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10 lllegal Military Weapons!

The Act of war is something that should never be taken lightly [and] there are rules that must be followed to prevent unnecessary Welcome to VRC Music Entertainment [death] and Chaos here are 10 Illegal war weapons before we begin we want you to hit that subscribe button and be the first to know about the latest videos [from] the riches laser Beams We know what you’re thinking we all have laser pointers [that] we will jokingly point in each other’s eyes for good fun So how can laser beams be illegal while the laser pointers [that] are out on the commercial market aren’t meant to cause permanent? Blindness the laser beams that are used in warfare are much more powerful and can cause some Extensive damage [to] one’s eyes to the point where they are permanently blind in the 19th century [a] worldwide Prohibition was issued against weapons that caused permanent blindness plastic landmines Plastic landmines are a rather sneaky way to hide explosives [since] they can’t be detected with a metal [detector] But because they interfered with surgeons being able to treat their patients Plastic Landmines are forbidden in warfare per Protocol one of the 1979 convention on certain conventional weapons Plastic and other undetectable materials can still be used as a part of the landmine and explosive, but it can’t be the main device dirty bombs Dirty bombs are explosives that are laced with radioactive material and they are used so that enemy land cannot be used by anyone Even the country that’s set off the explosive salted bombs are similar But their effect is on a nuclear scale as they contain an iSotope of another substance like Cobalt gold zinc or sodium When detonated [it] creates a huge cloud of fallout if you’re familiar with the soviet Doomsday device from Dr. Strangelove [it] is the same type given the effect these types of bombs would have on civilian life. That is why they are illegal poison and [Hollow] two-point Bullets per the [Strasberg] agreement of 1675 Poison Bullets are early not only did soldiers used to Soak their bullets in poison But they would also put their bullets in dead bodies and even latrines so that when fired into a human body There would be a huge risk of infection from the bullet wound thanks to the hague convention of 1899 Any bullets that exploded or expanded were outlawed as well to prevent shots that made death inevitable While it doesn’t make much sense. [it’s] the law napalm and flamethrowers We’re including these [two] weapons as one topic because while they are technically allowed to be used in warfare. There is a condition Napalm and flamethrowers cannot be used around or near civilian areas This is due to protocol three of the convention on certain conventional weapons given that Guerrilla Soldiers will often use Civilians as human shields or [hideout] near populated areas this prevents their enemies from going in there and just killing them all with one swoop unexploded bombs if You think that old bomber missile that’s laying around in a field would make a good weapon for a current war think again per Protocol five of the convention on certain conventional weapons Explosive remnants of War are forbidden for use that includes artillery shells as well as bombs This law came into effect in the 1990s when Jihadists in Afghanistan were using old Explosives that the soviets left behind after a previous conflict in the country spike pits spike pits were notoriously used in Vietnam as well as the pacific in World war two and they named and brutally killed its victims with a single fall But thanks to protocol two of the 1979 convention on certain conventional weapons spike pits are now outlawed Technically spike pits were viewed as biological warfare Even those who were lucky [enough] to survive an encounter with a spike pit normally had to deal with infections from the cuts afterward Bio weapons Biological weapons have been used for centuries from Smallpox Blankets been given to native Americans to Medieval Knights throwing Dead bodies over castle Walls for the sake of spreading disease It seems like a clever way to take out an enemy using mother nature’s fury But thanks to the biological weapons convention which supplements the Geneva Protocol [bioweapons] are no longer allowed [to] interfere with warfare this also includes using animals and bugs as a vehicle to spread diseases and illnesses phasers This may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but phasers and other energy weapons are very much real They are known as directed energy weapons And they include things [like] death Ray lasers Sonic cannons and [real-life] plasma rifles any Directed energy weapons that are powerful enough to kill a human are forbidden in Warfare gases Gases like Mustard gas nerve gas phosgene gas and tear gas are all illegal to use during wartime Mustard gas will cause the victim to drown in their own lung fluid while nerve gas will make the entire nervous system shut down During world war one phosgene gas was responsible for 85% of chemical deaths And it was Lethal because it was colorless and odorless and the hague convention Outlawed tear gas because it is an inhalant that affects breathing What do you think of these war weapons? Do you agree with them being illegal leave us a comment down below and share your thoughts with us Give this video a thumbs up if you found it informative and don’t forget to check out these other videos from the richest Thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “10 lllegal Military Weapons!

