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3 Reasons Your Husband Should Buy a Gun

all right hey so the topic today is when you have a wife that’s reluctant to let you have a gun so if you’re a wife who’s been drugged to a computer screen and you’re being forced to watch this thanks for being a good sport I’ll try to make it as painless as possible really what I wanted to do is cover three things you may not have thought of that has to do with allowing your spouse have a gun and if you don’t like it you can just go right back to not allowing him to have his toys right after this video but I wanted to go ahead and ease the burden and start with a story and it’s not completely relevant but it’s peripherally and it’s fun anyway a couple years back few years back I was training my wife how to shoot but it didn’t just do it like mano a mano instead I was teaching the class I’m a professional firearms instructor that’s what I do firearms and tactics if you care but I’m teaching a class and she was in the class was interative pistol class and we hadn’t told anybody that she was my wife I hadn’t really acknowledged her in any way and so we’re well into the class like an hour and a half in and she’s hanging out there and I’m like hey yeah can I can I get a volunteer from someone uh you in front here you go and so she sets up and I’m having her present the gun and point it then I come up beside her I’m like no no no you want to do it like this and I’ve wrap around her like uncomfortably close and I’m adjusting and moving and guys I am being very very inappropriate you could kind of feel the air go out of the room like as everyone realized dude you need to back up off of this girl now once already imagine the sexual assault lawsuits she did give me a one for professionalism on the reviews a one that’s the worst I’ve ever gotten on a review for a class but anyway we had a good laugh and as soon as everyone realized this was in fact my spouse we I was training they thought it was hilarious we still think it’s hilarious but it goes to show even in a stupid little story like that us she’s coming alongside kind of not just my you know profession but but my hobby as well your husband may have a hobby you’ve got hobbies and kind of the fun give-and-take him marriages you inherit each other’s hobbies a lot of stuff that my wife’s into I just frankly I don’t care but I really like her and so we sync up and before you know it I’m watching the chick flicks for her and she’s watching the action movies for me and before you know we actually like the other person’s movie genres so anyway it can be fun to help share and it’s just a great romantic gesture as well let me go through three reasons why you should allow your spouse to have a gun first and foremost your husband loves you and desires to protect you so even if you are not really jumping on the bandwagon that there’s a thousand ninja is about to assault your house and maybe you’ve had bad experiences in the past maybe you just think they’re inherently bad and you didn’t grow up around guns and so just the idea of a gun culture or having a gun it’s just so far in like if you invite that evil spirit the gun into your house just bad things are gonna happen so I realize that your reluctance can be based on past experiences or just not really knowing what’s going on but there’s a really safe way to operate guns and I need you to trust your husband’s a little bit a lot of them or desire to have a gun it’s just because they really really love you they want to protect you it’s kind of just wired into us as dudes we that’s part of what we do protector provider kind of stuff and so when we’re not able to protect in the fullest sense of bad guys have guns I don’t have guns guess what I can’t protect you and it kind of hits me you know in the masculine button of I want to be able to protect allow me to be able to protect you a second thing is it could truly truly save your life or the lives of your kids it will make you safer allow enough just a baseline of training safety training you can lock them up in safes whatever contingencies whatever you know deal you have to make just to be able to make that first step get on board with guns a little bit after you understand all just a little bit more it’s not such this massive mountain of intimidation that you’ve got a hurdle anymore just take a one nice little step let them get a gun so while this other one is it could truly save lives now no one thinks it’s going to happen to you until it does but guess what I interface with folks all the time and my different classes whether they knew someone or they were someone who’s gotten mugged or raped or attacked and it doesn’t really matter whether you’re from a nice neighborhood or whatever part of the country are you hung a gun free sign outside of your house bad guys don’t really care they’re wolves looking for sheep why couldn’t it be you in fact it seems like every single time someone who’s victimized by this they have that same script of I just never thought it would happen to me a third thing and this is a little bit silly but ladies it’s kind of not silly you’re gonna get a gun in your hand after you you know have that baseline of safety and whatnot he’s gonna put that gun in your hand you’re gonna aim it and you’re first off you’re just gonna feel like a hardcore awesome chick you’re gonna be like oh I am all kinds of sexy here and he’s gonna notice he’s gonna be like oh and on just like I was pining all over my wife there’s about two or three billion Instagram accounts of scantily clad chicks I assume if they’re called gun bunnies and what they do is wear very little and hold guns and I guess guys really like that I really like seeing my wife carry guns and she’s gonna think you’re all kinds of sexy so that’s not a bad thing we’ll take your picture opine all over you it would be a pretty cool thing so I’m halfway kidding with that and halfway not so um anyway but there’s three reasons why you should let your husband have a gun and hope you enjoyed this it wasn’t too painful thanks so much for listening and give it some thought be nice and see you guys you

