  11. Actually, I'm very correct. Typically, Elmer Fuds like you, base most of their gun knowledge on hear-say or folklore and most of the times are unable to look past their noses.

  12. HAHA at least Elmer Fudd used a Shotgun, you advocate .22! For a self defense pistol .45 ACP is the best round and thats not hear-say thats fact. The fact you would think that a .45 is not the obvious choice for a combat pistol tells me you listen to hear-say and know nothing about pistol combat.

    Best three small arms to own.

    1. Glock 21 .45 ACP
    2. Remmington 590-A1 12 Gauge
    3. Springfield M1-A .308 Win

  13. Democrat, you can't even spell Remington correctly.

    I own a Remington 1100 with a 14 inch barrel that's ported with Wilson Ghost ring sights and I also own a 10 inch barreled Remington 870 Modular Combat Shotgun. My shortest AR15 is 7.5 inch barrel and it sports a Gemtech bi-lock suppressor. In 308 rifles, I own the CETME, the G3 and the SAR-48 Springfield on an Imbel reciever. My two machine guns are chambered for both 9mm and 45 acp and I have a suppresor for them in 9mm, booyah Elmer.

  14. Some democrat gave me a -1 vote because I listed facts, it doesn't surprise me in the least. A minus vote with no rebutal is all I need to know, airsoft dweeb.

  15. revolvers are GOOD. Did you see the movie with Jody Foster where she bought an auto from a street hood after she was victimized and her fiance was killed? The first thing I thought when she blasted those dudes on the subway was, "pick up your emty brass, you dummy!"

    Revolvers are GOOD.

  16. The revolvers are definitively not the first type of handguns ever made. The first handgun ever made was made by a Catholic munk in the approx. 1350's. The pistol originates from the city of Pistoia, Italy, where hand-held guns (designed to be fired from horseback) and were first produced in the 1540s. The first known revolver is dated about 1680 and are held at Tower of London armories.
    Semi-automatic handguns entered history in the late 1800s.

  17. When you pull the hammer back on a revolver, it isn't like single action, it is single action dumbass, and most revolvers can be fired both single OR double, not just double. and take these videos off anyway, the last thing we need is people thinking they know how to handle guns because they saw a video on youtube about it. thats how accidents happen

  18. expertvillage: population, zero
    A- thet're both semi-autos
    B- there are many pros/cons to SLIDE action vs revolver, and none were mentioned
    (how quickly shooter can recover from mis-fire, jams, reload speed)

  19. That future cadaver that ran out of his apartment in Tyler Texas during the courthouse shooting had a gun. In fact, he was supposedly pretty good at it and he still got shot in the mellon. I wonder what the AK toting dude said to him before his gave him the coup de grace shot?

  20. This guy explains good.Dont give him a hard time.I really like this vid although im experienced enough to know the differance…;D

  21. ShiekUrBooty, I gave you a +1, fuck them dems. All they do is piss on the world and expect someone else to clean up their lofty impractical ideas. Go figure.

  22. easy1relax1fearless have you ever had you or your families life verbally threatened by person who was bigger than you and had accomplices? On top of that lets throw in that they said they had a gun…

    I can tell you first hand this is the most terrifying feeling in the world and dialing 911 directly in front of people who are ready to carry out verbal threats against your life is neither practical, comforting or realistic to wait 30 minutes to several hours for men with guns to arrive.

  23. he was being generic different .40s have different magazine capacities as smith and Wesson M & P40 has a 15 round magazine.

  24. he knows enough to be on our side… Read Unintended Consequences By John Ross. the time has come.

  25. 12+1= aprox. 13.. hahahaha… u didnt really say anything about the guns that some1 who looked n shot them for 5 mins couldnt of told u

  26. Since he stated the autoloader holds 12 in the mag, it is not going to be the model 220. IIRC, the 220 holds a max of 8 in the mag.

  27. So… Can expertvillage not have a script read for it's instructors? Might make their videos informational quality a little better.

    "Approximately 13 rounds"

  28. I'm glad the semi auto has a "working" slide, if it was a non-working slide you would be stuffed. These "Expert" Village videos are just really dumb.

  29. yeah they are pretty useless. just cool I suppose.

    Hell, a person who cant aim may be worse off with an auto handgun. Chances are they don't have a big magazine, and they're just as accurate if not less than semi, you just run out faster!

  30. ah yes this method is alot faster but after a freak accident with my friend when putting the bullet into the chamber the slide released and the bullet discharged nearly blowing up his hand

    after seeing that, ive always done it the slow way
    even though it was a 1 in a million accident, its always been on the back of my mind

  31. "it has a cylinder that normally holds between 5 to 6 rounds…"

    Well whats between 5 and 6? They also have revolvers that have cylinders that hold 7 and eight rounds. Yeah buddy…

  32. I agree the revolver is old faithful but it wasnt the first in Handguns infact some of the first Handguns were the Ball Powder and cap inwich required reloading after every shot before the cap was the flint lock. The western days the revolvers that went to cartridges some where still Ball cap and powder …

  33. First, you're an idiot. Go learn basic spelling and grammar before you gen into an argument.. "Approximately twelve rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber which gives you approximately thirteen rounds." No, that is simple addition it wouldn't be "approximately thirteen rounds", it is thirteen rounds. If I punch you in the place where your balls are supposed to be ten times then another two times it would be twelve times, not approximately twelve times. This idiot isn't a firearms expert.

