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3 NEW WEAPONS | Flare Gun, Winchester 1894, Sawed-off, Rhino Revolver & New Desert World Map! | PUBG

all right so we have three new weapons
and a map for the new desert map and I didn’t want to be one of the people
who talked about every little thing which comes out but you know gotta talk
about it hey Jawns and gents Quaweds here bring you gaming zesty twist and let’s
just jump into these weapons so first off we’ve got the sword off shotgun and
this is obviously just gonna be printing the game to have a bit more variance
can’t see it’s being put in the air drop or anything so I think it’s a pretty
self-explanatory let’s move on to the next one the Rhino
revolver usually a 6-inch barrel with a six round hexagonal cylinder to feed
into so that means six bullets will be in the chamber I don’t know what they’re
gonna do if this is just looks like another gun to have a bit more variance
in the pistols but possibly a lot more damage than the other volva possibly
maybe one, two for a headshot kill. So that could be really interesting next we
have the Winchester 1894 the last of three weapons and this one I’m the most
excited for. A lever-action rifle so keen I can see this rifle having a lot of
stopping power so it’s gonna be medium to short-range most likely and as from
DayZ, I really love the winchester lever rifle and that one’s really good but
as soon as you got into the late game you definitely wanted a better weapon so
I think this is gonna be your early game quick pickup good fun some fun action
some good clips have come out of this and let’s just move on to the flare gun
and I think I’m most excited about this because my mind went straight to night
mode and let me just show you the flag on first okay so you see it here right
now let me show you this image and one of the first things you notice is this
flare being shot off obviously by a flare gun and this makes me just think
that maybe they’re getting ready to maybe give us some kind of release for a
night mode cuz what else would a flare gun be useful it’s not gonna be used for
hey I’m over here and oh where are you I can’t see where you are
oh I’m gonna shoot my flare gun off so that you can see where I am
no guys seriously though I think the flare gun is a big step towards seeing
maybe something towards night mode a big little hit there don’t think a lot of
people have picked it up but let’s just move on to that desert map so here’s the
new polished desert map Map? Map Map! And it’s hard to get a
sense of what’s really changed let’s bring up the old desert map which got
data mined and we can compare both so obviously the first things you notice is
that they’ve given them properly names now obviously it’s Mexican. Spanish
descent we can see that that’s pretty obvious but other things like quickly
also notice is that this seems to be a lot less scattered houses around the map
then if we look a bit closer to the west side we can see they kind of scrapped
one of these islands altogether so I think they might be trying to move away
from not too many people just camping on the islands another thing is if we look
down on that Bodrum island we can see that they seem to have scrapped a lot of
their houses along the road and now just made one bigger town up on this hill I
won’t go over every single change that I’ve noticed in this map there’s a ton
but just have a look if you like just gonna bring the video to a close there
if you guys really enjoy my analysis of these images please remember to
subscribe and like the video and as always guys AAh aah aah! I’m not a singer

4 thoughts on “3 NEW WEAPONS | Flare Gun, Winchester 1894, Sawed-off, Rhino Revolver & New Desert World Map! | PUBG

  1. The Winchester 1894 performs ballistically similar to the AKM but has a heavier projectile.

    That shotgun has two triggers, perhaps you have the option of firing both barrels at once?

  2. If you'de like to get a closer look at ALL 3 WEAPONS check out my more recent video W/Gameplay:

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