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22 TCM Glock Slide Rock Island Armory SHOT SHOW 2015

Welcome back to the channel I’m Hank
Strange of course you are watching the Hank Strange situation we’re at the 2015 SHOT
Show We’re on the convention floor right now
and we are at the Rock Island booth because I want
to show you guys something really cool Do you like this 22 TCM? You ever seen that? Bottleneck nine-millimeter right there? Okay everybody likes that and it’s really cool. It’s becoming more and more readily
available and if you have a Glock 17 that you want
to run that on Guess what? Rock Island actually has a
slide right now. It’s called the Rev 22. You get this slide, remove your slide
and put this slide on. Use your same magazines and all of a
sudden you’re running 22 TCM. What? And its $399. Very good price that’s really exciting.
That’s another request for my brother Anonymous Strange. He’s been
like you got to do this but I wound up here because MixFlip was like we have to go over to Rock Island and then Anonymous was texting me you
gotta go over to Rock Island. So it was meant to be. That’s really cool I
really like this It is a really nice slide to begin with and now you can run 22 TCM
which from what I hear I haven’t run it yet,
is really light recoil Have you had a chance to run 22 TCM?
you shot this? I’ve shot it…there’s hardly any recoil. It’s 21 hundred feet per second. It’s insane! I think we’re going to have to get one of these on the channel And test it out, because you know we rock Glocks on the channel this is actually a pretty cool I don’t
usually do upgrades to my Glock man But this one I would do You know I would actually do this. Make sure to check that out you can go
on Rock Island dot com. You guys selling this right now? How can
people get their hands on these? Right now they’re gonna be released
around June… around there…summertime You probably be will be able to
see it first on advanced tactical dot com Then you’ll probably be able to find it
on any other retailer. We’re going to sell it through distribution
mainly. All our friends will probably get them Folks are out there making requests as soon as this video hits. I know you love that right? Well that’s why we show products six months before they actually come out why isn’t it out yet… I want it now. We are almost finalized with the whole project We might be up and running maybe even a month and a half from now making the first three
reproduction runs selling it to a few close friends
making sure it runs really good so here you go
guys the Rev 22 from Rock Island so you can run 22 TCM through your Glock 17 that’s
really nice Look at the details and everything
that goes in there I like that $399, yeah all that works Okay, this is Hank Strange shot show 2015
coverage That’s why you have to like share
and subscribe peace out!

43 thoughts on “22 TCM Glock Slide Rock Island Armory SHOT SHOW 2015

  1. Yeah i want fact checks on the glock 9mm mags..  I own the RIA .22TCM, and a Glock 17.   I just checked my G17 mags and the .22TCM cartridge is to long (OAL) for the 9mm mag. 

  2. Looks cool, I checked it out the other day myself, I liked it.  I also saw their little .380, a very nice gun.  BTW you walked right by me the other day, was going to say hi, but I was not sure it was you 🙂  Anyway, have fun, I plan on popping in on Friday again.

  3. I assume this will work on Gen4 as well, This is the best news I've heard from Shot Show… I have been looking for someone who could adapt the 22TCM in my G19…Thank you RAI, I am never disappointed in their company.

  4. Awesome man. That 22 tcm is actually made from .223 cases. More like a micro .223, I've heard good things about it wanna try it out

  5. Since I saw the 22TCM, I said that it was a great idea but it'd remain a low volume odd ball caliber that was destined for the dustbin of history if it stayed a proprietary caliber that only worked in a Rock Island 1911 form factor.  I repeatedly told everyone who would listen, including my friend with the very nice Rock Island 22TCM that this caliber needed a Glock conversion.  I was thinking a barrel and recoil spring and not an entire upper, but this is certainly good news for the 22TCM.  It needs a SAAMI spec so other manufacturers can get on board and the caliber will get the backing it needs to grow.  There were plenty of nearly identical calibers before the 300 BLK, and they are all but gone now.  Proprietary is not the way to go with any new caliber.  It's better to have a piece of a large pie than all of a very small and disappearing pie.  I still have hopes that someone can make barrel and recoil spring kits so almost all Glocks can shoot the excellent 22TCM round… for about $150 for the conversion.

  6. I don't think that is the standard 22tcm. The 22tcm is to long for the glock mag. They are working on a shorter 22tcm for the conversion kit. So it is similar but not the same round.

  7. Mr Strange I am been trying to buying a t-shirt but your link says "untrusted" off Firefox , whats the deal? Trying to support the "situation"

  8. OMG I just realized I was in your shot when the CEO was speaking. Lola must have been like WTF Mix? I can't wait to get my hands on this this summer for T&E.

  9. Nice. That would be fun with a 33 round mag. Hopefully this brings their ammo production dedication to produce more. I can see this coming out of "wildcat" status.

  10. Isn't the COL for the 22TCM longer than the 9mm size mag and frame.  I always thought the 22 TCM had the COL of 45 acp  and was why every 9mm didn't have a conversion kit or barrel.

  11. glock 23 conversion, glock 26 conversion…..that would be awesome….would totally buy these…ooooohhh im excited…

  12. Not sure I like the cuts on the slide. I assume it's for weight reduction so the upper would cycle properly, but I think it could have been done better… aesthetically. Plus, a cut for a RMR mount would be nice.

  13. Where is the SBR that will take the Glock mags? If a company can make a Carbine that will receive the 22tcm mags from a pistol, You will then capture the publics eye's and ear's!!!

  14. Hank what is that carbine hanging on the rack behind you? Is that a carbine that will receive mags from a 22tcm pistol?

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