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1000 Yards for $500 – Rifle Selection (Savage Axis, Remington 783, Ruger American, Mossberg Patriot)

building a thousand-yard rifle for $1000
is no easy feat building one for $500 which is our challenge it’s just a
little bit nutty and bear in mind that this is not a theoretical 1,000 yards we
are actually going to be competing with this rifle in a 600 yard match and at
1,000 yard match over at Tulsa’s red castle gun club adding to the difficulty
of this build I won’t be going out and trying to find bargains on use parts I’m
not going to go find some target action that someone’s trying to get rid of this
is all going to be off the rack stuff that you can buy in your local sporting
goods store the optics you may be able to find on that sort of thing
this is all stuff that you can buy and build now fortunately we have four
excellent deer rifles that we can choose from at this point first there’s the
savage axis and kind of its part be the axis – we have the Mossberg Patriot
there’s the Ruger American and then there’s the Remington 783 all of these
are known to be very accurate and really they’re all based off the savage axis
they all have kind of the same barrel profile they all attach to the action
via the barrel nut and most of them have a version of the active trigger this out
the base model savage axis does not but the access to does and everybody else
has some kind of variant of the a Q trigger so what did I end up getting
let’s just get right down to it this is the bog standard savage axis this is not
the axis – so it does not have that nice a Q trigger now the reason that I went
with this is largely because of money if we’re going to build an entire rifle
including optics base and with all of these all of them have a plastic stock
that needs to be thrown out so we have to get some kind of laminate stock in
order to make that budget of $500 I had to go with one of the cheaper options
there were some that included scopes that I didn’t really want that sort of
thing so the packages didn’t really work out for me
but this axis is going to work very well actually I believe the other rifles I
mentioned all owe their existence to the savage axis they are all essentially
clones especially once you take a look at how these are designed you start with
a supporter weight barrel which is going to be standard anywhere but it’s
attached to a simple kind of tubular action via this a barrel nut
this makes head spacing much more precise and much easier to do and you
get a lot of cast parts like this this bolt handle the detachable magazine
includes some plastic in some metal parts the worst feature on all of these
rifles is the plastic stock I’m sure they’re perfectly comfortable and
capable when it comes to hunting if you’re taking offhand shots or kneeling
or whatever but when it comes to the prone these stocks are terrible first
off they’re all pretty flexible so you can actually move the fore arm until it
touches the barrel quite easily another big detraction is the
ambidextrous nature of these stocks these are meant to be easy to make and
to easily conform to right-handed or left-handed sportsmen alike so what they
do is they just kind of drop the comb here so that it it pretty well fits
everybody’s faces and it works pretty well but especially for a prone
competition rifle you want cast off and you want can’t you want this thing
fitted specifically to you to me the biggest organ amma Krait here this is
going to be a fine stock for hunting you can easily get your thumb over the top
to hit the safety it’s also going to work well if you’re taking offhand shots
especially if you’re leaning forward but this is going to be terrible if
you’re in the prone position this is really going to kink your wrist up what
you want is a much more vertical grip those of you that have shot ar-15s or
other kind of modern semi-automatic rifles
you know how comfortable that more vertical hand grip is especially when
you’re in the prone and this is going to help us to relieve a lot of tension when
we’re firing in the match we won’t have our wrists all bound up and there
won’t be any discomfort I will put together a full evaluation video of the
savage axis so we can take a look at its advantages and disadvantages but for now
the big one I think is just going to be the trigger the trigger is abominable
it’s awful it’s so heavy that I keep checking myself to see if the safety is
actually on it’s that heavy and then once it actually starts moving it just
kind of grinds and grinds and then finally snaps it is a terrible terrible
trigger aside from that though I think this is going to be a good platform just
fix up the trigger throw out the stock which is what I would do with any of the
other rifles anyway and I think we should be in good shape aside from the
quality of the barrels the barrel nut that allows precise head spacing and
some pretty good bedding despite the fact that these are plastic stocks one
of the big reasons why all the rifles that I’ve mentioned are accurate
probably comes down to this right here the floating bolt head this allows the
locking lugs to stay flush to stay true to the the cutouts here in the action
even if the barrel moves are the the bolt moves around a little bit and it
can move a bit as the trigger is pulled or just with gravity as you’re taking a
shot gravity can pull the back of the bolt down and it can change spacing
within the chamber area so this floating bolt head makes sure that nothing really
moves around in the chamber that the the lugs are always flush and the bolt face
is always nicely spaced within the chamber one of the reasons I did not
choose the Ruger American is that the other rifles that Remington the Mossberg
the savage all of them have this floating bolt head the Ruger American
does not it’s all a one-piece solid bolt and that puts it at a slight
disadvantage against these others as I was narrowing down the list of rifles to
come up with my final selection I took a look at the Boyd’s selection of rifle
stocks and one of the things that disqualified the Remington 783 for me is
that it only had hunter style stocks in laminate now any laminate stock that’s
well-built is going to be nice and sturdy and it’s going to be plenty
accurate but because of that grip angle that I mentioned before I decided to
discard the 783 from the list the axis on the other hand has a wonderful
varmint stock available and it comes with two different barrel channels that
you can choose since I’m going to stick with this barrel profile I can’t replace
the barrel for the prices that we’re working with they will cut a sporter
profile barrel channel in that stock but you can also ask for a thicker kind of
varmint cutout so you can go with larger barrels converting this savage axis into
a decent competition rifle is not going to be easy
it’s going to take a lot of steps so make sure that you don’t miss out on any
of the videos you can subscribe to the social or aggressive here if you’d like
us on Facebook then you’ll be able to see some of the behind the scenes
footage and maybe get sneak peeks of next week’s videos and then finally this
playlist is going to have everything in it so if you just click on here and you
want to find a particular part of this video series you can skip around you

