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10 Weird Shotguns Slugs vs Heavy Lead Plate

the giant LEAD plate is almost 18 pounds almost 30 millimeters thick this is a
suggestion by viewers you know then it’s kind of ironic shooting up project i’ll
add a giant LED plate that bullets are made out of I guess the first slug we’re
going to shoot at is called the model that 32 and is made out of Steel now this is a lead-free slug made out of
steel kind of shaped like an hourglass the plate was a little bit thinner back
then but the funny thing is the slug came to a dead stop right in the hole
probably couldn’t repeat that again if we tried next we have a solid copper slug Wow Tim not only designed this slug but
he also created on a CNC type lathe and again that let play was a little thinner back then
but maybe about five eighths of an inch thicker so this thing didn’t even slow
down as it passed through there I really wish we could have found that
one afterwards we never did a few viewers asked me to make a shotgun slug
out of the metal bismuth so i made a mold and cast myself this is another lead free slug it has
about eighty percent of the weight that a lead slug that size would be but it’s
quite a bit brittle ER than LED and it kind of shattered and created a small
cavity next we have the standard bak two yeah the basic design of the standard Bach is
over a hundred years old we had a lot of problems trying to get
these slugs to fly correctly though and I think a lot of it was just the way I
loaded them next we have the legendary bug slug yeah this lug uses rather soft LED so it
really dumps energy when it impacts things now you can’t buy this slug in the
United States but i think it’s made in Europe somewhere I don’t know the exact details next we
have the dgs 12 now this slug is made by a company in
Italy called quality this log weighs over 500 grains for about 1 in 8 ounce now during our testing we tried them
through a smoothbore and they perform beautifully and then we try them through
our rifle choke tube which caused a lot of problems now you’re aware of spin stabilization
what happened here we had spin destabilization the slug actually
perform better without a spin next we have another non lead slug
called the glob Oh steal this is a new slug even though let has been used in
ammunition for centuries environmentalists are making it
difficult for hunters by getting countries and regions to ban the use of
LED ammo so companies are scrambling to come up with ways of using steel or
brass and other metals instead of LED and it just makes the slug extremely
expensive and a lot harder to manufacture the slug created a huge
cavity showing that it’s really transfers lot of energy next we have a very old Russian slug
called the Bayaka we’re very lucky to be able to get this
from Russia it was virtually smuggled out of the country by Lars from the
survival Russia channel now this is a solid let’s lug and the reputation it
had was it tumbled it wasn’t very accurate but the results we got were
actually very impressive very accurate and it really does a lot of energy another Russian slug that large sentence
is called the mayor bullet this solid lead slug with a very complex design
also had a reputation of not being very accurate as it turned out this slug
proved to be extremely accurate and we had nothing but positive results with it sometimes you’ll see the slugs kind of
yarn around a little bit but this thing was very stable as it flew through the
air I wish you could get these in the United
States but it appears you only get him in Russia or maybe neighboring countries this leg was definitely one of my
favorites to film next we have a big heavy slug that
weighs 40 grams which is made in Italy and available in the united states now
this slug is kind of the big brother to the dgs 12 slug this is a 620 grain slug or about one
and three-eighths out in many ways it’s very comparable to the cranky black
magic slug that many people are familiar with
the weight of the slug is the same the velocity is the same which is about
1,500 feet per second and it also uses a hardon lead it uses some probably
antimony to make that slug a lot harder than normal this was definitely a beast of a slug
and it did more damage to our LED plate than any other slug yet I want to make an announcement that the
calculator mouse tee shirts are finally for sale I believe it’s only this version
available right now but get them now while you still can i’ll have a link in the description
suggestions for videos are absolutely priceless and I cherish every one you
guys give me that I can you actually use but i also have a patreon account if you
want to support this channel either you know maybe by the shirt that will
help or donate like a buck and we can improve our channel get better targets I could buy certain things off ebay and
stuff with that money and just keep things going anyway thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “10 Weird Shotguns Slugs vs Heavy Lead Plate

  1. Nice compilation Jeff, thanks for all the cool vids. This definitely is one of the most diverse gun/science channels on the interwebs, which is why it is so popular. Cheers!

  2. Fun video – I love all those weird slugs. Haha fun music too…

    And that tshirt design turned out great!

  3. Can't you just make an mold for the cool Russian Slug so you don't have to import it from russia? Idk about such stuff and if its to difficult but it would make an cool how to video if you try it! Even if its not possible / problematic it would surely make an interesting video!

  4. brenneke black magic slugs used a lot in alaska for BIG BEAR protection. lotsa THUMP needed to stop charging hard to kill bears.

  5. brenneke black magic slugs used a lot in alaska for BIG BEAR protection. lotsa THUMP needed to stop charging hard to kill bears.

  6. That t-shirt was such an instabuy I actually heard the end of the video as I finished the purchase. Looks great man and I always buy gear to support my favourite channels. Keep up the good work hitting those targets and fingering those bears! Best regards from Sweden 🙂

  7. Here is a recommendation for a projectile. Try an endmill. They are front heavy on the shank end and the spiral flutes might give it stability. They come in various sizes and materials (steel, cobalt, carbide). The 4 flute variety would probably work better than the 2 flute ones if you were firing them shank first (more surface area to push on).