100 thoughts on “3 Reasons Your Husband Should Buy a Gun

  1. Easy: Get rid of the wife and buy guns instead. A woman should never be in the position to deny a man the means of self defense.

  2. When I first met my wife, she was a widow, she wanted to know how to use her dead husbands 6 inch .357 magnum. her boyfriend at the time loaded it with full power loads, she didn't enjoy the experience. I gage her a box of .38 wad cutters and in just a couple minutes she was putting all six in a paper plate at fifteen yards. (a 5' 10" blue eyes blond with a magnum embarrassing her boyfriend was really attractive!) Its twenty years later, she's mine, I win!

  3. In her budgetary wisdom, my wife has suggested only one per pay period. It's usually three to four. Fortunately, it is only a loose *suggestion*. 😀

  4. Just don't let him pick out YOUR gun. It will nearly always be a snub nosed .38 or a very lightweight gun that hurts to shoot and kicks like 10 mules. Let an experienced woman help you select a gun.Your gun has to fit your hand (not his), be heavy enough not to kick badly or sting badly when fired, be big enough to STOP an attacker, be manageable even if you have arthritis or weak hands, and NOT BE PINK. A revolver is often too difficult for many women to fire single action, which is why I recommend semi-automatics. But he is right about one thing — You can't have too many guns! Or ammo.— NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor and RSO.

  5. LOL, 28 years ago when I married my wife I told her she didn’t get to tell me how I would protect her and our future children. Maybe things have changed.

  6. #1 Buy a gun, it is an investment, paid $410 for a gun, sold it a few years later for$4,000, bought a saiga 12 gauge shotgun for $299 , sold it a few years later for $1,800, didn't really want to sell it but guy offered $1,800 cash just couldn't say no.
    #2 cops don't live at your home so need something to defend yourself till cops eventually decide to show up, have had it take 5 days for a cop to show up for a poached moose. Cops here now state that they will NOT respond if there are no injuries.
    #3 if you get pissed at your husband you can sell his guns and watch him cry when he gets home and discovers his guns are gone.

  7. What kind of MAN has to ask his lady for "permission" to buy a gun? I can certainly understand budgetary constraints, and that the rent needs paid, but every household in this country could afford to buy a used Remington 870 shotgun from the local pawn shop for $200.

  8. Question: Have a few of the medium sized saber can's like the smaller one John shows. Anybody carry one of these in the car? Not sure if the heat of the summer would cause a problem with the seals. Would like to keep one in each car, but having that leak in the car would suck.

  9. I showed this video to my wife and she said that I can buy one…not now but after 5-6 years if I keep doing everything inside and outside the house and pay for everything while she is shopping…like real man!

  10. I'm lucky in the fact that my wife is extremely conservative, adamant about the Second Amendment and loves action movies more than anything. She likes to give high-fives to. I am definitely blessed. lol

  11. As of this point 3/24/2018, 19 husbands were still denied. Hang in there fellas. You can always get a divorce. 😬

  12. My wife is Brazilian, and although she's not anti-gun, she's not into them. I've taken her to the range twice (progress) to shoot my M&P 22 compact. Just a little at a time, she's coming around more and more. I'm looking forward to the day where I say, I'm going to the range and she wants to go. She's been to the range several times but not to shoot, she needs and is getting used to the "noise" of gunfire. It's a slow process that I hope eventually she'd like to take a class with me.

  13. Plus guns are fun! I love shooting! Going to the range outdoor or indoor whatever it's just fun and thrilling and freeing!

  14. Funny, your idea of a gun bunny is a bit more attractive than the ones I was thinking of. The ones with the busted up feet that shoot the big guns and need someone on the radio to tell them if they hit something or not. Something about steel rain and queens being being happy that the kings are in a 20mile radius or so…

  15. Of course people that are victimized say they never thought it would happen to them and that is why they were victims. I bet the same number of gun owners that use their gun in self-defense say afterwards see I told you so I knew this would happen and that is why they were not victims.

