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12 Gauge Shotgun versus iPhone: Does the iPhone Stop a Shotgun?

– Hey guys, James again for TFBTV. Many of us have heard the story about the WWI British soldier who survived a German sniper’s bullet because he had a Bible
in his breast pocket. Now, a lot of people
don’t believe that story and I can see why. And so, we’re gonna put
that to the test today. We’re gonna shoot a bunch of Bi… iPhones, iPhones, we’re shooting iPhones. We’re not shooting Bibles,
we’re shooting iPhones. Really the impetus for today’s
video is the British guy who had an iPhone 5 in his chest pocket October last year and he got shot in the
chest with a shot gun. Now his phone was ruined but he is fine. So if you’re like me and
you hear a story like that you think two things, one, I need to add more
shirts with chest pockets into my wardrobe and two, bullshit. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe an iPhone
can stop a shotgun blast. Admittedly, I’m an Android guy, but still, I don’t believe that an iPhone is gonna be able to stop a shotgun. But that’s what we’re here to test today. And let me tell you how I’m gonna do that. First of all, I’ve got
more spaghetti squash than your mom at Thanksgiving. Second, I took one of
my super tight t-shirts that you guys, you YouTube
commenters love so much and I shredded it. Cut it
up in a bunch of slices. Then I got a roll of duct tape. So what I’m gonna do is I’m
making little filled pockets on these spaghetti squashes, stuffing the iPhones with them and then I’m gonna blast them to oblivion. We’re gonna start at 15 feet and frankly, I’m gonna be shocked if an iPhone can take a blast at 15 feet. But we’ve got three of them. But well, we’ll see if any
of these iPhones survive. I’ll adjust the distance as needed. If it seems like it’s not working, if 15 feet is too close, I’ll back it out. If 15 feet is too far, we’re gonna bring it on in to 10 feet. And we’ll see how those
spaghetti squash look whenever it’s all said and done. Got my trusty Remington
870 short barrel shot gun. (gun cocking) Let’s give it a shot. So here’s the deal guys, you got my squash pocket, you
can see it right behind me. Sounds a lot less appetizing
than a Hot Pocket. But anyways, you got the squash pocket, I’m gonna line up 15 feet in front of it and I’m gonna blast it with
a, a fistful of eight shot. 15 feet with number eight bird shot, I’m saying sayonara iPhone,
but we’ll see what happens. (gun fires) (dramatic orchestral music) (gun fires) (gun cocks) (Carmina Burana – O Fortuna) (gun fires) (gun cocks) – Well, that didn’t look very good. Let’s have a look at this phone and a let’s see what happened. I’m somewhat at a loss here. Deal is, the squash got
blown into next week. But on the other hand, if
you look at these iPhones, check it out. So as you can see, it
looks like the plastic case really bore the brunt of it. There’s some penetration,
there’s some shot embedded in it. There’s even some flat shot in it. And then you have this metal
plate behind the case, nothing. I mean, there’s no… Looks like there’s one or two beads that there’s one or two beads that penetrated that layer but that’s it. And then you flip it over to
the other side with the battery and look at that, nothing. Screen, the screen I mean is (beep) But I mean you know, that
happens when you drop the phone. That’s obviously from
the shock of the impact. But look at this, this, whatever this layer is
behind the screen, nothing. Like just bent a little from the force. It looks to me if you
caught a fistful of shot right in the iPhone, looks
like you’d be good at 15 feet. We’ll try shooting one of
these maybe from about 10 feet and see what happens. So this last iPhone, I’m going to Gorilla Tape to this tree. I’m trying to leave the iPhone exposed so the tape doesn’t
absorb any of the shot. But I don’t want it to go anywhere. I don’t want it to, the squash, unfortunately, the squash has been flying after I shoot these things. Let’s see what happens if
there’s no rearward travel and from 10 feet. Moment of truth, iPhone at 10 feet. Let’s see how it does. (gun fires) (gun fires) (gun cocks) Looks pretty good. Glad it didn’t go anywhere. That worked out. Good job Gorilla Tape. First I wanna say, have a look at that. See the indention from
where the iPhone hit? There’s some shot to,
there’s some shot next to it, but I don’t think any shot
penetrated the iPhone. I just think that right
here, the impact of the shot actually pressed that wood in. Wow! That’s amazing! All right guys, let’s see how we did. See how we did with the 10 foot pocket. (rustling sound) Here it is. You can see the remnants of an iPhone. Now this one is in
substantially worse shape than the one’s before it. You can see there’s the back. This is the one that has the glass back. And there may have even
been a little penetration, either that, or that’s just, yup. Looks like we actually did get a little bead that penetrated right there. You guys can see that. Looks like there may have been a bead that penetrated right there. It’s completely in
pieces but look at that. I mean, didn’t really
go through the battery. The battery is blazing
hot on this one too. I mean the battery is like
you can’t even touch it. Really looks like the iPhones
with the plastic backs do a really good job of stopping the shot. And all the phones across the board, the battery really absorbs some big hits. So 10 feet, not bad. I’m gonna go and say that that
story is totally plausible. Thanks again for watching guys! Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks to our sponsors, Grizzly Targets and as usual, Ventura Munitions. Thanks for watching, see ya next time.

