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10 Most Powerful Shotguns In The World

Kel-Tec KSG is a bullpup 12-gauge pump action shotgun designed by Kel-Tec. It has two tube magazines which the user of the gun can switch between manually. Each tube holds a total of seven 2.75-inch 12-gauge shotshells or six 3-inch shotshells. Length: 66 cm
Barrel length: 46.99 cm Total height: 18 cm
Weight: 6.9 lb (3.1 kg) SRM Arms Model 1216 is a delayed blowback semi-automatic shotgun with a 16-round detachable magazine Designed for mobility, it is light and short and intended for home defense and law enforcement. Barrel length: 18 in (45.72 cm)
Length: 32.5 in (82.6 cm) Weight: 7.25 lbs (3.29 kg)
Feed system: 16 round detachable quad-tube magazine Unit cost: $1,499–$2,500
Action: Delayed blowback In service‎: ‎2011-present Sights: Picatinny Rails for optics UTAS UTS-15 is a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun with two 7-round magazine tubes that can feed in an alternating or selecting pattern. The UTS-15 has a 28.3” overall length with an 18.5” barrel, chambered for 2½”, 2¾”, and 3” magnum ammunition Length: 72 cm
Action: Pump-action Place of origin: Turkey
Feed system: Dual, selectable 7-round tube magazines
Produced: 2012–present Variants: UTS-15 Desert; UTS-15 Marine; UTS-15 Hunting Vepr-12 is a multipurpose semi-automatic detachable-magazine shotgun, produced by Molot-Oruzhie Ltd. It is patterned after the original Kalashnikov rifle and built on the heavier RPK light machine gun receiver. Length: 1.23 m
Place of origin: Russia Weight: (Without rounds) 4,2 kg to 4,55 kg
Variants: 4 Width: (With out-folded stock) 75 mm
Height: (With out-folded stock) 290 mm Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader Mossberg 500 is a series of pump action shotguns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless repeaters all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, stock and forearm materials. Action: pump action
Length: varies with model Weight: 5.25 lb (2.38 kg) to 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) empty
Barrel length: 14 in (36 cm) to 30 in (76 cm) Manufacturer: O.F. Mossberg & Sons
Sights: varies Benelli M4 Super 90 is an Italian semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Benelli Armi SpA. Weight: 3.82 kg
Barrel length: 47 cm Length: 885 mm (34.8 in)
In service: 1999–present Effective firing range‎: ‎55 yards (50 meters), (164 ft)
Place of origin‎: ‎Italy Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Manufacturer: Benelli Armi SPA Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, LLC. It is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense and used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide Length: 37.25 in (946 mm) to 50.5 in (1,280 mm)
Weight: 7.0 lb (3.2 kg) to 8.0 lb (3.6 kg) Barrel length: 14 in (360 mm) to 30 in (760 mm)
Action: Pump-action Manufacturer: Remington Arms
Produced: 1950–present Variants‎: ‎Wingmaster, Express, Marine, SPS, … Wars‎: ‎Lebanese Civil War‎; ‎Vietnam War‎; ‎Iraq War Designer‎: ‎L.Ray Crittendon, Phillip Haskell, Ellis … FN SLP shotgun is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium The SLP shotgun is gas-operated, and FN currently produces it in five different models: SLP Standard, SLP Mark I, SLP Tactical, “SLP Competition” and SLP Mark I Tactical Barrel length: 457 mm (18.0 in) (Standard); 559 mm (22.0 in) (Mark I); Length: 99.1 cm (39.0 in) (Standard); 109.2 cm (43.0 in) (Mark I); Manufacturer: FN Herstal
Action: Gas-operated Cartridge: 12-gauge (2.75″ and 3″)
Rate of fire: Semi-automatic Place of origin: Belgium Super Black Eagle II in Realtree Max 5 Camo. It comes complete with a sturdy case that holds everything you need in perfect safety and comfort. … Barrels? Crio System treated for accuracy and longevity Magazine Capacity: 3+1
Chokes: Crio® C, Crio® IC, Crio® M, Crio® IM, Crio® F Type of Sights: Red-Bar Front and Metal Bead Mid-Sight
Length of Pull: 14-3/8″ Drop at Heel: 2″
Drop at Comb: 1-3/8″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram, 1-1/8 oz. loads MSRP – $1899
Street Price – $1699 Benelli Supernova is a pump action shotgun popular for hunting and self-defense, made by Italian firearm manufacturer Benelli Armi SpA
The Supernova’s most innovative and distinguishing feature is a one-piece receiver and interchangeable stock with shim kit Barrel length: 18-28 in. (457.2-711.2mm)
Length: 40-49.5 in. (1,016.0-1,257.3mm) Weight: 7.2 lbs. – 8 lbs. (3.22kg – 3.63kg)
Action: Pump-action Place of origin: Italy
Cartridge: 12-gauge shotshell Unit cost: Depends on Specifications Starts at USD 500

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