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2. La preparazione dell’arma | Video Tutorial Beretta di Tiro Dinamico Shotgun

Hello and welcome from me, Roberto Vezzoli, and from Beretta. This is the second episode of this tutorial series, dedicated to the world of Practical Shooting with shotgun. Today I’ll give you some hints about the set-up of your gun: in order to get the most out of it, we need to adapt it to our body characteristics and shooting style. The first element is the stock cast, that needs to be perfect in order to guarantee an accurate and instinctive target engagement. With the dedicated metal plates, we can set up a right-handed or left-handed cast, and also define the stock drop, according to our needs. What does that mean? It means that when we raise the shotgun and it’s too angled, we cannot see the rib pin, or, on the other hand, we might have a shotgun that is too straight, resulting in a very high rib. If we manage to find the right setup, raising the shotgun would have a natural feel, allowing us to align both pins on the rib immediately. The second element that we need to take into account is the stock length and length of pull. By placing the end of the stock on the inner side of my elbow I can properly check the stock length, by making sure that it fits right. With a short stock my index finger would be placed well beyond the trigger guard. On the other hand, with a very long stock I wouldn’t be able to reach the trigger comfortably. The perfect stock length allows me to place the first half of my index finger right on the trigger. Should we need to shorten or lengthen the stock, there’s a number of spacers available, and also recoil pads in different measurements. Another useful bit of tuning that allows me to better use my shotgun is the modification of the loading port. This can be done by a professional gunsmith, that knows how to modify it, according to our loading style – right-handed, left-handed – by working on either side of the loading port. Another useful modification consists of moving forward the end of the loading port, in order to better facilitate cartridge loading: in this way, the shooter can load the shotgun more quickly, without risking to have his thumb stuck into the magazine: now I just need to push the ammo forward. Another customisable feature is the cut of the carrier. This modification, that needs to be carried out by a professional gunsmith, is very important, as it assists in avoiding to stick our thumb in the loading port while loading ammunitions. See you next time!

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