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12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath AT NIGHT!- Smarter Every Day 2

[music] OK, so we are about to demonstrate Dragon’s Breath ammo, the ultimate in muzzle flash, and we got the most manly person we know, John to do it, John can you hear us?
– yeah -Are you ready?
– Ready. 3..2..1.. [bang]
[laugh] [music] What if you catch yourself on fire? [bang]
[laughs] Fantastic! 3.. 2.. 1.. Fire – Holy Crap.
– That’s amazing. Aah, that’s the shot right there. Look at this.
– Ow man. 3..2..1.. Alright, man play with fire time is over. It’s time for you to get Smarter Every Day. So I’ve obtained a document made by the US Department of Energy back in 1984 reviewing Zirconium Zircaloy Pyrophoricity. This is important because this is what’s used in Dragon’s Breath ammunition. This is a little different than normal tracer ammunition which uses magnesium or phosphorous if you’re an American, or barium salts if you’re Chinese or Russian. So this document reveals how Zirconium is actually ignited. Way on down here on page 19, there’s a graph that shows how ignition temperature in Celcius is a function of log specific area which is the external surface area of the particle of zirconium ratioed with the mass. So basically as the particle gets smaller, the ignition temperature gets much easier. So you can see that inversely proportional here. So, why do we care about that. Well it’s just interesting. Another thing that’s interesting about zirconium is, well, on the periodic table it’s way over here, it’s very similar to hafnium, it has some of the similar characteristics. One thing that’s neat about zirconium is that it doesn’t care about neutrons at all. Neutrons zip right through it, and it doesn’t absorb neutrons very much at all, which makes it very very nice for the nuclear industry. It’s also very low in terms of it’s reaction to corrosives, so it’s used as cladding for nuclear reactor fuels. The reason being is the neutrons go through and that energy doesn’t get absorbed. This is interesting until you have a Fukushima type incident, and when you do start increasing temperature, like we saw earlier on that chart, you start to get some reactions. As you can see here one of the byproducts of that reaction is hydrogen, often gas. This is what happened at Fukushima. It built up hydrogen gas when the zirconium started heating up, and reacting, and that is what detonated. That detonated and causes all kinds of problems. So anyway, now you’re Smarter Every Day, and if you would help me out, I’d appreciate if you’d pass this along to some of your smart buddies or people who like guns and see if you can help me get some subscribers. I would greatly appreciate that. Have a great day. Bye. [ Captions by Andrew Jackson ] Captioning in different languages welcome.
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100 thoughts on “12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath AT NIGHT!- Smarter Every Day 2

  1. Never thought I'd say this on a Destin video, but that was dumber than a left handed box of rocks.
    Firing those in an area strewn with dry dead leaves and fuel? STUPID, period. 🙁 Very disappointed.

  2. Typo, do it someplace SAFE!! How about on a fenced in parking lot on private property, or out in an open farmers field after a harvest, nothing to catch on fire. Better yet in or after a rain so that everything is wet

  3. Very irresponsible fire arm handling ! Shooting at night in random directions including straight up in the air , and the laughing while attempting to ignite a forest fire all of this is probably highly illegal in your county . the right to own a fire arm is not the right to stupidity ! I would have much preferred a well controlled video that showed the safety precautions taken to do this experiment , but instead I saw an other wild west BS video . I am all for gun rights but not for people who do not respect nor understand the proper principals of proper fire arm handling . By the way I do not own a fire arm , but many years ago was tested at marksman level , I was trained well .

  4. Definitely has a phycological fear quality for a night op. Even though it would give away your position.

    Pitch black, crickets. Slight wind in the trees. Than BOOM! A loud place shatters the silence and a 12 foot long streak of flames and sparks. I don’t care who you are, that will scare you

  5. Dragon's Breath is nothing but fireworks. They always show still photos and they look great. in real time they are nothing. This guy will do anything for a click.

  6. Are these blanks? Or do they have ammo in the shell as well? Are they more for looks or can you actually rake down small game with these? Anyone?

  7. 6 Years ago,I bought a Sailing Boat,With my girlfriend,we started from FRANCE,down to Spain,Portugal and all around Africa,heading South,no way I was sailing,without "packing" a defense gun,I had A Mauser 12g Shotgun,hidden in a tactical place(with home made copper slugs,Buck,and Dragon-breath rounds,we had also Acetone/cooking Oil mix, Molotov cocktails,been checked by Marine cops,4 times,looking for drugs,with dogs,but gun and ammo were inside "plastic"no air bags,with a handy razor blade,gun flares,never Sail without packing mean, serious"HEAT"……..!!!!!!

  8. And now here you are pushing almost 7 million subscribers. What a long, strange (and educational) trip it's been.

  9. обычная магниевая стружка + красивое название + больная цена = куча лайков

  10. Not so SMART!!! Wow how negligent you are i now this os an old video but i think it must be banned from Youtube. This can set a fire tha can get out of control in seconds because of the multiples ignition points. Thanks to you there might be crazy people that want to do the same negligent act and can cost other people's lives or big damage to de forest. I will report this viedo!!!

  11. what they should've given Leon on the Resi 2 remake to make up for that stupid shotgun with such a wonky blast even at close range

  12. I went from your laminar flow video to this just because I wanted to see incendiary ammo. I didn't even see the video on your channel I just searched for it randomly. Woah. The future is weird man

  13. When I see the freeze frame shots I see the "flames" go a lengthy distance but the immediate expansion outside the muzzle is only a couple inches within the radius. Why does the "flame" curve once exiting the barrel to make that funnel shape instead of expanding equally in every direction?

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