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360+ Inch Bull! Rifle Hunting Colorado Elk

We’re in southern Colorado hunting elk again this year. This is an area that my father had last year; well this year it was my turn. I was in here last year deer hunting and I also found a really nice bull in here that no one ever took. We’re in the same spot as we were last year. I’m hoping to find this bull because he is really unique. He has really long royal, plus he’s got
really big thirds. His royal and his thirds are really close together. There’s only 2″ of main beam in between where they both branch off. He’s a really unique bull, so I’m hoping I can find him again and be able to take him and put a tape on him. Come along with me; we’re gonna do an awesome, awesome elk hunt down here in southern Colorado. Well it was a good bull until it got
busted off. This old bull is all broken up. He was a good bull. He has good bottoms for a good bull, but his tops are all busted. He’s not our bull, so let’s keep searching Well that’s the basin that we found the
bull in last year. It’s not in there right now, but we’ve got a couple things stacked against us. We have what’s called a Harvest Moon. It’s a huge moon with a lunar eclipse tonight. It’s hot! It’s not even 8 o’clock
and it’s almost 70 degrees. It’s gonna be a rough couple days here
until the moon calms down and starts to cool off a little bit. It’s 8 o’ clock and I haven’t heard a bugle in about an hour. They were bugling early and
all night. Its the first day. Hopefully we can find him in here. Welcome back to Eastman’s Hunting TV. My brother Ike is in Colorado battling unusually hot weather and a
rare blood moon in an effort to put a trophy bull elk on the ground. But day one of the hunt is quickly coming to a close. There’s another bull over here bugling too. Lets go take a look at him. Lets see if we can get him to come out of that dark timber. Well, another end to a beautiful day. I haven’t found the bull yet, but we did get into some which is a positive step Lets see what happens in the morning. The moon seems to calm down. We have some cloud
cover which will help. That means these elk will sleep a little longer and hopefully it cools off. We’ll see what happens. At first light the next morning Mike and
Ike spot a group of elk on a ridge across a massive meadow. You do realize there’s two bulls in there right? Having located the big bull Ike found
last year, they decide to play it safe. They let the bull and his cows bed down
and make a plan to return that afternoon. With temperatures reaching well into the
80s, Ike plans to use the only nearby water source to his advantage. Ike is hoping the heat will push this
thirsty bull and his cows out of their beds and to a nearby waterhole before it
gets dark. Let’s rejoin Ike and Mike as they move into position for their ambush; only to hurry up and wait. We saw that bull this morning
from a long ways away. We got set up on this pond in
front of us. It is one of the only water sources really close. It was hot today with temps in the
80’s. So we are hoping that they come in; that him and his cows will come into
water tonight. We got in here really early. It’s like 4 o’clock and we are setup. Hopefully they come in. It’s now or never for Ike to seal the
deal on his biggest bull elk yet. Good Shot! Good shot! What a blessing. This has just been unreal. With history with the bull and find him in the morning. He does exactly what we hoped he would do. He came down to water. Just sitting in the water. You could
hear him drinking… Got up there and bugled; boom! Hit him right through the shoulder with the first shot and then the second shot, just to make sure he’s dead. Put one right in this spine; broke his
back. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t ask for anything better… Oh’ My Lord… He’s got everything I love about elk; tipped in royals, big thirds. I mean, what else is there? Big whale tail. Thanks for coming along with me on this
unbelievable adventure to take this giant bull in Colorado and remember fair chase is the only way to hunt and take trophy big game. We’ll see you next week
right here on Eastman’s Hunting TV where we redline the fun meter.

58 thoughts on “360+ Inch Bull! Rifle Hunting Colorado Elk

  1. Wow, what a bull! If only the harmonica music wasn't so darn loud, I could have focused on the hunt.
    Seriously though, great job. Congrats!

  2. Your hunt was all good tell you shot the elk in the spin hope it was worth being an unethical hunter the first shot had him

  3. Good deal .. That's a monster .. Diggin the video .. Not so much the little house on the prairie background music haha but excellent bull anyways

  4. Does it bother anyone else that rifle elk season isn’t open in Colorado yet?!?! I guess there was an early season rifle elk season but would love to see a picture of the tag used to take this bull!!!

  5. Great bull, I just don’t understand the destruction of meat shooting through both shoulders, then the spine? So, you lose a lot of meat off the fronts and destroy the back straps? I guess you have a Great Wall hanger….

  6. I don't know anything about hunting so forgive me if this question sounds ignorant but why do hunters go through this whole seemingly pointless charade of tracking it over multiple days and then waiting for when "the time is right"? Couldn't they just shoot the damn thing anytime and be done with it?

  7. Loved the music. I’m watching this right before I sleep and it knocked me out. Wouldn’t mind getting a link to it.

    Congrats on the big elk, but I’m subscribing for the music.

  8. Hello from downunder, just a question after you took the bull do you do the caping, cutting up, and carrying out of the meat, now this is just a question, it is something I have always wondered about. Over here it is a kind of right of passage when you take a big stag, to be the one to cut the animal up. Also this will sound a bit corny but I always thank the stag/bull before I take photos. Just a part of my heritage. Now I’ll stop yapping and congratulate you on a nice hunt, be proud.

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