  16. Unfortunately it would not be her decision to make. This is where I would just have to put my foot down but I completely get why you made the video. I'm not married nor do I have children but happy wife happy life still holds true…I get it. Good man! Keep up the great work John!

  17. What the heck is "Let"? My wife doesn't "let" me do anything. A basic ability to defend our family with effective tools is not negotiable. Luckily, she's had run ins with two legged predators before, and is under no illusions about violence.

  18. Love your sense of humor. I need to show my wife this video. She wasn’t exactly thrilled when I told her I bought a firearm. It’s been a few months now and I was telling her about the shelving units that have a firearm drop down, and she said she would be ok with that. I did a double take, wondering who she was! Lol. I think she may ask me to take her shooting someday. Fingers crossed. I might call her my gun bunny. 😈

  19. Fortunately my wife didn’t need to see this video because she’s already good but I had her watch and we got a good laugh!!

  20. My wife buys me a new gun every time we have a baby. And when my birthday comes around. And I got a new AR-15 for Christmas. She still won’t let me get a tank. So I need help convincing her a Sherman for the morning commute would be great for traffic.

  21. I've done my small share of (certified an uncertified) teaching. That, sir, was well done. I have a friend with whom I went through multiple NRA instructor trainings. He was running a range for a state CCP class that had a married couple. The husband was trying to help his wife, but his corrections only succeeded in ticking the wife off. My friend pulled the gentleman aside and asked him if he ever wanted to see his wife naked again. The resulting deal was that my friend would teach and correct so that if the wife got mad at the correction, then she could be mad the instructor (my friend) instead of her spouse, then she could tell her husband all about it on the way home. The result of the deal was that both husband and wife passed the class with good scores, and the wife was proud of her accomplishment. I'm sure there's more good news to the story, but my friend's knowledge of that ended when the class did.

  22. I carry a .45… one morning my wife asked me as I was getting dressed, you act like you're going to war! I said I am… she doesn't like me carring weapon… My Philosophy is if you don't have one and you need it… much like someone asking why do you need a parachute…you don't need one unless the plan goes and then you need one…

  23. Funny story,
    My wife, a few months before we were married, got a 22 plinkster as her first rifle. I took her out to shoot it, going through the safety stuff with her, and on her second nagazine, she puts a about a 2 inch group into the target. I bring this up, because as you mentioned in the video, all I could think was "dang, this is one hardcore sexy chick!"

  24. Ask your wife this question, as I did. "Would you want me to have to face multiple home invaders with my bare hands?" There's only one answer.

  25. i've never had to ask permission to buy a gun, i dont have a wife, hell i dont even have a girlfriend. i just wanna watch poet videos

  26. My niece husband is ex-military and he do not want a gun in the house but she have her F O I D card and she want one what should he do

  27. This is why I cant get married or refuse to imagine being a grown ass man that works and pays Bills and I have to ask someone the same age as me or maybe younger to buy something for myself and my house you're my wife not my mom I shouldn't have to be asking permission for shit

  28. Please make a video about "3 Reasons Why Your Husband Should Buy His ( x ) Gun When He Already Has ( y ) Guns."

  29. if your wife won’t “let” you buy a gun especially if your pay all the bills buying a gun is the least of your problems 😂😂😂

  30. more NRA propaganda for more school shootings.
    maximum gun safety is not having guns
    then criminals don´t need any either.
    but thats not the thinking of morons

  31. This is an issue so large that you really need to get it out of the way and determine if the other person, man or woman, is carved-in-granite anti-gun, sort of anti-gun, ambivalent, sort of pro-gun, or definitely pro-gun. Find that out before your relationship gets off the ground very far. A shooting range date is a good way to determine that.

  32. My wife was laughing the hole time she Sad you should take up my hobbies as she’s sitting on a couch netting . I told her I’m not asking to be a man . Then I said do you know what that means . She said what gun do you want now . My wife so gets me .

  33. I just tried this with my wife but she said no 😢. Of course I already have a ton of guns but thought you may be able to talk her into letting me get another 6.5 creedmoor.

