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300 BLACKOUT vs 9MM | Ballistic Gel Test | Tactical Rifleman

hey gents Carl here with tactical
riflemen we’re going to talk about one of the hottest topics on the internet
right now and that’s the 300 blackout we got some FBI ballistic gelatin and we’re
going to compare the nine millimeter Sig Sauer MPX against the 300 blackout this
particular upper is made by tactical solutions very very sexy guns both of
them awesome as far as ammo everybody out there is
going to say one projectiles better than the other we could adjusted this test by
doing one versus the other yeah fine yeah you say that all day long so we’re
going to use what what the military is basically using so we’re running 115
grain 9-millimeter I’m going to put it against the new Lehigh defense
controlled chaos in this case 110 grain a bunch of different companies loading
them I hand load them it’s great great ammo it’s really cool expands awesome
and now we’re going to we’re going to go up we’re going to shoot these things that was awesome that was awesome
so we’ve shot both of these blocks with these with these guns let’s
start with the with a 9-millimeter now we actually shot this block five times first one you do get your usual secondary cavitation it’s within the
limits where we want it by 10 to 15 inches and be within within that chest
cavity of that human being but brothers there’s five tracks through this block
and you see okay we got a little bit of damage we’ve got what the military is
used to getting and shooting that ball ammo overseas through those mp5 SDS that
we’ve had to carry for years right good that’s that’s the standard that’s what
we’ve been used to seeing all right now fast-forward to what what a lot of new
units are looking at the 300 blackout with the the Lehigh defense control
chaos expanding ammo now you’ll notice it looks gold it looks brass what it is
is it’s a milled piece of brass and it’s already pre-cut to expand kind of like I
think bullhorn is with they’re expanding broadheads or the petals of a flower
that opened up now this this block gentlemen has only been shot once that
it entered me immediately expanded you should see the secondary cavitation this
block just jumping on this table think of it as all that energy being
delivered right there inside of that human body right the damage that’s going
to be done from delivering all that energy right there it’s going to be
catastrophic to any solid organs at all now the cool part about the expanding
control chaos ammo is you’ll notice those those blades or those petals they
immediately flake off and where a lot of hunters would say well that’s bad now
I’m here to tell you each one of those becomes a new projectile delivering an
additional wound track through through that mammal or
that human being that you’re shooting you’ll see the different tracks of it
you can see some of the different pedals and then back here is the base of the
bullet again it did not go through the block like our nine Mills in all five of
those shots went clear through both blocks this is a high-powered rifle
rifle round it stayed within 24 inches of ballistic gelatin roughly it’s
completely turned ass-backwards here and it’s pushing flat
base through them through the material here devastating effect great great
shock one single round so it dragged us into the 21st century here between the
two don’t get me wrong the MPX is awesome gun to play with especially
suppressed and if you want to stick to a nine-member nine-millimeter caliber home
defense great great gun if I got to take a gun to a gunfight right now I’m here
to tell you I’m looking at 300 blackout now I know all you internet ninjas out
there are going to have a hundred thousand comments on this I look forward
to reading them put them below thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “300 BLACKOUT vs 9MM | Ballistic Gel Test | Tactical Rifleman

  1. After reading the comments, it's clear about 1/3 of the posters did NOT listen to video. At no point did he say the test was comparison of the best 9mm round vs the best .300 BO round. He's simply trying-to show older caliber performance vs. a newer caliber performance. I especially find the posts were the commentor tries to tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about hilarious! Unlike you who had to pause your Call of Duty game to comment he's Ex special forces having served in various locals you've probably never heard of, please just shut up and go back to your gaming Super Commando. Subscriber looking forward to more videos on this topic.

  2. I'll admit, never really looked into .300 blackout at all…. was planning to use 5.56mm for my team…. this may have changed my view.

    Still a fan of 9mm for handgun defensive rounds, hands down, with .45 as a secondary choice. But for entry guns, Was considering the .45 Vectors…

    Might consider this now


  3. Lehigh makes a 105 gr controlled fracturing 9mm bullet that works like the controlled chaos with rapid expansion and fragmentation… I would like to see another comparison using Lehigh 9mm and 300blk. It would be a much better comparison imo

  4. "Everyone's going to complain about ammo choices, so we're just going to use milspec ammo stuff."

    Immediately uses generic low grain FMJ 9mm vs. boutique high-end .300 BO.

    This is ridiculous.

  5. Wow…..didn't think he would have the same opinion as me for caliber choice……mad respect.
    Read some of the other comments…my constructive criticism would be compare woth 8 blocks 2 fire sets from each. 1st ball ammo 9mm 124 or 115 grain. 2nd Lehigh Defense 9mm. 3rd FMJ 300 black out. 4th Lehigh blackout. Then we get a side by side of each puposed ammo 1 set of each caliber : miltary Vs self defense/ law enforcement.

