15 of the Most Innovative Vehicle Designs | Sea Air and Land

If you’re looking for speed or the unusual,
we have it all for you in these 15 great innovative vehicle designs. Whether they move on land, water, or air,
it’s all here for you in one compact look. I’m Glenn. We’re going to have fun and mix it up in this
video, and here’s what we’ve found! Number Fifteen The French-designed Tringa can navigate the
roadways as well as the waterways! The aluminum-hulled boat, on three all-wheel-drive
retractable wheels, can drive from your home to the beach and then into the water. Depending on vehicle regulations where you
are, the Tringa is meant to be street legal. However, it drives only up to 10 miles per
hour on the road, and it has a small 27 horsepower gas engine for ground power. Number Fourteen The Dutch carmaker Donkervoort Automobielen
celebrated its 40th anniversary by releasing the D8 GTO-40. It is fast and ultra-lightweight and may remind
some of the defunct Chrysler-Plymouth Prowler. In terms of design, the focus for the D8 GTO-40
was on enhancing downforce and aerodynamic balance. Limited to a symbolic 40 cars, more than half
of these sold during the pre-sale. Number Thirteen With design roots to iconic vintage cycles
of the past, Tarform Motorcycles has built an innovative and great looking electric motorcycle
that they say will bring back riding that will embody a spirit of independence. The bike uses non-toxic, high-performance
biomaterials, like body panels from flax fiber and seating made from pineapples, as a step
towards sustainability. The integration of artificial intelligence
makes the motorcycle aware of its surroundings so it can inform the rider of any potential
danger. Number Twelve This unusual little car is nearly unknown
in most of the world. It was designed and built in the mid-’80s
in Portugal. The Sado 550 was born as part of Project Ximba,
which was undertaken by Entreposto, a conglomerate of Portuguese companies. The car had a Daihatsu 547cc twin A-series
engine making about 28 horsepower. Its features were bare bones and had a plastic
and fiberglass body, rear-wheel drive, two seats, and an area for luggage. With about 500 Sado 550s built between 1982
and 1984, you just might find one used if you look hard enough. Number Eleven This craft is designed to make sailing on
the blue accessible to anyone. It has the sail of a wind surfboard and the
hulls of a catamaran and can be folded and even carried behind a bicycle! A prototype is ready, and production is underway. The IZIBoat can hold two adults and two children
aboard, and is easy to learn to steer with a joystick. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Ten Designed in 1973, the BD-5 proved to be an
extremely popular aircraft. Used in the James Bond movie “Octopussy,”
the tiny plane uses a 60 horsepower, twin cylinder, four-cycle engine. The plane is sold either as a kit or pre-built
and is now only propeller-driven. Customers can contact Bede Aero for a price
quote. Number Nine This blue bomb is the first-ever all-terrain
supercar. With a lightweight body and powerful gas or
electric motor, this blazes a trail just about anywhere. It features up to 720 horsepower, with a max
speed of 143 miles per hour. The California based Laffite company says
the X-road will have a limited run of just 30 units. Number Eight It’s like riding two different motorcycles,
say riders of the sleek Damon Hypersport HS electric motorcycle. The Hypersport won the best of innovation
award at CES 2020 and wowed attendees with its high-tech design and features. This speed demon has more than 200 horsepower
and can run at more than 200 miles per hour. Its range is up to 300 miles on less than
3-hour charge. The bike can change its shape, adjusting for
riding styles. Safety features include a 360-degree Advanced
Warning System. Number Seven Coming from the Netherlands, the Dutchcraft
DC25 has an innovative modular deck that allows for fast and easy changes between modes. The modes include superyacht tender, dive
boat, sport fisher, toy carrier, and family cruiser. Power for the 26-foot boat is all-electric
with a battery capacity of up to 134 kilowatt hours. It can silently cruise over the waves at a
fast 32 knots for up to 75 minutes or up to 6 hours at a leisurely 6 knots. It has a uniquely designed hinging bow door
for direct access straight onto the beach. Number Six You will get some stares riding in this tiny
4-wheel electric pedal cycle! The new Drycycle is from a UK company of the
same name. The brightly colored one-person vehicle will
keep the driver dry in a rainstorm as they commute to work with electrically assisted
pedaling. It features a 250-watt Shimano Steps motor
with a top speed of 15 1/2 miles per hour. Its range is up to 30 miles from a four hour
charge. It can go on roads or bike paths and can legally
ride anywhere that bicycles are allowed. Number Five No runways needed for this smartly designed
aircraft, it can take off from any waterway. The Icon A5 is termed an LSA or Amphibious
Light-Sport Aircraft and it’s designed to be easy to operate, lightweight, and have
low operating costs. With safety first, it’s the first production
aircraft to meet the FAA’s full spin resistant standard. Its cool features include a rear Rotex engine,
folding wings for easy trailering, a unique angle of attack gauge, removable side windows,
and a flight control stick and more. Number Four This vehicle is all about getting there. With its 10 large tires, this is likely the
ultimate all-terrain vehicle for land or water areas. Sherp The Ark is the result of 20 years of
development of a reliable amphibian all-terrain vehicle. The Ark trailer is fully modular and can haul
22 people, or 7,500 pounds of cargo. It has a unique triple-axis steering system,
changeable tire pressure, and it features pumps to move water out of the vehicle. Powered by a 2.4 liter, turbo-diesel engine,
it features 2 feet of ground clearance. Number Three Hitting the expedition trail has never been
more possible with the newest EarthRoamer model. It features an all-new carbon fiber vacuum
infused camper shell for the most advanced EarthRoamer ever made. Built on a Ford F-550 chassis, it has a lithium-ion
battery bank, bunk side windows, and a raised ceiling height. It has a 6.7 liter, turbo-diesel engine with
330 horsepower and can maneuver over terrain with a ground clearance of 12 1/2 inches. Number Two Trimming down an old Volkswagen Beetle to
the essentials is what custom builder Brent Walter did when he created his Volkspods. He reused an original Volkswagen beetle to
create two retro-styled mini bikes. Walter used the front fenders from a type
1 Beetle, created a custom frame, and added original VW engines, plus bicycle seats and
handlebars. He created 2 Volkspods, one blue and the other
green. It’s not likely that he will be selling these
or making more, but plenty of folks say they would love to buy one. Number One If you love Formula 1 motorcar racing, hang
on to your steering wheel, there’s a faster and ultra-modern version up in the air, literally! An Australian company is planning a new motorsport,
where manned electric multi-copters zoom overhead and head-to-head. Made for the Airspeeder racing series, expected
to debut this year, the company has given no word on whether their machines will be
for sale.

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