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1911 Pistol demo and Ballistic Gel Test – The Ultimate Weapon System Platform

Hey, dudes, Mattv2099 here. And what we have this week is a brand new firearm to the 2099 project. This is the M1911A1 WSP-OSP. Weapon System Platform – Operating System Platform. And this is my complete review and tactical test. Alright dudes, I’ve been on YouTube for three years. Made approximately 1,700 videos. And I got good news this morning in the form of a certified letter. From the firearms channel high council over at clip30. That informed me that now I was allowed to do reviews of firearms without ever having touched that firearm ever before. let’s get started with the M1911A1 we have a variety of targets to shoot at today. And numerous devices we can potentially use to to test and torture this her gun. This is the 1911. For those of you who don’t know. Most call of duty players probably never really seen this gun much. It’s not really a popular gun in video games. Usually you use Deagle’s or Scorpion’s. Or whatever is cool. This is old timey crap. Hence the name 1911. It came out in 1911. When my great grandfather was alive I heard stories Of the Bay of Pigs or the Civil War. I think that might have been happening back then in 1911 when this gun came out. If you have old people still alive you should listen to them. Because who knows what happened back then. those people are dead so we don’t know anymore. This gun is super ancient. But people still use it today for some sort of novelty or nostalgia. It’s super heavy You could pistol whip the living crap out of someone with this. That’s probably why they did it because back then firearms were brand new People were using bludgeoning devices like Mace’s and clubs. essentially you could club the living hell out of somebody with this bludgeon them to death. that’s pretty sweet As I can tell just by looking at it. it’s sturdy. this is perhaps the most safe gun ever invented. it has two safeties It has a grip safety. And a manual thumb safety. That means you are super safe. It’s impossible to do anything unsafe It’s got one of these things My glocks don’t have one of those. but it looks cool. It does something. It has a lever right here this one is standard on glocks. it’s just a clipazine release Speaking of clipazines. It comes with two sizes of clipazine standard capacity and massive capacity. you can only get old timey leather holsters kydex didn’t exist back in the day. you don’t have those flat, pancake holsters that operators use today with their glocks You have these leather things. as you can see people don’t really use it anymore. hence how brand new it looks. You can see I’m expertly drawing and operating. I’ve never actually touched one of these before. never shot one The bullet is famous for it’s stopping power. that might be why some people still operate it. one bullet can take down pretty much anything. put it down in its tracks. Ok we are going to load a chamber into the cartridge. I think you go like this. Oh man Ineed to hit the gym. I can’t rack that thing. Oh dude. got it. We are fully chambered. I gotta figure out how this works. these are both safeties. I think you have to use them both at once. Glocks don’t come with those. Let’s shoot something One of my signature trick shots. Let’s shoot the fedora off the hipster. As you can see down there. we got winnie the poo I hit the fedora. but the bullet goes right through it. It didn’t stop it. I guess this is why hipsters wear fedoras. No matter how funky you get. The fedora will stay pristine because look at that. we were nailing it. and it looks like brand new. Thats the first negative thing about this firearm is that it only holds 8 rounds of clipazine bullets. Now I’m going to pretend I’m Hickok45 and load up a clipazine mag while I talk. as you can see the 1911 works flawless from the factory despite the fact that it only holds eight rounds. and then you have to reload. or carry extra clipazines. I have more. For the next test we are going to shoot this here ballistics gel wrapped in denim I bought these jeans and they were the wrong size. I’m a dude so I don’t take clothes back (or try them on). I just shoot them instead. this is a perfect human analogue here what is your prediction? I’m pretty sure that the jeans, gel combo will stop the bullet. I think stopping power is a myth. let’s put it on safe. we can deactivate our brain safety. this is the point in the video where we nerd check. is it safe. nerd check. let’s inspect our science here. we have powder burns here. I learned that from tV cop shows. Looks like it went into and through the gel. Let’s see if there is an exit wound. Indeed there is an exit wound. we have proven scientifically that denim jeans will not stop a .45 ACP That will go right through your leg boy. Ok now we are going to do the operator standard. Syran wrap test. This is the test I put all my brand new firearms through. And it’s defeated every one of them I don’t know what we are trying to accomplish but it’s science. we are going to throw just an easy one at it. this has defeated every gun I have. one wrap of plastic cling wrap (saran wrap) It’s obvious that this will just totally disable this gun. here’s the saran wrap gun. cocked and locked and loaded. let’s see if we can hit old skeeter there. What up skeeter? I didn’t round a chamber. sorry dudes. All you nerds who tell me how unsafe I am and that I ask you which one of the four rules of firearm safety I didn’t follow. and can’t answer git rekt. skrublord. let’s shoot skeeter. One wrap of saran wrap did not disable the 1911 glock that means we have to do two wraps before moving on to the next test. we have two wraps of saran wrap on the m1911a1. and for all you anti gunners and safety nerds. this gun does have two manual safeties So your brain safety need not apply. What are the four rules of firearm safety. Nobody even needs to know at this point. No firearm has ever passed this test. ever. let’s do this. As I thought. two wraps of saran wrap was sufficient to disable the 1911 However it operated right through one wrap. That’s quite impressive. For the final test we are going to see if the giant gummy bear can stop the .45 ACP. If you watch TAofledermaus you know that this has stopped many of his boolits. including .45, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and maybe even some 80’s. We have to substantiate and verify his scientific results. I think the .45 acp will go right through it. Let’s give it a try. let’s roundazine a clipazine chamber. tap. bang. rack sorry it had to come to this. nerd check. nerd check. nerd check. as you can see there is a major facial wound to our gummy bear. it went right through. Mythbusted. Taofledermaus has a trick gummy bear. I think he’s doctoring the results. I want to thank you for watching my video. Stay tuned. we are going to do some brand new tests with this gun as well as re do some old classics that we’ve put the other guns through. thanks for watching. Mattv2099 complete 1911 review

