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.38 Special Handgun Use : How to Load a .38 Special

In this clip I’m going to show you how to
load and unload your Smith and Wesson 642 revolver. This firearm is a very easy gun
to operate, and it doesn’t have a magazine to load or unload, and it doesn’t have a lot
of buttons or anything. And that’s why we’re doing both loading and unloading in one clip.
This firearm basically has a cylinder, and the cylinder, if you take a closer look, has–it’s
a five shot revolver. And for that reason, what I like to do with it is hold it in my
hand like I just got done opening it. With my hand through the frame of the revolver,
I like to take each individual round and put in place. Now there are other tools that you
can use, and a more experienced shooter or somebody that may be in the security industry
or would be using this, is a speed loader. And a speed loader is a way that you can put
the rounds in, unlock the rounds, and then you would close the cylinder. That’s the way
you’d load it. Now to unload it what you’ll do is push the cylinder latch, again two fingers
pushing it out, and with your thumb ejecting the rounds out of the cylinder. That’s the
way that you’ll load and unload your Smith and Wesson 642 revolver.

100 thoughts on “.38 Special Handgun Use : How to Load a .38 Special

  1. A revolver doesn't jam in sense you'd think a semi-auto would. If a revolver jams, the cylinder has likely seized and you need a gunsmith. But that rarely happens and dare say will likely never if properly maintained. I've only seen a revolver cylinder seize once in my life.

  2. I had a jam once in my .357 when one of the bullets partially walked out of its case, extending thru the charge hole and prevented the cylinder from rotating. I blame it on a poor crimp of the factory-loaded ammo.

  3. by definition a magazine is a:

    A compartment in some types of firearms, often a small detachable box, in which cartridges are held to be fed into the firing chamber.

    to be technical a cylinder can't be a magazine because it does not feed bullets into a firing chamber as the cylinder itself is technically a firing chamber. So by that logic you could possibly call a speedloader a magazine as it carries the rounds to the cylinder or "firing chamber" if you wish to call it that.

  4. Wow, thanks for showing me how to load and unload a .38 S&W. I would never have been able to figure it out myself even after reading the instructions lol.

  5. I always have trouble remembering which way the bullets point when you load a revolver, so this was very helpful. Thank you!

  6. I find the Expert village Vids to be on average OK but not even close to the best youtube vids by individuals. This video was an example. He does not EVEN show ammo (rounds)….. ha ha?

  7. see im a cop and i much rather use that type of gun cause for the fact they dont jam on you like the standard 9mm gun

  8. nah they do but some of the guy on the force want to either use the 9mm (idk why) and some like to use the .38 i prefer the .38

  9. Sure they are reliable. How fast can you clear that jam when the time is needed? stove pipe or feeding problems

    Revolvers > pistols

  10. dont get me wrong relovers a great…for back up but umm yea when my 1911 can hold 20 round +1 and come on how often dose it jam

  11. If you need this video…..Step one} Find a 10 year old. Step two} Let 10 year old hit you in the head with your .38 speical.

  12. its a misconseption that snubnose revolvers are inaccurate. have you ever shot one? i own one and it is only marginaly less accurate than my quality full sized pistols. the short sight radius is what makes the gun seem inacurate. the solution is either get better at shooting/aiming (its not hard) or get lasergrips.

  13. A .38 snub is basically a belly gun. You shoot a madman for example at point blank range. Or if lets say you are inside your bedroom during a home invasion. Inside a small area you don't need accuracy, just point your weapon at the target and shoot.

  14. I own a S&W 442 and after much practice I am now able to strike a basketball size target at fifty yards quickly and repeatedly….Like any weapon, after practicing for a while shooting becomes a second nature.

  15. The problem with Glocks is the same with the 357 caliber. If the ammo is lousy production wise the weapon will jam

  16. A lot of older folks at my gun club call magazines clips still. I guess it's sort of like calling a Ford a Bronco because it's still a car.

  17. i watched the video three times and i never heard him call a magazine a clip. at 00:12 he says "magazine." the rest of the time he says "clip" refering to the video clip.

  18. i own a S&W 637 .38 special 1 7/8" barrel 5 rounds. at 20 yards i can make most of the holes touch. thats using the cheapest ammo i can find and aiming with the factory iron sights. the gun isn't whats inacurate, with a short sight radius its up to the shooter to do his/her part.

  19. Buffalowdown, I never bought a Glock because of the stories I heard, about them jamming and I've seen them jam. At my gun club I tried a few Glocks and they never jammed on me but when watching the owners shoot them I did see them jam. I heard many bad stories about Glocks, that's what I have to say….And as for buying out of the back of a van, well I did buy bootleg speakers once.