  6. Can we talk about the fact that one projectile weighs almost 10x as much as the other? All you fairness dummies out there

  7. What a load of crap. 300blk is the obvious better choice, but this video doesn't do anybody any good.

    Fmj 115gr supersonic vs 300 supersonic… then do 147 gr subsonic vs 200+ gr subsonic…. then we're talking.

  8. I've pretty much felt the .300BO was an answer to a question that hasn't been asked.
    Then I found this video, older as it may be, and am now thinking about reconsidering my opinion.
    As others have already stated this wasn't a fair comparison of platform, much less ammo, but all that aside, the gel block results ARE damned impressive! At least IMHO.
    But do I REALLY "need" a new round or rifle with which to launch it? Hell, I dunno.
    I cannot argue the obvious results of the .300BlackOut round in the gel and IF was specifically in the market for a paltform/round to do what these are SPECIFICALLY designed to do, I'd have to say that it does the voodoo it does rather well and I'd jump on the bandwagon RFN.
    But the chances I'll ever get into a gunfight inside my home are slim to none (they gotta get past the home security stuff first and then defeat the Maligator who lives in close proximity) so a Task-Specific combo makes little to no "sense" to me.
    But I've NEVER been accused of using good, quality, common sense over the years. Well, not always.
    Ok. SOMEtimes. There!! HAPPY?!?
    So the big question remains, WTF do I WANT that combo?!?
    At least a complete upper and supply of loaded ammo. But if not loaded ammo, LOTS of pre-made cases and LOTS of Pain Pills. I have the rest of the "Stuff" to roll my own and, honestly, IDGAF about the reloaded vs factory loaded ammo liability concern(s)(?) at my age now.
    Thanks, Karl for putting a bug in my ear. You damned sure oughtta be sending ME all I need for putting me through this. LMAO
    Take Care and Be Safe. Brother.

  9. Not sure what we're comparing here.?…. The black out round is illegal to use in combat. Geneva convention illegalizes hollow point rounds. Using it in warfare is a war crime. It's rifle round… Compared to a pistol round. What's the purpose of the demonstration? Lmao

  10. Thanks for the video I enjoyed watching that gel test. Never gave the 300 a second thought before but now it looks appealing.

  11. Just because you say this test is garbage before you start doesn't mean it's not garbage. This is garbage, useless video.

  12. Ya cant compare ball of one caliber to hollow points of another. Compare with some critical duty or some other expanding ammo

  13. I have Lehigh's Max Expansion in my Tactical Solutions 10.5" bbl for my home defense. Devastating terminal ballistics. You'll get no argument from me!

  14. OH MY !!! I am highly amazed at all the countless comments stating " NOT A FAIR TEST , TWO DIFFERENT TYPE ROUNDS " ……. If you take your head out of your dumpster , youll hear the man explain , the COMPARISON was what the military " USE TO USE " compared to " WHAT THEY ARE MOVING TO USE NOW ' !!! ….. So for the mentally unfortunate , this was a video to show the COMPARISON of the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO DIFFERENT ROUNDS !!! Tactical Rifleman , excellent vid . I as well love the 300 Blackout , have it in both 9 " and 16" full BCM uppers , its a fun , effective round . But I am a bit concerned with the lack mental fortitude by all the comments , LOL , kinda makes me wonder if they should even be near a firearm . hahaha !

  15. Isnt that illegal round. 300 blackout, his useing. Military are not allowed to use it. Not in EU. They suppose to ban it.

  16. Why is the military not allowed to use hollow point rounds? Can law enforcement not use hollow point either?

  17. Great test. 9mm has a nice cost per rd going for it. But that 300 BLACKOUT wins in a gun fight. I use a 6.5 Grendel it also is impressive in a test like this. You should try it also. The Grendel uses fast burn powder and short barrels work also in close combat. If moving forward is your thoughts in future wepons it's hard to beat the Grendel. It is a sniper round out to 1000 yards.

  18. do a test with cheap ammo have a cap on cost of ammo and do a test. My money would be on the 6.5 Grendel with wolf ammo in a gel test. 300 BLK wouldn't be there as it's expensive. But cost aside The 6.5 Grendel still wins. Shoot cement blocks test with AR's of your choosing. Put gel behind the cement block and let the games begin. You want to see what a quality round in a AR can do that should be your test. A car door and gel behind it should also be a test. Also a pork sholder should be used as bone is always a problem. We all know the grendel is a long rang gun but the up close stuff is impressive also. You Military guy's are playing with the wrong toys! (((((6.5 Grendel)))))

  19. Do a AR test and the 6.5 Grendel should be the only gun the military should be using in the hands of the GI… anything in a AR-15 size platform.