  1. They made a law specifically targeting jihadists…

    I'm sure putting that law on the books TOTALLY made the psychotic jihadists say "Oh, no! Now we can't use unexploded ordinances for our IEDs anymore!" 🙄

  2. The concept of “illegal weapons of war” is just fucking ridiculous.

    Imagine any of the emperors who conquered the world through out history wringing their hands before assaults, wondering what the international community will think of them…

    SMH 😏

  3. In war, you are supposed to kill the enemy. I guess some people think that we should just injur them and cause more pain.

  4. How are plastic landmines "illegal" there used to kill ppl almost like all other military weapons. And you can't play exactly fair in war

  5. She lost me at laser beams. And hollow point bullets are available to citizens. It's all I use, cops too. Laser sighting is normal now for military and police. Even as a civilian I have a class 3a military green laser fixed to my home defense Shotgun. It'll light up a target and boom. They can cause blindness. They also cause death easier. Which is preferable, lose your eyes or lose your head?

  6. It's fascinating that chemical warfare is outlawed. but Yet America! Is allowed to put many of those same chemicals in everyday home products.

  7. I find it interesting how the U.S.N. is working on ship mounted laser cannon's or am I the only one that has seen that along with development of Rail gun's.

  8. Why have a war then say oh yeah and you cant kill each others with these things? Like whats the point of war when you make rules for it

  9. Wtf wait a min hold up STOOOPPPP!!!!

  10. Okay. During war, if you see your enemy using illegal weapon, you can "report" him and his credit score will be reduced.

  11. It’s war the point is to kill the enemy if America comes up with lethal weapons we should be able to use the and just because they’ll kill that’s what there meant for I hate liberals

  12. sounds great, in reality its a joke to think nations at war will abide to these laws especially when they want to wipe you off the face of the earth

  13. So why not outlaw war. Who do you think cares about the these laws except the good guys, then when they get killed by the bad guys who wins the war

  14. I do believe that some weapons are inhumane and disgustingly affective but war is war.
    In war ANYTHING goes.
    What ever it takes to win it and I bet London to a brick that if ìm standing there and someone with an approved weapon say machine gun is about to take my head off and all I had was a hollow point bullet that I found in a pile of dog crap I'm not going to say.
    Hay this is all i have but because some pen pusher little upstart wants to be in control of wars by making laws about what's fare and what's not when they are sitting im a nice warm chair smoking a stoggy and sipping on 10000$ brandy says it's not fare I must stand here and let you pop me.

    Hell FNK No.

    I will pick it up and shoot you right in the face with it.
    And it being covered in dog Shit is the last of your concerns.

  15. Rules are meant to be broken.
    People want to win war and I guarantee Russia,China,North Korea,Irag,Afganstan,and Iran and a hoist of other countries would use all those weapons to win a war.
    We dropped two nuclear bombs to win a war.
    Our enemies wouldn't hesitate to use such weapons so neither should me.
    I guarantee any General wouldn't hesitate using any such weapons if they were at there disposal.Tactical nukes these days are almost as powerful as we dropped on Japan.

  16. I know they don't want war to be barbaric but killing and suffering is pretty much what war is I say as long as no civilians are involved do whatever you want

  17. Lets be real, they may be "illegal" but I bet they still use them, you just don't know about it. Just like how there is an agreement that no one can go to Antarctica to drill and now what do you think every country is doing now, they are there drilling.

  18. Spike pits: bad. Atomic bombs: that's ok. The reason? Powerful governments actually use atomic weapons and they set the rules for the rest.

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