  34. Nice Video- And Buzman-For one, Magazines can sometimes hold an Extra round. My Taurus PT-99 has a 15rd mag, It can take 16 even tho its not intended too. Although my M&P 40 holds a MAX of 15. Some hold more than their Intended to..As for LEXMARK- a Revolver is NOT a semi-auto! A Revolver is not an Autoloader!! It Doesn't Automatically Load another round. Therefore, its Not a Semi-auto. Once again, Great Video!! There are So Many lame asses making the Dumbest F*cking videos. I like this one…

  35. Btw, the word "Faggot" is a Bundle of Sticks. I think most people know that… And Arguing about something that has nothing to do with the Video…Come on now…Grow up… Dont you have a 9th Grade class you have to be in? Immature lil boy. Its People like you who cause problems and spew at the mouth while having interset in firearms, are the ones that give the Gun Community a Bad Name.

  36. Lexmark is right. all relvovers are semi automatic. that .40 is an AUTO LOADER. common mistake. the slide doesn't load the barrel it loads the chamber. a revolver has multiple chambers that have to be loaded and unloaded manually. an auto loader uses gases that occur during the combustion of the powder to move the slide back which ejects the spent casing before loading the chamber with a round from the magazine. any safety course should explain this…….

  37. why is everyone busting on this guy just cause he's black. Boys be ashamed of yourself. Guns should bring people together. When the terrorist fucks come to blow up our country our black brothers will stand beside us.
    Nice vid

  38. @mandaltby "guns should bring people together". probably one of the funnier statements i've ever seen on a youtube vid :). i know what you mean though. still, that's hilarious

  39. @mandaltby I know, its just taking a little getting used to because usually when you see a black guy with a gun, hes usually running from the cops and selling crack, ya know?

  40. @mandaltby i dont give a shit what color he is but hes wrong about alot of things hes talking about……

  41. @redneck500 Normally when you see a big fat ugly redneck piece of trailer trash like you with anything of value like a car, house, truck, money, gold, silver, guns, or wife, its unusual or NEVER because you folk are normally in a bar drunk & broke, and the only piece of tale you can get is the kind no one else wants.Someone as fat & ugly as you should only be seen not heard,because when you open your mouth only dumb shit comes out.It only proves your racist ass is afraid of people superior to U

  42. @nitojo7 Next time you see a black/ African American service man or woman, ask them to show you how to rob a gas station…even if your joking, its a poor and antiquated stereotype…DUMBASS

  43. @lilkang2007 ok your getting on my nerves now son. Your walking around here saying a lot of disrespectful things to people to.. What gives you the right to do it and not other people?

  44. @redneck500 Your poor actions and silly comments. I hate to read internet punks like you disliking or "hating" another person via written text merely because he is different then you. Learn some respect for your self, for your country and perhaps you wont be disrespected.

  45. @chenster420 Ok, honestly thanks for your opinion, but Ive had enough of the trolling for awhile. I made the comment as a joke,, apparently you people have no sense of humor, so lets just let it rest.

  46. @redneck500 DUH, you know some people actually have brains and can think of something either subconsciously or consciously and then put it into words on a computer screen or paper-oh and actually make sense and not offend others.But hey I thought I'd give you back a little bit of ignorance you throw out.It never seems to amaze me how simple people can be in this day & age.By the way when have you seen any black men running from cops w/guns & crack.Plz tell me something other than tv or GROW UP

  47. This guy is wrong on a few points :s Should have scripted something. Then again I probably got some wrong info in my gun vids as well lol I know I don't always have the right terminology.

  48. Apparently many of you haven't watched his other videos done for expertvillage. He is very well educated in firearms, their handeling, and self defense methods. He trains in different shooting styles, stance, weapon handeling, body movement in a self defense situation. You would do well to watch his series of videos made available through "expertvillage".

  49. @KujoDaTrollEater I really don't think racists would ask black gangs to defend them. The racists would defend themselves. Besides, gang members are horrible shots. They almost always consistently miss their targets and instead kill children on the sidewalk.

  50. Alright, the man made a few mistakes on what he's talking about but that's no reason to make racist comments. I fight in the military along with many people, men and women and people of different cultures and races. There's good and bad in every aspect; you can't judge people by their color/race but by their character. I've fought along some female soldiers that were much braver than some guy that thought he was a bad ass until bullets starting flying.

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