100 thoughts on “1000 Yards for $500 – Rifle Selection (Savage Axis, Remington 783, Ruger American, Mossberg Patriot)

  1. I am not sure if it is just me, but I have shot in long range competitions with a standard plastic stocked Mossberg Patriot .30-06 and have no problem shooting in the prone position with accuracy.

  2. I guess I don't understand what the challenge is of hitting a target at 1,000 yards with a rifle like this. Carlos Hathcock was hitting targets in Vietnam at a 1,000 yards and beyond with a Winchester Model 70 hunting rifle chambered in 30.06 using an 8x scope. The Berdan Sharpshooters made some very impressive shots during the civil war using much less.

  3. I've never shot any of the other rifles but I bought the Ruger American over the axis because it just felt better to me personally. I love the American and it is super accurate for what I use it for which is hunting.

  4. Of the two rifles, Should I purchase the Savage Axis or Savage Axis 2, because I know the Axis is more inexpensive than the Axis 2. Yet, it has a built in Accutrigger which makes pulling the trigger a lot smoother. At the same time, Does the Weaver Kaspa 3-9×40 scope that comes with the Axis 2 a whole lot better than the Bushnell scope 3-9×40? I have heard how the bushnell is a terrible stock scope. So put it all, Do I have a better deal in moneys worth of purchasing the Axis 2 than the Axis. Thanks.

  5. Although I am a fan of Savage rifles, if I'm not mistaken, these are all taken from the Remington 700, not from Savage. The 783, as a matter of fact, designates 7 for the 700 series, 8 for the budget line, and 3 for 2013 when the 783 was introduced.

  6. the drop comb does not make it ambidextrous lol. a one sided raised comb accomplishes that. Thats why I love my weatherbys.

  7. Maybe should have chosen the Remington 700 would be better than this Remington model I got mine for 400$ in 30-06

  8. does this guy not realize that the barrel is supposed to be able to move? it's called a free floating barrel it makes the gun more accurate

  9. Best $500 rifle on the market is a Tikka T3…. Tikka "updated" the T3 for 2017 so finding the an older model T3 that is heavily discounted is EZ…. I got a .223 T3 lite for less than $420 shipped, shot very well out of the box & with very little work (floated barrel, skim bedded & $3 trigger spring) is consistently printing sub MOA groups.

  10. got a reminder 770 7mm rem mag $289 plus tax $200 dollar bsa 8×32 40 mildot scope I'd put it up for a 1000 yrd gun I shoot three shot 1" group at 300 yrds so ya should be good to go for 1000 yrds

  11. I enjoy your videos but I am looking for some guidance. Instead of "building" a budget long range rifle why not get something like a Savage 10 FLCP-SR from the start? I understand there is the fun factor of the hobby but as the saying goes for a few dollars more you can do it yourself.

  12. I've been going through this in my head for the past three months, and everyone has said you can't cheaply hit 800yards and it's like well you can, I just need something in a long range caliber with a faster twist and longer barrel. Glad to see a video over three of the guns I've narrowed it down to. Hopefully I can get one and custom bull pup it.

  13. You should have come clean with rifle selection at the beginning. Why play us along when you were already invested in savage and just doing the barrel swap. The axis trigger is junk while the others are usable.

  14. These are simple deer hunting rifles for the budget minded hunter. Thats all. Nothing more…nothing less. And for that purpose…anyone of them are pretty damn good.

  15. I really think that you should have just sanded the stock down some to allow clearance when flexing on a bipod. I would have stiffened the stock that came with it. Then spent my $125 you spent on the stock to put into a competent scope and NOT a junky Simmons like you did. Btw my American predator in 6.5 is benchrest style accuracy. Much better than I expected. And I have proof of groups shot (5 shots) I would have definitely spent more on the glass much more important than a little wiggle in the stock

  16. The stock is flexible  { AND VERY HOLLOW }  with plenty of room for glass bedding compound   to add weight and stiffen it up…. AHA !

  17. Hopelessly addicted to your channel. Love the content and your dedication to detail..But why didnt you choose the MossbergPatriot in7mm-08? Was it the lack of aftermarket stocks? Trigger? Barrel twist weight?..just curious..-another happy sub

  18. Actually all cheaper package modle rifles were not based of the savsge axis they were based of remington 700 or 770 you really dont know your stuff

  19. My personal experience and loss of money. Not Savage although the accu-trigger has helped. Ruger is hands down my favorite in American and American Predator.Thompson Center Compass is good as well and right now, until Dec. 31st 2017, 75.00 bucks off rebate and you can buy one for 200 bucks.