  20. USA never signed shit about JHP rounds. If you think SF does not use JHP for some missions you are fooling yourself.
    Reason for .300 is ability to switch from low powered subs to high powered supers. Use subs when breaching (for stealth) and switch to supers when the cat is out of the bag.
    Simple as switching magazines.
    .300 supers still pack a whallop out of shorter than 10inch barrels. Min length for .223 is usually 10.5" barrel.
    military will go REALLY short with .300. Full burn in 8-9inch barrel.

  21. What was the barrel length on the BO? It seams everyone assumes you ran supers in the BO, I assumed you ran subs. Which use it. Loved the video

  22. We will never shoot the 300 blackout for our military period. Several reasons 1) it is not a NATO caliber 2nd) most of the world adopted the 1899 Hague convention act which bans certain types of ammo….. now that’s not to say we don’t use expansion none nato rounds against isis and their likes, the cost of the 300 is 6xs more than a standard 5.56 with little to no benefits, so yes they may be cool and fun to shoot but they will never replace the 9mm and by the way the military used 124gr 9mm

  23. First off I loved the test, it was entertaining. But the test should have been for what is used or going to be used. the The 9mm will be 124gr NATO or 147gr subsonic and the 300 will be a FMJ sub sonic.

  24. I just bought a 300 black build. I just wish I would have checked the price of ammo😳😳😳😳 cost a fortune to shoot it

  25. This is not a comparison. This is apples to oranges. Frangible to frangible is a true comparison. Might as well watched a bow vs LITERALLY ANY FRANGIBLE AMMO.

  26. Video reminds me of a CNN piece, totally geared to one side. Luckily it’s geared to the side I’m actually in favor of! 🤣😂
    That being said I agree with the rest here, the test should of been FMJ vs FMJ

  27. Your test sucked and was flawed. Go look up the definition and classifications of the word "test" when "comparing"

  28. I have 4 ARs and the one that I use for home defense is my .300 BLK Out. It has excellent stopping power.

  29. After using the 300 blackout hog hunting
    When we butchered the hog the scull broke into four pieces and and I saw what kind of massive damage one round dose
    I’m sold . This is my new home defense round I dropped a 300 lb hog with one shot to the head

  30. I know I'm beating a dead horse but this is probably the most ass backwards piss poor comparison I've seen. I dont think anybody would seriously compare a top of the line expanding ammo from a different caliber to a basic very cheap FMJ round.

  31. I'm finishing up my first 300 AAC AR-15 (pistol). It's my first 300 Blackout, period. I hope it turns out to be all that.

  32. so what your saying is… a hollow point is more effective that ball ammo on ballistic gel. fascinating.

  33. Would you do a comparison of some hollow point 9mm vs 300 black? Ball ammo vs hollow point is 🤷‍♂️

  34. Pitting an expanding round against an FMJ is no comparison. To different rounds having two different intented uses.

  35. I watch this video every time I come across it just to hear Karl laugh at the 300 BK impact. That brings a smile to my face every time….

  36. Comparing 300 Blackout HP supers to 9mm FMJ Ball is like comparing an RPG to a Roman Candle, it ain't exactly the same fucking league now is it? The same operators using the 300 BLK are probably sometimes using HP 9mm or something similar, let's be real.

  37. I think about a SHTF scenario when choosing calibers, the most common ammo around will be the stuff the military uses, 5.56-9mm-7.62/.308 so that’s what I tend to stick with.

  38. I agree 300 blackout is better, but you didn't compare 9×19 segmenting rounds (RIP rounds) to the 300 "pre cut" segmenting rounds… So show me a ballistic comparison with both segmenting and give me a decibel reading as well. Tell me which ones better for covert missions that require immediate stopping force and deviation.

  39. Bad comparison. 9mm ball vs .300blk hollow point? Put some Critical Duty 135g 9mm. Let's see the difference then. If your going to do a comparison don't have a bias before you start

  40. I could tell you the outcome of this from the title. But thanks for doing it. Can the military use
    Controlled chaos ammo? If so why do that have to use ball in the MP5?

  41. Junk comparison! We are going to take the cheapest 9mm junk that is “mil spec” and compare it to some of the most expensive Supersonic 300BLK ammo … and then say 300BLK is way better and that military units are asking for it … lie! I’m in the military and I would never carry a 300 BLK, maybe a 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.8 SPEC .300 has proven to be junk time and time again especially subsonic

  42. Stupid demonstration, apples and oranges. NATO doesn’t allow use of hollow point ammo. A better demo would be the Lehigh 90grain defender for the 9mm.

  43. Great job only difference is cost but performance is better because much more case capacity and design of leighigh bullet

  44. I'll stick with the 9mm and Winchester Rangers or Gold Dots. Especially if shtf and bullets are laying around odd will be there wont be any 300 to find

  45. 300 blackout is amazing ❤❤❤ I love mine. It likes maximum H110 loads with 150gr fmj out of a 9.5" barrel

  46. Is this guy Serious? You have Flawed the testing results from the beginning in favor of 300-BO !!!
    B)ad O)dor
    115 gr fmj? Military round?

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