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2015-2019 Hurst Pistol Grip Handle – Black (Manual Transmission) Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with, and today
we’re taking a closer look at and installing the Hurst Pistol Grip black shift knob available
for the ’15 and newer Challengers. You should be checking this out if you’re
looking to ditch the factory boring and somewhat uncomfortable shift knob for something that
has a lot more of a retro styling, gives you a more aggressive interior look and honestly
is usually more comfortable for most people. This option here is made from a pretty robust. 6061-T6 billet aluminum. It’s got the black finish textured black on
the side, more of a brushed aluminum on the side. It’s also got the Hurst name outlined in white
on both sides of the shift knob and a gloss black shift collar. Now that boot adapter is gonna screw right
onto your factory shifter. It’s got the same factory thread pitch of
about 0.5 by 20, so anyone with that factory shifter inside their trans…in their manual
trans rather, will definitely be able to make this work. I recommend using blue Loctite to make sure
that the shift knob itself, the pistol grip has a tight squeeze on the collar provided
in the kit. Just my personal 2 cents, but to each their
own. If you do plan on swapping this out in the
future, maybe reverting back to stock or if you want to upgrade to something different,
you could always unscrew that yourself with blue Loctite as opposed to a red Loctite,
which would make things a little bit harder. With all that in mind, if you want to pick
this up, it’s about 50 bucks, install’s very simple. One out of three wrenches on our difficulty
meter. Anyone can tackle this with about five minutes
in the driveway at home. You’ll need a 16,17 and a 19-millimeter wrench
and of course that blue Loctite if you want to take that route, the same route that I
did. I’m gonna take you guys through every single
step of the process starting with getting our factory one off. We’ll take a closer look at the two comparing
them and then we’ll get to installing this. Tools used in this install include a 16,17
and 19-millimeter wrench and blue Loctite. Jumping right into our uninstall here, what
we’re gonna do is we’re first going to push down our leather shift boot. Basically gonna push it all the way down until
it exposes the jam nut holding on the shifter adapter. Now the jam nut’s a little bit farther down
and to loosen up that jam nut you’re gonna grab a 19-millimeter wrench but you also have
to hold onto the end of that shift boot adapter. And that has flat edges on the bottom here
for a wrench and you’re gonna grab a 16-millimeter wrench to hold on to that. Now that one isn’t really going to move as
much. What that’s gonna do is just keep the shifter
from rotating in the transmission. Now we’re gonna have to tighten the jam nut
to move it downward. So it just breaks it loose, give it one more
turn and then we can back those wrenches off. From here, I’m just gonna loosen up that jam
nut. That allows us to have some play in the shifter. At this point, we can just unscrew this completely
off. Perfect. At this point, we have our factory shift knob
in hand along with our Hurst pistol grip, and as you can see there’s really nothing
the same about these two shifters. You’re going from the factory almost cue ball
shaped with the six-speed pattern on the top. It’s got leather stitching, sort of like a
baseball stitching and it’s got this somewhat diluted aluminum finish. It’s not too bright, it’s not really polished,
it’s just a little silver. It’s nothing crazy. It just stands out like a sore thumb. Now the Hurst pistol grip here, textured black
6061 billet aluminum, polished black metallic look on the shift boot adapter. One thing to note here, it does not have the
shift pattern. So you’re getting rid of pretty much all elements
of the stock shifter and replacing it with something completely aftermarket and something
very retro. Getting this installed is gonna be basically
the exact opposite order of what we just did. The only difference is these two are two pieces. This actually completely unscrews being that
shift adapter. This has the same flat bottom to makes sure
your 16-millimeter wrench goes right around it to hold it in place, but what we’re going
to have to do is take these apart and we are going to put just a tiny dab of blue Loctite
on the threads here to make sure that these do not come undone, especially under hard
shifting. So that’s step number one for the install. Once we take care of that, I’m gonna screw
this back into place all the way and tighten it up, and then we’re going to basically do
what we just did it in the reverse order. Now in order to prevent any dripping, I’m
gonna take my blue Loctite and dab it right on the inside of the handle itself. Now I recommend using blue Loctite. Red Loctite is just a little bit more permanent. Blue will actually allow you to take it off
in the future, but it won’t come off while you’re driving. Just have a small dab right on the end there
and we’re gonna go ahead and thread this on. With this threading on, it’ll actually seal
and cover all the thread pitch and prevent it from coming off accidentally. Just tighten it up by hand. Perfect. Now at this point, what we’re gonna do is
basically just screw this into place on our factory shifter all the way down to about
the point we want it to sit. What I recommend doing is once you remove
your factory shifter, keep that jam nut in about the same place. If you move it too much, your shifter might
be a little bit taller than it used to be or it might be a little shorter. Now we’re maxed out on the shift adapter,
so what we’re gonna do is follow that all the way back up. You want to center the shift handle exactly
where you want it, so get comfortable in your driving position. Make sure you have that where you think it
feels the most comfortable. You’re gonna back the collar up for the bottom
of the shift boot. Now at this point, we’re gonna grab our 19-millimeter
wrench to hold onto the jam nut, and we’re gonna grab a 17-millimeter wrench to hold
on to the boot adapter. We’re gonna tighten those up together, get
those nice and tight. Now, we can pull up the shift boot back into
its regular position. Right about there and we’re good to go. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my quick
overview and install of the Hurst Pistol Grip shift knob in black, available for the 2015
and newer Challenger. And if you want to pick one up for yourself,
you can do so right here at americanmusclecom.

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