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1851 Navy Revolver Details

good evening cowboys cowgirls and
outlaws and welcome to the slick six-guns Network and this week we are
going to be doing an overview of the 1851 Navy that and more coming right up welcome to my channel I’m your host
slick six-guns and for those of you who are here for the first time I am here to
promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting as well as other Western
shooting sports so if you’re interested in stuff like that
stay tuned first off the grips of the 1851 Navy are one-piece walnut as you
can see the finish on the revolver is a color case hardening on the frame with a
blue barrel glued cylinder and a color case hardened loading lever you Birdy’s
1851 Navy is a 36 caliber weapon the front sight is a bead front sight with a
notch in the hammer for the rear sight the sights are fixed and cannot be
adjusted except through some sort of filing specifically the rear sight do
you birdies 1851 Navy has a capacity of six rounds as you can see on the back of
the cylinder there are safety notches in between the nipples
give me the shooter the ability to load all six chambers and carry the weapon
loaded safely the barrel is seven and a half inches in length you birdies 1851
Navy has a one and thirty two left-handed twist rate which means that
the round is going to make one full turn in 32 inches the barrel is octagonal and
glued with seven grooves in the barrel the barrel is held to the frame by means
of a wedge that fit into a notch in the Arbor of the 1851 Navy the loading lever
is color case hardened the overall length of the you birdies 1851 Navy is
13 inches it has a brass back strap a color case hardened hammer that has some
grooves on the rear of the hammer it also has a notch in the front face of
the hammer allowing it to be lowered on to one of the safety notches on the
cylinder the overall weight of you birdies 1851 Navy is just over two and a
half pounds this concludes my video on an overview of the 1851 Navy I’ll see
you next time well I hope you enjoyed this video as much as
I did if you’re looking forward to the next video I’ll be seeing you on down
the trail have a good one

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