  34. If a man has to ask his wife for permission to buy a gun he has unequally yoked himself in marriage.
    It is just like ridding horses, if you can't handle a spirited horse, stay with the meek and mild ones…same with a wife.
    Buy the dang gun and grow a pair or at least get the ones you had back out of her purse!

  35. John, what about a wife who went with you to buy the gun, but says you shouldn't carry with one in the chamber because, "It's safer not to, you'll just shoot yourself"?

  36. I've been married 35 years, and thankfully, my wife allows me to protect her and my kids with guns. When we first got married, I was stationed in the military in Denver, Colorado. One morning after I went to work my wife heard someone attempting to enter through the locked, sliding glass door of our apartment. She peeked through the curtain and saw a man with a gun attempting to gain entry. She called 911, and the police arrived before he was able to gain entry. That night we went out and purchased a shotgun for home defense. It provided both peace-of-mind and protection, and thus started my love affair with guns. If someone thinks it can't happen to them, it can.

  37. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

    The 27 dislikes are guys that their wives won't let them buy a gun due to the "gunn bunnies" statement. Those guys probably stood a better chance at obtaining a firearm. Than an ice cream vendor in hell.

  38. You should just say like it really is : you like guns , alot..and that is the only valid reason…all the rest is just talk : it doesnt make you safer, it doesnt protect you at all, and it never will..

  39. I've been married to my wife for ten years, she knows my line of thinking. A husband's duty is to provide, nuture, and protect. She also knows I love her and our children dearly. We worked our differences about me purchasing a new carry pistol. She's a penny pincher more so than I am. But we both do realize the importance of good quality equipment that can in a terrible situation save your loved ones and yourself. We made a deal i wouldn't go all out crazy and try to keep the cost below 700 dollars total. We spent that day around 950 dollars because she happens to see a purple 9mm she loved. Haha funnist moment to me because she was eyeing me like a hawk checking the prices as well. Needless to say you sir are right being married you make comprises for each and adventually you might pick up each other's hobbies. We go to the range together at least once a month. Well my story now I have to figure out how to stich up my jacket….

  40. Any wife that doesn't ALLOW her husband to protect her is neither worthy of being a wife nor deserving of protection. Find a new wife.

  41. It really helps if you share some interests. My girlfriend is comfortable with me having guns and she understands why I have them. I am the lioness that defends her family. Born with the grace of Freyja, intelligence of Odin and the heart of Thor.

  42. Let me have a gun?! No, I just go get. My wife asked me, "Why are you buying so many guns?" I never gave an answer. BALLS GENTLEMEN, BALLS!

  43. I have an awesome wife she buys me guns. Actually come to think about it, its time she bought me another one, I need to start dropping some unsubtle heavy hints again!

  44. I get jealous whenever my wife comes home with her new gun and didn't buy me one. I am obligated to get her a gun with every new "tool" that I buy (2 is 1 – 1 is none). Yeah, that last pair of Sigs got expensive.

  45. how about a wife that grew up with guns but husband doesn’t want guns in the home.. South africa 🇿🇦

  46. A real man doesn't ask his wife to "let" him do anything. A good husband should talk with his wife and be considerate of her thoughts and feelings, but he does what is best for his family, whether she likes it or not. It's pathetic that we even use the phrase about a wife "letting" her husband do something; be a man – grow a backbone.

  47. A long time ago I said to my soon to be wife. "I camp, I hunt, I own guns, It all comes with the package." She married me regardless. 32 years later I still do all 3 and we are still married. I have also adopted new ideas and behaviors such as putting the lid down, picking up my socks, and keeping the rude noises to a minimum. It's a lot of compromise but well worth it. I enjoy your vids. Good work.

  48. I didn't understand how a self respecting man could live through the eyes of one of his wives/ his wife, until I found Red Pill philosophy and was taught that 80-90% of males have been pussy whipped

  49. We here in Canada cant even shoot intruders it's so liberal it make s me puke.cant even shoot on our own land. Cant even shoot safety in the woods .the only place to shoot is as a member of a club .even if you do have a gun in your own home it has to be locked box and also trigger locked so the time you do all that gess what your dead .anyway Ranger rock on and keep on making jokes about liberal feminism.

  50. If someone broke into your house and you had no way to reach a phone (even if so), you can bet your f*ckin ass you're going to look for the best weapon to defend yourself. So why make it a baseball bat kitchen knife?

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