100 thoughts on “1911 Pistol demo and Ballistic Gel Test – The Ultimate Weapon System Platform

  1. Let me be clear I chamber the holster in the cilipazine trigger and pistol whip the fuck out off my attacker. Can i have spikes attached for increased bleeding?

  2. if I send you my old timey piece of crap can you vickers tactical that bitch up? I hated that Ruger until you got it modified, looks so much kewler now

  3. Glock fans seem to think that extra safety is something negative you don't have to turn the manual one on most of the time I don't you don't have to use it

  4. this happened yesterday, this jackass started betting me up and he was bigger than me and i was just walking to class soni was wondering if you know a place were i can find a cheep reliable pair of hard knuckle gloves. You know all your tactical stuff you might know something like that.

  5. I bought my first pistol last year and I chose the Ruger SR1911. It's been a safe and easy gun to shoot and I like it much better than the plastic 9mm guns I've seen.

  6. If you don't know what a hammer is then you shouldn't have a gun it's called a hammer and colts are one if not the best gun ever been with this country for years upon years.


  8. did you really point at the hammer, you know the thing that makes a bullet go boom, and say " I don't know, it does something, it doesn't have one on a glock " … really…

  9. I stopped watching after he said that this gun was used in the civil war… the firearm wasn't even thought during that time.

  10. a hand safety are you stupid? that's extra comfort and it's also there so your hand doesn't get cut open on the slide best u never took hunter safety!

  11. I don't think I've laughed nonstop through a video before. And then you read the comments and you can't stop. Fucking genius. Keep 'em coming man.

  12. This moron's knowledge of history makes me really depressed. Also wtf is a clipazine? It's not funny, it just makes me think he shouldn't operate a firearm.

  13. 4 rules of gun safety:
    1.) Every firearm is loaded unless you clear it.
    2.) Never point the muzzle of your firearm at anything you do not intend to destroy.
    3.) Trigger finger off the trigger and off the trigger guard unless you are about to fire.
    4.) Be mindful of your target and what is behind it.

  14. “The feeding ramp is polished to a mirror sheen. The slide’s been reinforced. And the interlock with the frame is tightened for added precision. The sight system is original, too. The thumb safety is extended to make it easier on the finger. A long-type trigger with non-slip grooves. A ring hammer… The base of the trigger guard’s been filed down for a higher grip. And not only that, nearly every part of this gun has been expertly crafted and customized.” – Naked Snake (Big Boss) MGS3 Snake Eater

  15. HaHa You are stupidly funny…keep doing more videos. Oh, I dare you to double saranwrap and a postage stamp. lolz

  16. Nice, learned a lot from the Wrap test very scientific variables and stuff great video. Award worthy science 🥇.

  17. Awesome!
    I love the 1911, it's my favourite gun. I think it's the most gorgeous gun ever made!
    Would you check out my channel and the 1911 I buil? It's fully funcional and took me 4 and a half months!

  18. if you dont like 1911s why would you pay so much? the ria, ati, citadel, tisas etc 1911s are 400-500 and work just as well if not better. you can find so many reviews of kimber or wilson 1911s not working well like the fuckin 8000 dollar wilson 1911 thats ugly. also dude you dont know video games 1911s are the most common handgun in video games we love it in game and real life. if anything glocks arent in games much…. you remind me of my friend. nerdy, virgin, lives with mom bahaha jk hes not like that just you HAH. you should do a 1911 vs glock torture test like gun bullies. like freezing it in ice then blasting it out with a 12 gauge. and blasting it out of concrete. glock wasnt shot and when blown out of concrete with tanerite or whatever the fuck it is its frame was destroyed and those fucking retards kept looking for it like it was gonna show up and be fine.

  19. dude the civil war was 250 years ago… i'm not even american lol. 1911 was just before world war 1. pick up a bloody book. maybe your country wouldn't be in such a sorry state if people actually knew their history.

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