  20. 5 rounds?

    "I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

    Ha ha, one of the great movie lines (gun related) of all time. Of course there are more powerful guns now & semi auto rules law enforcement today.

  21. load a 38. special, you make us people think we are retarted if you own a gun you should know this. The revolver is the easiest gun to use and like we dont know how to load it.

  22. omfg thank you!!

    I just bought a gun like that but I was putting the bullets in the wrong side of the wheel thingie and it wasn't shooting!!

    very informative video, 5 stars!

  23. 1st. You are an idiot.
    2nd. You are an idiot.
    3rd. You are an idiot.
    4th. You are right about the redneck part, I'll give you that. Maniac, no.
    5th. …and knives, and fists, and billy clubs, and LASERS—WTF!!!!
    6th. Culture? Lasers? I've been to England…lots of old buildings, and lots of old buildings. A big Ferris wheel, oh and Big Ben. Seen it once, seen it enough. Crooked teeth too.
    7th. England found America??? Ha, is that what the queeny tells you? Drink your tea and shut it!

  24. First you look down ze barrel to zee if it iz loaded
    und zekond zoo shiveezz ze tricker to ze if it is loaded und dirt …zo schmile at ze kamera…………TANK YOU

  25. Why do you people insult each other?

    The truth is, politicians make up the Criminal Class of every nation. It is politicians who start the wars, but they don't fight them. The idea that the people allow politicians to "control" or ban firearms is suicidal.

    Rather than insult people who have been disarmed by their politicians, let's try to educate them. They have a right to defend themselves, even it their politicians have convinced them that they are better off defenseless.

  26. What is with people from other countries trying to bash us americans, because of our gun rights. geez, go somewhere else, I'm tired of seeing it. For the most part, most of them don't even know anything about guns.

  27. on my next video, i will show you the rather tricky task of tying your shoes, first the right one, then if weve got time,we'll move on to the left one. pause and study as frequently as is needed. does anyone kinow how to turn on my television set? i will pay for the cost of the plans.

  28. wow, im glad this video is free, check out his info:) i personally prefer guns with alot of buttons, the more buttons, the better. i hope he comes out with a video on how to pull the trigger on these tricky little things.

  29. @kefer123622 So I see that you're not responding because you're a coward. You don't have the balls to admit that you screwed up.

  30. @kefer123622 Well, your school sure as hell didn't teach you READING COMPREHENSION. You're the one who started the retarded fight. I'm the pathetic waste of life? You're the 14 year old who started a fight because you couldn't read what I posted right. Oh, and this isn't sarcasm… Go and run off you coward…that's all you've done anyways.

  31. Yeeeech!

    You got one with the Klinton lock on it.

    I've the 442 without one. I would never buy one with the lock, no need for it.

  32. do not use your thumb of the weak hand to unload a revolver. tilt the revolver to the sky, and use the palm of the right hand to use the ejector rod. ensures clear and solid extraction.

  33. @Redhawk579 – you, Sir, have made an astute observation – but sadly you are singing to the choir – we already know…….ROFL!!!

  34. "It doesn't have a lot of buttons or anything."

    Awesome. This man is clearly an expert of the highest caliber.

  35. @khj93play Clean it, oil it, dry fire it. If it's smooth it's good to go. If you're still unsure take it to a gun shop and have a gunsmith check it out.

  36. @khj93play depends on what condition it is if you want to send me some photos msg me for my email if you want i can tell you alot if you want

  37. @uzi2004 moon clips are for revolvers that shoot rimless cartridges (9 mm) and yes there is a revolver that shoots 9mm for all those know it alls out there.

  38. Why don't you do this over with some snap caps. It will add to the demonstration. I likw a revilver for new shooters or for those who can't operate a semi-auto.

  39. You are like the Mr. Rogers of gun safety. Actually, I'd prefer to see the real Mr. Rogers because you stink.

  40. i want the bigger grip where do i go? i just got a 38 an i have big i would never buy a speed loader it takes 2 secs to load

  41. I searched my parents home for two years after my father was diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer's type, knowing that he had a hand gun that he formerly carried in his flight bag as a pilot. My 75 y/o Mother found it this 4th of July saying "it's not loaded", and gingerly passed it to me facing my abdomen. Of course, it was loaded, and I had to put on my big girl panties and figure out how to best handle the situation. This man's simplistic instruction supported me to "woman up". UNLOADED & SOLD

  42. I always thought a .38 held 6 shots. I'm currently writing a screenplay, and in it, a guy uses a .38, so I'm glad I saw this.

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