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18+!! Snipers target ANNA News journalists [ENG Sub], Filatov Andrey

Snipers target ANNA News journalists Open it! Now! We were driving down a highway, in an unmarked car, when we were targeted by a sniper The driver was shot in the head, but our translator managed to grab the wheel and steady the car So, we managed to avoid crashing, and we’re alive, but our driver was killed In video description, Andrey says that they didn’t know the driver well, but he was a nice family man, and brought them tasty food cooked by his wife We were driving on the highway when our car was hit by two shots: one from the side, and one from the back. Our driver was killed, hit in the head. Look at the car… The situation was… We were going about 70 miles per hour. Our translator managed to grab the wheel, so we stayed on the road and stayed alive, but our driver is dead there’s blood everywhere Bullet most likely grazed my head, because I have a nick in the back there, and it’s bleeding It’s a miracle that it didn’t hit my head, and hit the driver’s head instead

41 thoughts on “18+!! Snipers target ANNA News journalists [ENG Sub], Filatov Andrey

  1. на скорости 100 км/ч, сбоку! попасть – это явно хорошо обученный снайпер с хорошей винтовкой

  2. old video… the video goed like they are driving and suddenly bullets start coming from front and side of the road.the driver is hit who is not russian or the name in title..syrian guy…
    let me give you some more info..he is an intelligence officer working for syrian govt.

  3. на скорости 100км/ч попасть … и в голову ….это супер снайпер, хотя если стрелял по курсу или на встречном то другое дело, но они там реально пристрелянные.

  4. อัลเลาห์หัวควยอัลเลาะห์พ่อมึงอัลเลาห์ทำให้พวกมึงมีชีวิตอยู่เหรออัลเลาะห์ของพวกมึงคือลูกกระสุนชัดๆ

  5. Journalists carrying no guns! 1:11 He is an invader! So "пораскиньте мозгами" the others, until it still figural!

  6. Я понял. Пуля отрикошетила от головы корреспондента и улетела в голову водителя

  7. Perhaps this is why Andrey Filatov gave up his amazing journalism in Syria. …no one could be the same after this….

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