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4 Pistol Magazine Speed Loaders [9mm+]: MagLula, ETS, Caldwell, MagPump

– If you hate loading magazines by hand as much as we do, stick around, because today we’re taking a look at the fastest pistol mag
loading tools on the market. (electronic feedback) (jazz music) What is up guys, my name is
John with your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides, and all things that go bang. Chances are if you
spend any amount of time firing your guns in real life instead of arguing about them on the internet, you’ve developed a healthy distaste for the hassle of loading each round by hand. There are a ton of tools
that seek to mitigate this, but which are worth their weight in brass and which are flimsy gimmicks? Now we love mag-loading tools because they save our dainty
thumbs from wear and tear over a full day of reloading, but we do know that some of you out there with some Megan Fox tier toe
thumbs don’t have that problem. If that sounds like you go
ahead and leave us a message using only your nasty toe thumbs in the comment section below. Up first is the Uplula by Mag Lula, arguably the most prevalent
speed loader on the market. The Uplula is easy to use and portable allowing you to drop rounds
straight into your mag with the follower depressed. It’s worth noting that
their mascot is some kind of gross human thumb thing
that we personally find very upsetting so they
do lose a few points for making us look at it. It also includes an
unloading nub on the back to help strip rounds back out
of the magazine if necessary. It’s also worth noting that
this is our second Mag Lula after the first one
died after a respectable 20, 000 rounds or so. Up next is the ETS Group CAM speed loader. The ETS CAM allows you to, in theory, load all 10 rounds into
your mag at a time, though in practice, it’s a little bit more difficult than it looks. Once you’ve inserted your
mag and skimmed you ammo box, take the T-handled ram rod thing and line it up with the tools feed ram. (clicking) We found that a
mildly-painful Seppuku method of balancing the baseplate
of the mag on your sternum appears to be the most effective
way to load all 10 rounds. Up next we’ve got a Caldwell Mag Charger. (ball thumps on table) The Mag Charger is a bit
strange and unintuitive to use but does the job once
you’ve got it figured out. Select the side wall scrolly thing that corresponds to your magazine type. Insert your mag, and adjust
tension to keep it in place. Insert your rounds one by one, and use the staple-gun-like lever to press them into the mag. We imagine the Mag
Charger’s enhanced leverage might make loading mags a bit easier if you’ve got arthritis
and aren’t using a 1911. (clicking) (magazine bangs on table) Lastly, we were excited to try this fancy MagPump from MagPump, but we heard a loud crack as
soon as we attempted to use it, and it now appears to be permanently dead. This is unfortunate as
we’ve heard good things about their 556 model,
but this 9 mm variant doesn’t appear to be up to snuff. We’re mostly sure this
wasn’t operator error either, but if we’re able to get our
hands on a functional model we’ll update the article. Alright guys, that’s
gonna do it for us today. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this content, please go ahead and
subscribe to the channel as we’ve got lots more reviews on the way. Once again, my name is
John with Pew Pew Tactical, and we will see you next time. (electronic feedback) (jazz music)

20 thoughts on “4 Pistol Magazine Speed Loaders [9mm+]: MagLula, ETS, Caldwell, MagPump

  1. I have the MagLula and the ETS and highly recommend both. I used the ETS way more often and actually load all my ammo into 100 round MTM Plastic Flip-Top Boxes so they're easier to pick up with the ETS at the range. Also, DO NOT use the ETS against your chest. Lube it up as per the instructions, just like a gun…and press down on a table. It's not made to be used in the field or in combat situations lol but seriously, from experience…don't do it. you'll wake up the next morning wondering why you hurt

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