93 thoughts on “12 Gauge Shotgun versus iPhone: Does the iPhone Stop a Shotgun?

  1. I am no denying the impenetrability, but my god look at that indentation in the wood. Supposedly you would be hit in your phone and you would have it somewhere on your chest (just for the scenario to make sense) – I'm betting the blunt force of the impact without penetration would be also enough to kill an average person by creating internal bleeding and damage. I am sure there are other people who know more about this stuff than I do, but my cents are on this idea.

  2. Worst you'd end up with is broken ribs. But it would be a lucky shot to hit the iphone only. I think you proved it is very possible!

  3. The force in the iphone 5c's taped to the squash was dispersed more and differently  than the phone taped to the tree, like you said 'no rearward travel' so not exactly apples to apples. Next time can you make sure to test all in the same, or all in different ways?

  4. I believe it is possible. A NOD's bracket on an ACH stopped a Mauser 8mm on the Battle for Marjah documentary where they treat the ANA like crap.

  5. As for iPhones most of the time, I've shot the hell out of one with my C39 and it penetrated. But sometimes magic happens in the Battlefield. It is God vs Satan.

  6. Very nice 870 for starters. Is the barrel 18 in? The Iphone stopping a full on hunting load that close was very surprising. I doubt it would stop a slug but who knows?

  7. This is exactly why you don't shoot someone with birdshot.. Not enought penetration.. I wouldn't call something bulletproof just because it stops some birdshot.. Cool video none the less.!!

  8. What about the iPhone 6 with the metal back? I think that maybe weaker (because its thinner). They should keep them fatter and make them with AR500 steel 😉

  9. dayum, cuz. your video budget is at least 100 times what mine is. do the dick cheney test. and see if the iphone protects his bro.

  10. A bible in front of your heart wont give you cancer. Carrying your personal spy central anywhere above your cargo pockets is as dumb as smoking. it's zombie dumb.

  11. People doing penetration testing on YouTube still don't get the whole barrel length = increased velocity and increased velocity = increased penetration relationship.

  12. lol to funny.   but yeah not surprised.. but the 3rd one lol omg that tree.. left big old dent.. i didnt see that coming.  well done lol

  13. Hilarious video, i need to find more reasons to use the term squash pocket. it also seems like you have found a good reason to finally buy an iphone, since the majority of the time it will just be sitting in your pocket not able to function properly anyway…

  14. Why not use ballistic gel or at least plastelina clay as your backing? Much more like a human body than vegetables and foliage.

