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30-INCH BUCK! DIY Mule Deer Hunting with Mike Eastman (Rifle Hunting)

I told Corky we’ve been doing this for
nine years and you guys finally killed a deer before we did. Look at that roman nose on
that sucker yeah I’m kinda glad that they got one before us to Ike now we can go pick between the three bigger than this Lots of luck guys I saw a forked horn bigger than this I think okay master hunter, how wide is that buck? 28 28 huh? you want to know what he really is no I’m going to tell you anyway. I’m going to pull the tape out because you guys are too old. Well hell I’ll hold it and you go get the tape Mike and Ike are back in southwest
Wyoming once again Our family has been hunting this area with the Frotton family for nearly 20 years now Over the past 20 years we’ve seen the mule deer herd surge and decline more than a few times in this area some years are just
better than others and last year was a pretty good year Mike and Ike both took
very nice bucks on the hunt Well welcome to Wyoming, Southwest
Wyoming we are down here again hunting, should be a fun year. It’s warm this year warmer than normal normally we usually get a little weather here and there, but I’m just gonna try and find a really
nice buck. That’s a good buck! We’re just trying to find one step above him. Nearby, Mike has no shortage of Bucks either. We’re out hunting Mule deer in Southwest Wyoming This is my 18th year out here I’ve seen some really great Bucks I’ve seen some book heads taken out of here This buck just laid down; I think we saw him last year. It kind of passed time last year because he was pretty narrow, but this year he’s pushing 30 on his main frame. Really great. Just a big ol’ slick 4 point. A lot of guys will get all fired up when they see a big trophy buck, and push a stock that really isn’t a good one and we really don’t have a good stock here. He’s 375 yards away and he’s not going anywhere, so we’re gonna take a look
around and see if we can find any other bucks and come back here maybe this
afternoon. We got a buck over here. Wendell spotted him awhile back, and he’s got real good fronts, They’re probably 24 – 25″ main beams and the funny thing, his G 4’s follow his main beam like this, so it’s deceiving. He’s probably 8 – 10″ and he’s got really good back
forks. Heavy buck! Well we’ve come down off the mountain and we got the buck in here somewhere. He’s laid down of course, in this. This sagebrush is this high. You can’t see him. He probably heard us coming and he’s laying flat on the
ground. And that’s what these Bucks will do. Laying out here out West. People will just drive by them or walk by them and those old bucks will just lay there and watch them just go right by them. he’s in here somewhere but we can’t seem to find it because the sage brush is so high We’ll just keep looking It’s kind of like a cat and mouse
game here with this buck He’s not dumb. He’s right over here. It’s right over here laying down and all you can see is about that much of the top of his g3 with a split in it Is he up? Yeah, he’s up. Ready Guy? Well I didn’t even look at him, [celebrating] It was up and all I saw was the shoulder and crack pop! He was closer than I thought he was! When he jumped up, I could see right in and he went down, and I looked as he went down, Boy he’s a heavy buck isn’t
he! Oh man… Wow look at that buck. Look at the main beams on him. Oh my gosh! Look at how heavy he is! Look at here. He’s got a cheater starting off here. Got an in-line right here. Really heavy! Look at the big old Roman Nose on this brute! And look at these main beams curl in and almost touch… Look at this. I can almost put my hand in between them. This is a real trophy buck. We saw him way up there. He bedded down in the sagebrush. I waited a hour to a hour and a 1/2 before he finally got up Sitting, I was all padded up on my bipod sticks and when he got up, I just
hammered him. Well the old guys did it again. Corky and Ike are going to have a long hard look to find a buck butter than this buck right here. We do this every year. We kind of have a friendly contest and it’s gonna be interesting to
see if they can top this thing I don’t know I told Corky we’ve been doing this for nine years and you guys finally killed a deer before we did Look at that Roman nose on that sucker! I’m kinda glad they got one before us. but now we can go pick between the three bigger than this Lots of luck guys. I saw a forked horn bigger than this. Okay master hunter how
wide is that buck? 28 28 huh? You want to know what he really is? no I’m gonna tell you anyway I am going to pull the tape out because you guys are too old… Well hell, I’ll hold it and you go get the tape. Here this is how they did it Wrapped it again. 31 These young guys don’t know anything about scoring; I taught him everything I know Well that ain’t saying much… They took what I taught them and just embellished it…Thats what they did We can make it 40….35! Look at that! [laughing] I am impartial, I am the referee. Yeah Mike has managed to tag out first. That just leaves Ike to find a big buck before the Wyoming rifle season ends
tomorrow evening at sundown. Well we found a buck down there, it’s the third night and it’s too late to go down and see, so probably just gonna put him to
bed and try and come back tomorrow and see if he’s in there in the morning. According to what we figured out, he’s been up on top and and we found him in the bottom, so at least we know he’s in the
territory. He’ll probably be either here or between here and the top tomorrow so hopefully we can find him. Well it’s the next morning we found him again, he’s just feeding up on a hill. He’s probably gonna go up on top of that hill and bed down in sagebrush. So we’re gonna try and get a little closer, go down to the next knob and see if we can still look across and see what he’s like. At this distance he’s got a good frame;
that’s what we know. He is a nice buck. He’s got really really good fronts. He’s got a little problem. He’s got a little crappy on one side on
his back, but he’s really wide, and really good fronts. He’s a great buck. Mike and Guy actually saw this deer earlier and they were looking for this deer when
they found the one that Mike actually shot. He’s a great buck. Yeah he’s different than Mike’s. See how he actually has a frame, from sideways, versus Mike’s, which looks
really compact. We’re going to try and get up close and see if we can Red Line the Fun Meter! Behind him! Down. Other than it’s the wrong one… Shut up! Yup, you shot the wrong one… Your kidding me! Yeah, I am…lol Woooaah! Sheez! You son of a ….. Nice Shot! What a buck! Look at that dude! Look at
that! That is a big G 4! It’s got to be 28 inches wide. Just a big old mature
buck! Folks, we were finally able to redline the fun meter on this guy. This is the buck that Mike was actually after when they found his buck. They didn’t know his buck was in there until they found him and were able to take
him. They paid it forward from last year since we found his buck for him
last year and so this morning we found this buck. and he was 500 yards from where we
saw him last night and we were able to sneak through the cottonwoods and take a 300 yard shot on him and broke him down. He’s just a great buck. Of course, Corky had to play a joke on me and tell me that I shot the wrong buck,
because there was 2 bucks in there. I about fainted, but he’s the right buck. He’s definitely the right buck. Look at this! Just just an absolute toad. 28 1/2″ wide He’s just an absolute giant! 13… 21 1/4…2 1/4….Is that the final? What’s everybody saying? 184. 186. 181. I am going to be conservative with 223. My guess is 181 3/4 181 3/4 Nailed it! So you beat us two years ago.. And last year. But not this year. He, He , He! That’s it, thats a wrap for a year Old guys rule again! Well folks, glad you could come along
with us on our annual southwestern Wyoming trophy meal deer hunt this is my 18th year down here with with Wendell Frotton and the family . I’m glad you were able to participate in this hunt; remember fair chase the only way to hunt and take trophy big game we’ll see you next week on Eastman’s Hunting TV

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  1. Enjoyed this video very much. Been reading Eastman's Journal and watching the videos for over 25 years. I remember when you had an office in Thermopolis, WY

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