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.38 Special Handgun Use : .38 Special Gun Parts

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the
nomenclature of the Smith and Wesson 642 revolver. One nice thing about a revolver is it’s pretty
simple. It’s a — keep it simple. It don’t have a whole lot of moving parts to it, it’s
easy to operate. Let’s just go over a couple of these items. On this firearm, you’ve got
a cylinder, you have the barrel, and you have the cylinder release latch. One other feature
that a firearm has is a built-in trigger lock that Smith and Wesson puts on all their revolvers
now. Not all revolvers have this lock made by Smith and Wesson, but this is a real nice
feature that if your firearm is stored and put away that you can lock it up and keep
it stored locked up. That way it’s unusable to anybody that comes across this firearm.
The other feature that this particular firearm has is a grip. Now this grip is a little different.
This one has a built in laser on it. That’s also a real nice feature that allows the user
to get on target, practice shooting, but again, not a tool that you’ll want to rely on. You
want to practice and get accurate prior to using any laser. These are the basic nomenclature
for this firearm, the Smith and Wesson 642 revolver. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “.38 Special Handgun Use : .38 Special Gun Parts

  1. I want the best made, the most beautiful, the most powerful, the smallest possible the most relieable pistol at the market. Is that a Ruger pistol?

  2. I just got a 38.spec yesterday smith an wess brand new !! did i get the right gun!! i spent 425 on it.i am thinking i could of got 2 guns

  3. I’m definitely a beginner and when target practicing with my husbands 38 Special I get trigger finger after only a few rounds. Any advice?

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