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12ga. RUBBER Shotgun Bullet – Do these things really hurt?

higher when this is Jeff of Taofledermaus – We’ve got some twelve-gauge rubber riot control shotgun slugs now
these are actually manufactured in Italy in the Colts W shocks I guess and the
important thing here is to maintain a low velocities so that they are less
than lethal will be shooting these at about 1,200 feet per second don’t hit the table now most people have
never seen a rubber slugger a rubber bullet up close before this is what it
looks like it’s about an inch and a half long and it’s actually made out of
rubber and its relatively soft but very soft objects flying at very high
velocities can still do substantial damage to you including blunt force
trauma now this specification see these way 5.9 grams which isn’t very heavy
considering a one-ounce low-wage 28 grams now we just love this into a
federal birdshot child as you see it here knowing full well this is going to
propel this rubber slug at velocities way above its less than lethal standards it hit it was like no reason given her
in a shotgun and I’ll get a head shot every time now for us luck that’s
normally meant to fly at a subsonic speed this thing actually handled line
at a supersonic speed quite well you’ll notice that the tale of the slug is
we’re going around in the air which is kinda common with longer projectiles we
often see that however it really didn’t seem to affect its accuracy one bit of
course the impact line at that philosophy really put a wall up on that
ballistic gel gummy bear now a law enforcement agency that is loading these
loads up had better make sure that their load data is correct and they better
make sure they do in some chronograph test to ensure that these are less than
lethal a so-called less than lethal slug abused and fired improperly like this
can really result in some big problems you can see that the ballistic gel is
ripped up quite bad you can imagine that was that was your leg or your head or
whatever we will be doing a few more tests with these in the near future but
I wanted to give you guys a little preview of these rubber slugs and
definitely want to thank the guys at ballistic products for supplying these
slugs for these tests ballistic products is an absolute freeloaders heaven if you
haven’t checked them out please do they have the link in the description hope
you enjoyed this video thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “12ga. RUBBER Shotgun Bullet – Do these things really hurt?

  1. I have a modified airsoft pistol that, with .020 gram biodegradable milsim rounds, is shooting at around 600fps that I carry if I'm in a bad area. no it won't kill. but even at 15-20 yards will leave a pretty nasty welt and is gonna sting for a few hours. I see someone fucking with my bike or car I'll pull it out. If they run at me…… guess who's gonna have a bad rest of the day… I love that I've only even had to pull it once they they ran like they were Olympic sprinters. usually a simple lift of the shirt is enough to make ppl stop and think.

  2. If you pause at 1:11 and truly think about it, the tape looks like a fidget spinner, and he hit the head of the bear that likes fidget spinneres XD

  3. First hand experience, rubber bullets in general hurt like hell and leave you with a very ugly bruise.
    Also, as they say, it's all fun and riot control until someone looses an eye.

  4. Any question about how effective rubber objects flying at high speed can be — queue up the Jackass video where they allow themselves to get hit by a riot control claymore. To this day, I still can't look at a rubber ball in the same light.

  5. Found video jeez 🤘. I'll roll them on top of a gas seal and stamped overshot vs hard cos12. Nice thanks Taofledermaus 🖒

  6. ahaha gosh, I mean I liked the video. but I was really looking forward for a comparis between this bullet shot with the right amount of gun powder and the one you shot.

  7. Do you make your own ballistics gel, and how long would it be stable at room temperature in a house? Can you keep your shot gummy bears as wall ornaments?

  8. I knew an Israeli and he swore that he and his Squad would freeze the rubber bullets the night before to use the next day on the rioters.
    While I don't know if this story is true it would be an interesting experiment to see a Frozen rubber shotgun slug shot against a steel plate and/or a gummy bear to see its effects. I've always been curious about that round ever since that Israeli veteran told me about it.

  9. People are killed by rubber slugs. During a hockey riot a few years ago, Vancouver police killed a rioter when he was shot in the head with a rubber bullet.
    I saw a bid from South Africa where a cop shot a guy at close range and killed him. The rubber bullet broke a rib and drove it into his heart.

  10. That gummie bear is on the phone with an injury lawyer but having a rough time telling what happened cause his face is busted open…..hahahaha thanks for a good demo on rubber slugs

  11. Those'd be perfect if they could be fired at an almost lethal velocity and be loaded with some OCP for good measure. Sorta like a heavier pepperball….in missile form.

  12. Remember everyone. In a zombie apocalypse, check if the shotgun some jackass gave you isn't in fact loaded with non-lethal rounds.


  14. Hey Man. Anything for Hits on Youtube Huh Ya Dikz.
    Fk your little preview
    and Fk your whiney warnings about Law Enforcement Better do this and Better do that horseshit. You PussyQueer

  15. I know it's a two year old video, but I have to get this off my chest… those mold lines drive me nuts. I've been cutting mold lines off of miniatures for days now and as soon as I saw the rubber bullet, I picked up my stanley knife.

  16. very cool man, nobody needs to get hurt when you've got ammo like can still load some lethal as back-up but what's better for home defines than that ability to simply scare someone stupid enough to be on your property away by shooting them with one of these bad boys…a rack addict or whomever will run off screaming for his life after being pelted with one of these bad boys!!

  17. If they're using them on antifia NPC'S I recommend hi base over that low base you used in the vid cause its harder to change a dummies mind! 😆

  18. Leave the rubber slug in its original shell and aim for the nuts. It will have the desired non-lethal but satisfactory stopping effect. Overall, a beanbag round will produce a several times more powerful impact on the legs, belly, or center mass than a rubber bullet. But If you're seeking to do some significant damage with either round, aim for the face.

  19. I kinda like the simple guideline of dont point at it if you don’t intend to kill or seriously injure the subject, kinda saying if it kills them well they did something to deserve a shotgun pointed at them lol

  20. em the black kross on the bullet is there to find the soft bullet inside a human with an x ray …. ouch but nice that they thought of adding the cross so the shot guy doesnt have to live with a bullet inside of him gg

  21. No they shouldn't. Shoot those rioters and protestors with whatever amount of velocity you can put behind one of these. They give them plenty of warnings to disperse before they start shooting them. Hell, yeah.. If you are going to shoot them I hope the little fuckers feel like they are going to die.

  22. I'm writing from 2019 – with all these slug reviews, what's the bottom line? Which slug/slugs are best/most reliable for accuracy, power, what powder loads etc. What do your years of testing say to help us load up the best slugs for our purposes. Availability should count too

  23. Since any projectile from a firearm is potentially deadly, most Law Enforcement Agencies refer to rubber bullets and similar projectiles as “less lethal” rather than “less than lethal”, as “less than” seems to imply that they could not be lethal, when they certainly could be.

  24. Georgian government used them against us,while we were protesting parliament.
    I STILL don't know how I survived, doctor found this bullet in my shoulder ,it was 4cm under my skin,it was vibrating horribly. Police shoot people in face,so ~30 people losts their eyes…

  25. These were shot at demonstrants in Georgia a week ago. Several people lost their eyes, some got their jaws broken. They easily penetrated flash on their legs, back, other parts of the body.

  26. Thats a very deadly round. no more excuses,….these bullets are aimed to kill human kind ?…yes or no? listen human kind , if you want,…. to destroy your self……well why did you not say so?…hell wanna die by your own hand? keep making videos like this one and you shall have your wish. thank you and have a deadly day. p.s. just as an after thought, … but you gun people dont care any way, localize your gun play videos to the murderers you plan on preying on how to make deadly weapons more deadly to. thank you for telling the world a better way to kill!

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