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10 Most Terrifying Handmade Prison Weapons 2016

Terrifying Handmade Prison Weapons 10 – Fake Machine Gun
This fake machione gun is made from a grease injector 09 – Razor Blade Comb
Razor Blade Comb is a plastic comb, with four razor blades inserted into the tines 08 – Glass Blade
This is a knife made from a long spike of chicken-wire reinforced glass 07 – Spiked Glove 06 – Double-Edged Blade 05 – Four Shot Pistol This pistol was constructed in the workshop simply by welding together two tubes for the double-barrels This incredible looking shotgun actually used an electrical charge to ignite powder and shoot improvised projectiles 02 – Mace
This mace was found in a prison in Germany 01 – Crucifix Shiv subscribe for Most Terrifying Handmade Prison Weapons videos updates

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