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10 Most Dangerous Snipers In The World

10 Most dangerous snipers in history.
Hi guys! War is a terrible thing. But some people that participate in this deadly dance
have some truly exceptional skills. Especially snipers. Some of them perfected their craft
to an extend that it seems unbelievable. Okay, you guys are about to see 10 Dedliest Snipers
In History. 10. Carlos Hathcock
Hathcock started in Vietnam as a military policeman but soon became a sniper. During
the service Hathcock killed 93 people. But he is mostly know for the fact that he managed
to kill one of the main Vietnamese generals. Knowing he has little chance of returning
over the course of 3 days he was carefully scouting behind enemy lines. There was this
one time when Carlos was hiding disguised lying on the ground when an enemy soldier
almost stepped on him. Next day he encountered a deadly venomous snake but managed to remain
calm and didn’t move a muscle. When the enemy general finally came out of the camp
Hathcocock made one single shot in the general`s chest. The man died instantly. Instead of
running away, Carlos crawled back same way because Vietnamese threw a search party immediately.
9. Craig Harrison Famous for his military service in Afghanistan
Craig holds the record for the longest sniper k ll at a range of 2,475 meters. It only took
him three seconds. What s crazy is that the targets were almost a whole kilometer further
rifle`s recommended shooting range. 8. Simo Hayha
For less than 100 days Finnish sniper Simo Hayha killed 505 men during the 1939–1940
Finnish-Soviet Winter War. Terribly cold weather conditions didn’t bother Simo at all. He
was making over 5 kills every day. It was the time of year with very few daylight time,
which made it especially difficult. On the 7th of March in 1940 Simo was seriously injured
by a soviet soldier. His left cheek was seriously damaged but soon Simo recovered and died at
the age of 96 in 2002 from natural causes. 7. In December of 2013 in Afghanistan a British
sniper killed several people with one single shot. The target was 850 meters away. It turned
out that the man was carrying 20 kilos of explosives. The main target was shot and six
other man that were stranding close blew up. 6. Lyudmila Pavlichenko
Lyudmila was 24, finishing her fourth year at the Kyiv University when Germany began
its Soviet Union invasion. She wanted to be a historian but life had other plans for a
young student. Pavlichenko has become one of 2000 women snipers in the Red Army. Only
around 500 managed to survive the war. The total of confirmed kills during the second
World War was 309 including 36 snipers. she is regarded as the most successful female
sniper in history as well as one of the top snipers of all times. Pavlichenko was good
friends with Eleanor Roosevelt and was welcomed to the white house after the war.
5. Matt Hughes One of the most impossible sniper shots belongs
to Matt Hughes. You d be surprised how wind can change the bullet`s trajectory. That was
the case with Matt when was forced to operate during a severe storm in Iraq. Sniping isn’t
just about holding the rifle steady, sometimes it’s about trying to predict gusts of wind
in order to hit the target. When Matt and his partner were 860 meters away from the
target they calculated the shot and it turned out they had a whole 17 meters deviation to
the right. It was 50 percent luck perhaps but who cares, that was one hell-of-a-shot
anyway. 4. Steve Reichert
On the 9th of April in 2004 sergant Steve Reichert together with his comrade spotter
climbed up the abandoned oil storage tank. They were supposed to provide the cover fire.
When the squad was attacked Steve spotted three enemy soldiers coming from the back.
Without thinking twice Reichert shot with an armor piercing bullet and somehow killed
all three of them. It seemed that the other two were killed by the brick wall fragments.
3. Chris Kyle Also known as the legend and The Devil of
RamAdi Kyle was an American sniper and veteran. From 2003 till 2009 Kyle killed 255 people
during an Iraqui conflict. During a battle in El Fallujah Kyle killed 40 Talibans. In
2008 he killed a sniper aiming at the US military members. It was an incredible shot from over
19 hundred meters. Kyle was shot and killed by Eddie Routh who was suffering from a posttraumatic
stress disorder. Eddie was sentenced to life imprisonment. 2014 film American Sniper is
based on Kyle’s autobiography. 2. Ted Gundy
Over 70 years ago, Ted Gundy fought in the second World War. In 2011 he was asked to
demonstrate his skills on the same rifle he was using during the war. Despite 66 long
years during which Ted didn’t hold a gun in his hands he easily took out all three
targets from a 300 meter distance. Imagine doing that being 85. And when they asked him
to try out the brand new Remington rifle he hit the target from 920 meters without any
trouble. 1. Vasily Zaytsev was a Soviet Union hero
sniper. During the second World War in the Battle of Stalingrad, he killed 225 enemy
soldiers, including 11 snipers. Zaytsev was constantly inventing new ways of hunting down
enemies. As if playing chess Vasily Zaytsev was always one step ahead. He came to the
point when he started making dummies to fool enemy snipers. As soon as they would reveal
themselves with a shot, Vasiliy patiently waited until they came out. Time didn’t
matter to Zaytsev. Right well lets see how accurate you guys
are. You sure you can hit that like button on the first try? Subscribe and leave your
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