  15. You should hook up with the and his slow motion camera gear and really get into the science of that!

  16. Looks like you're using birdshot (#4 or #6). Try using something that would be used for personal defense or in an armed conflict such as 00 or 000 buckshot. I'm sure it will blow a hole in it.

  17. Number eight shot, as proven by the guy that took three shots to bring down a drone, is NOT appropriate for consumer electronics hunting. Something like a 3" mag turkey load would be better.

  18. I see the question was asked but didn't see a reply. Can you please tell us what the length of the shotgun barrel is?

  19. wasn't there also a report or reports from US soldiers in the Middle East who have survived being shot because their iPhone/ iPad took the hit? if so, Hey TFBTV, I have a theory you guys could try. My theory is that the older models Apple phones and/or tablets are better at stopping penetration. Because in this video, the i5c was used, but the i4's are a bit thicker, which would mean they should be better at stopping penetration. And also, what caliber will not be stopped by an iphone/ ipad ? (.50 BMG or equivalent would be the exception)

    btw, I like how a quote is included at the end of the vids. very cool idea, guys.

  20. The reason I still call bullshit on this is because while the phone will stop birdshot no problem, the likelihood of the spread only hitting the phone is extremely low unless it is completely point blank, and in that case, the sheer energy will still shatter multiple ribs. Birdshot proof? Yes. "Fine"? No.

  21. It was the magic t shirt material that stopped the shot! I just cant figure out how you managed to cut something so strong? Magnets? Diamonds? High-speed magnetic diamonds?

  22. Well seeing how most people will have the phone in their hand or pocket now a days, its most likely only going to protect Fingers and Upper Thighs lol.
    But all in the name of "SCIENCE"….WHY NOT! lol

  23. You could order a blank Bible-esque book for testing from a publishing company. What matters are the Testaments and Gospels, not the cover itself….

    I always, despite myself being a christian, intrigued by a book, specially thick Bibles, stopping daggers or firearms…. I think they will stop black powder…

  24. ok so this myth cant be plausible by the tests made in this video because James tests the myth out with only a specific shotgun and one type of ammo which is birdshot rounds now im sure in a real life scenario if the shooter were aiming for the i phone for some random reason the shooter would have a different shotgun and most likely would not be using birdshot rounds as their selected ammunition type

  25. The iPhone that got shot looked like it endured dove loads. It's probably all the iPhone could take plus don't count on iPhones as armor plating. A 12 gauge with proper shot shells will destroy it and so will a 9mm so this man is not only lucky to have an iPhone in his pocket but also lucky that he got shot with dove loads.

  26. I'm only at 1:35-in but THANK YOU for being somewhat smart about this. So many channels do tests but they wouldn't put a squash or gel or anything behind it. They would tape an iPhone to the trunk of a tree and go.. :-O see? of course its not true!So yeah, again…thank you for being at least a bit…ummm…proper. Seriously.  Oops. Got to about 5 minutes-in lmao. Still a good test though.

  27. thinking of kevlar, it protects by like spreading the force over many layers. Layers of silicon, metal, then battery which is kinda like mushy iirc, and glass, combined could take some light shots, conceptional, and as this video shows in the real world too. cool video.

  28. PSA: If your phone gets shot the battery has a good chance of igniting so you should probably drop it and not handle it

  29. Does it help if you put the iPhone in a Magpul case?

  30. shouldn't you have used a sniper rifle for the test seeing that's what the old man said he got shot with. your using bird shot no shit it wont go threw the hard plastic case and the metal in the case

  31. Thanks for that interesting tidbit of information. Good entertainment!

    How will the iPhone fare if shot with #4 Buckshot or perhaps #00 Buckshot? How about when shot with a 9mm pistol? I suspect it won't do very well.

  32. I figured getting shot in the iphone would knock you on your ass and maybe even break some ribs but I was betting it wouldn't penetrate the phone. I don't think this is about Iphones particularly. The composite nature of modern electronics makes them extremely dense and makes it easy for me to believe one could stop a shotgun blast.

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