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.38 Special Handgun Use : .38 Special Handgun Safety Features

In this clip I’m going to show you how to
open and safe your Smith and Wesson 642 revolver. This actually, right here in front of me,
is a proper demonstration of a firearm that is opened and safe. Now if I had somebody
to my right or to my left, it would be pointed in an unsafe direction. And for that reason,
when I’m at the range I like to leave my firearm just like this whenever I’m shooting when
it is open and safe. Now in order to get it like this, what you have is you have a cylinder
release, cylinder latch release actually. When the cylinder is closed, that is in the
ready mode. And in order to open and safe the action, what you’ll do is you will, again,
keeping your trigger finger off the trigger, your hand off the trigger, you will push the
cylinder release forward, and then with my opposite hand, I will take that hand and push
the cylinder out. That is a way that I will open and safe my action.

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