  8. Uh oh, Taofledermaus made a compilation of several shots he's done before and it didn't do as well as the individual videos themselves. Better cancel this series, too.

  9. I'm not one of those people that thinks you should dump tons of money into your videos. "You should try a 30 carat diamond slug"!!! But for your own enjoyment and for further experimentation, I believe that getting your hands on a fully rifled slug gun would be interesting. I'd loan you mine if its at all practical.

  10. TAOFLEDERMAUS Could you PLEASE say the weight of a slug in grams and ounces, nobody in europe knows what a "grain" is so this gives headache when you say "The slug weighs roughly 210 grains". Thank you.

  11. Mayer slug was inaccurate by Russian standards, good Russian slug accurate up to 3 miles in whole gale winds.

  12. I absolutely love your work, keep it up!I really wish I could donate but unfortunately I am struggling to feed my family. Maybe in the near future I'll get a few dollars your way. Much love from Canada

  13. Sup Tao. I have a request for a video idea. Do you think you can capture (in slo-mo) a bullet spinning on ice? There are a few vids on YT where they shoot the ice and the bullets bounce out and spin between 500 rpm and 280000 rpm. Cheers man, love your vids.

  14. +Taofledermaus. There are some pretty awesome rounds in this line up Jeff. It's neat to see how they react to the lead plate. I've been pretty curious about the Ddupleks AP-20 and the company's (broad) claim that it is "able to penetrate bulletproof vests".

  15. +taofledermaus still waiting to see set screws being used. Seemed to work good for me but would like to see it in slow mo

  16. Put a normal shell in the barrel, then top the barrel off all the way to the end with birdshot, and tape off the end. Use an old disposable shotgun obv….

  17. this was a poor video to show off the slugs. reason begin the gun and length also the choke of the barrel also distance of target use with have different effects. i suggest you do over the video using one gun with one size barrel and choke also make sure all shots are line up with the same distance too. i am fan of your work but i did not really like this video

  18. An interesting idea would be a nail-shaped slug made of something very durable like steel, meant to penetrate thick armor.

  19. the russian slugs have a bad reputation because thats what they want us to think so we dont take there design or whater just like how they name greenland green land but it was truly just a ice dessert they are liars

  20. I really want that t-shirt, but here in San Antonio Texas, black shirts are just way too hot to wear. Please let us know if you will ever offer it in grey or white. I would love to get one or two of them.

  21. OMG.. 4:40 The "Mayer Bullet"-Slug is still turning in the plate after impact. I didnt notice that in the original video. Thats realy nice… Do you shoot it out of a smooth bore? If so i wonder were its get the spinning momentum from… maybe the sligthly bent fins create some friction. Nice compilation. I guess i watched all the original videos. So it was a nice recap 🙂

  22. all hose lead bullets don't go away, they sit in those shooting ranges and pollute the soil. There's a reason why we don't use lead in paint, gasoline, piping, and food additives. it's poisonous.

  23. Not being able to blow threw a thick lead plate a bad shotgun slug does not make. As with rifle bullets there are many choices for different purposes and they are not all the same. How boring would that be?  I load or have more than half of what you shot in this video and they all have their virtues.  I load a lot of the Thug Slugs and they are very accurate when loaded right but I wouldn't want them in my gun if attacked by a polar bear and the Black Magic Magnum may be a bit more than required for deer.  But if the T Rex ever makes a come back they are what I'd want if armed with only a shotgun.  Probably if I could only have one slug it would be the Dangerous Game Slug. Loaded up HOT they are probably as close to a do all slug as you can load yourself. VERY powerful and deep penetrating slugs.  I put a LOT of Longshot Powder behind them and they are very comparable with the Brenneke as far as accuracy, power, and penetration.

  24. Some ideas on next strange shots:
    Ceramic, Cr-V, 18650 Lithium Battery, glass, paper (resin cast, pressed), copper coil, powder cast steel, stone (granite?), volcanic rocks, silicon (yes, ones in integrated circuits), chalk, folded steel plate (zig zag)

  25. Can you make a slug out of Osmium? It's the densest metal on the periodic chart, app. 1400 lbs per cubic foot- may have to be a sabot slug of small dimension for optimum weight…
    Yeah, that's one square inch at 10 lbs… world's best paper weight… : )

  26. I'm sure the Russian who sent you the rounds loves that you put it out there they basically smuggled it out of the country. come on dude

  27. Cool I'm casting a big lead plate tonight! for wax slugs + I have hexolit 32s and dupo 28s. thanks for idea

  28. few years ago they made it law in uk that if shooting over water no lead pellets in the shells aloud they also band lead in fishing on rivers and lakes yet the boats pumping crap into water are still aloud go figure hu

  29. Ever think about reverse engineering exotic/foreign/ otherwise unobtainable, shotgun slugs that you are able to test? I think that there's a market for it.

  30. have you tried sand and wax slugs ? talk about a poor mans slug . with a sleeve to prevent barrel erosion. may be blue jean material and wax .

  31. So the Viatka slug that was smuggled out of Russia obviously was stored in the ass of a dead cow and that's how you got cow hair on it right?….lol

  32. Love your vids, very interesting, but PLEASE, get a grip on the captioning. Whatever program you're using is NOT getting what was really said down., just some phonetically-close approximation a great deal of the time. Just a few minutes of editing would go a long way. Thanks, and keep shooting!

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