100 thoughts on “12ga Shotgun WAX SLUG vs Grandmothers URN

  1. Okay I have to finally ask. The clip at 0:03 what video is that from? Ah thats flour, human ash looks quite different,  but still funny as hell. 

  2. love waxers, check out " mountain storm " videos father of waxers. he gave Taofledermaus his shell cutter n grid to make waxers fast. they are just fun to blow stuff up with for .20 cent a shell. can't beat them. great videos keep them coming.

  3. Hey Matt honest question. What Arsenal do you think i should get whenever I have the chance to get one? I would like one that works well and is well built. I'm around 5'8" and i'd say my arms are about 2 feet in length. It would be nice if i didnt need to fiddle with it out of the box because i hear some AKs you need to fiddle with the sights sometimes. I really want an Arsenal and dont think I would choose another brand so i dont think id go for anything else. I just want your honest opinion. Ive checked the milled and the stamped ones out before but never really researched it much. It would be a lot of help in the deciding one of the first guns I want to buy when ever I get into guns. Thanks and keep it up with the hilarious vids.

  4. Guess she was a hoarder haha,
    Hearing voices in the woods? Well… Grandma don't want u messin with her Marlboro ash collection haha! Cool video bro!

  5. Has your grandmother been cremated or buried, seems kinda weird to have an urn full of some weird ash. Tell us that you did not just shoot your grandmother's cremated body.

  6. At Operator Dynamics we perform 21 one mossberg wax slug salute ash spreading operations. Operationally

  7. you didn't actually need to chamber the round before closing the slide. dropping it in the chamber would have been fine. if you watch the way shells come in from the mag its the same thing. they're just loose in there.

  8. I think those are her ashes because if she was cremated (burning the body and turning it in to ashes) they put the ashes in urns like that and those look like cremated ashes because my grandma was cremated and her ashes look just like that

  9. Dude, you just shot your grandma. Wtf is wrong with you. An urn carries someone's ashes. You just shot someone's cremation. Not smoking ashes, your retarded. Omg.

  10. Lmaoooo I think you just shot your great grandmothers cremated body, those aren't cigarette ashes XD

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