  20. I recently got a savage axis 2 with a wood stock, and have not yet got to use it. Hearing that the plastic stocks have issues makes me more confident that the model I have will do fine for my needs.

  21. Social regressive? Really? It doesn't matter what your politics is, as long as you understand what caliber and gun you need to get a particular job done. Conservatives and progressives hunt, let's hope for sustained economic and not killing helpless animals just for trophy's. Or maybe they're arming themselves to protect their families from the elements around them they don't wish to have seizing their property or harming they're family. I think, when it come to these things both sides can look at things logically and buy the arms they need to serve thier purpose performance. Handgun or long arm, there are certain things we all look for. That said, there should also be a conversation about keeping arms out of the hands of those who aren't looking to hunt to sustain their families, those who would invade our homes to attain supplies instead of working to supply for their own needs or work with their neighbors to provide for the group. This,of course is only in times of disaster. Arms like these shouldn't be needed in a structured society because that society works to support each other's needs when there are those who cannot provide for themselves. And furthermore, no arms plan should include those who seek to support themselves via illegal means! So, gun control, and I don't mean the ability to hit ones target several times in rapid succession, should be a topic of discussion to lesson the burden of those trying to protect their families from invasion during natural disasters and the like.

  22. I went with the Ruger American Predator in 6.5 creed. Full setup includes an F-1 Dragon Slay-AR brake, a Warne 20 MOA rail, weaver tactical rings, Harris 6-9 Swivel Bipod, and a Bushnell E-Tac 6-24×50 G2 FFP optic zeroed at 200yds. I have not touched the rifle itself save for sanding down the end of the forend where it was touching the barrel slightly (pretty common on these guns). She will shoot a 1/2 MOA 5-shot group at 200yds with Hornady ELD 140gr ammo.

    I really like the Ruger as it has several things you don't see in budget rifles. They have aluminum bedding, full floated barrel, threaded barrel, adjustable trigger (3-5 lbs), Pic rail, nice soft buttpad, and a 70deg lever all for about $400. Hard to beat that. My only gripe is that they still use Ruger's rotary mags instead of box mags, but I've seen some pictures of the new 2018 iterations that looks like they've fixed that. If the new ones accept a Magpul magazine, they will be perfect.

  23. i only ask as i have it in .243
    i have what is considered one of the most accurate 17hmr out there-the cz455 and size, grain, velocity etc aside, on a good calm warm day at 100 yds the ab3 out performs the hmr from the bench. i dont shoot longer than perhaps 350 400 yds so no idea if it would fail to perform at a 1000yds but i expect it would fair ok against the others ?

    i was looking for a cheap deer rifle and my local RFD highly recommended it-he wasnt wrong, 3 outings this season and a roe buck and 2 does in the freezer 🙂

    if you get the chance to try it id love to see how it does ?


  24. Eu queria saber qual dos 4 e melhor, eu estou comprando um ruger e queria saber se ele tá né uma boa colocação entre os 4

  25. All you need for the 783 is a bipod and a good scope. It already has a great trigger, floating barrel, and good barrel accuracy.

  26. The only nice plastic stock that didn't feel cheap when I held it is the tikka t3. I swear on my life that the stock has no flexibility.

  27. Good video brother. Ive got a Remington 783 and i absolutely love it. Ive got several higher price range rifles but i always go back to my 783. Not entirely sure what it is about it but I love it enough to put a Leupold VX6 on it, my most expensive scope on my cheapest rifle. Thats saying something. Good video and safe shootin man.

  28. The 783 was Built from the Ground Up by Remington which means is NOT a Clone of Savage by any means and comes with a BULL BARREL! If anything it is a combination of the Rem Model 7 & Rem 700 series. There is no other entry rifle that is built like the 783, so please do your research! Like others have mentioned, I too own the 783 in 300 Win Mag and I'm shooting .70 MOA @ 100 yards and I'm not saying other entry level rifles can't shoot! In fact, any modern Rifle can out shoot most Trained Snipers and the bottom line is actually the SHOOTERS Marksmanship Skills!

  29. I've got a TC compass in 308 I bought for 200 new, value wise nothing can beat it for the price, 1 moa, 5r rifling, free float barrel.

  30. WHAT ? you actually said every other rifle owes its existence to a fn savage LMMFAO wow. After that comment I heard enough this vid. Its obvious you're just a savage fan boy bud, jesus .

  31. Hey mate, I’m just getting into shooting and I’m looking at purchasing my first gun. I’m deciding between the guns you have mentioned but i’m Unsure what to get. What would you recommend for straight out of the box shooting, i have a sight that I will install. I’m leaning toward the ruger American due to the magazine, but now I’m unsure when I heard about the bolt. What would you recommend and what would be the best caliber? Cost is a factor for me so I’m leaning toward a .22 and I love bolt action…

  32. Why is the non free floating bolt in the American not good? Compared to the other 3? Why would ruger do that? Im new to rifles.

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