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10 Classic WoW Weapons With Unique Procs

10 Classic WoW Weapons With Unique Procs The Dark Iron Pulverizer can be crafted by blacksmiths. This weapon can only be crafted at the Black Anvil in Blackrock Depths. The proc can stun your target for 8 seconds, but it has a very low proc chance. Warriors can combine this weapon with the mace specialization talent for even more stuns, The Shatterer can be crafted by weaponsmiths. The proc disarms your target for 10 seconds, but it has a diminishing return. You can combine this weapon with Shoni’s Disarming Tool for even more disarm procs. Earthshacker drops from Magmadar in Molten Core. This weapon proc knocks down all nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Knockdowns are very unique in World of Warcraft. Your opponent can use a PvP trinket to get rid of the stun effect, but the character won’t be able to move until the knockdown animation ended. Felstriker drops from Rend Blackhand in Upper Blackrock Spire. The proc gives you a 100% hit and crit chance for the next 3 seconds. The buff does not appear in your buff bar, but you can hear a whoosh sound whenever it procs. It sounds kinda like the rogue sprint ability. Hand of Edward the Odd is a random world drop. This weapon proc makes your next spell in the next 4 seconds an instant cast. On retail, this proc also reduced the cast time of battleground flags to 0, but it got fixed by now. This is a very good weapon for protection paladins, because they can instantly heal themself with the proc. Ironfoe drops from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths. This weapon proc gives you 2 extra attacks on your next swing. The proc also causes the wielder to speak only in Dwarvish for 10 seconds. This allows a horde wielder to communicate with nearby alliance dwarves. Nightfall can be crafted by blacksmiths. The proc is a very good raid DPS boost. It increases the spell damage on a target by 15% for 5 seconds. Tanks usually use this weapon when they are not needed for a boss fight. This weapon was still popular in TBC, but it got nerfed in patch 2.4.2. Ravager drops from Herod in the Scarlet Monastery. This weapon proc lets you Bladestorm for 9 seconds. You can’t move during the whirlwind effect, but you can right-click the buff to cancel the effect. Silent Fang drops from Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance. The proc silences the target for 6 seconds. This was a main hand weapon in Classic WoW, but it got changed into a one-handed weapon in TBC. You could use this weapon as a rogue or warrior in 2v2 during TBC to counter caster-heavy teams. Thekal’s Grasp drops from Thekal in Zul’Gurub and Arlokk’s Grasp drops from Arlokk in Zul’Gurub. The set bonus of those 2 weapons is very unique. The proc transforms you into a giant tiger. Ranged attacks can also trigger the buff. The buff also increases your ranged and melee attack power by 300 for 12 seconds.

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  1. Interesting video mate, I'm sure your normal voice isn't worse than the robot one 😛 Try your own voice on your next video please 🙂

  2. I always get reminded of cancer twitch forsen MLG vids and stuff of similar nature when I hear that automated voice.

  3. My favorite proc weapon was Pendulum of Doom. I believe it required level 38, had a 4.0 attack speed (which was the slowest attack speed, thus highest damage per swing). It worked very well for 39 PvP on a Warrior, Paladin, or Shaman. I used one on a Warrior in TBC while farming for the PvP plate gear for level 40, and it was amazing.

  4. you mentioned a lot of procs that changed in other patches apart from hand of eddward the odd which procced for 320 haste tbc+

  5. Protip: if Ravager procs, you can equip another weapon, ru to somehwere else, and re-equip Ravager. If the bladestorm-timer isnt over, you'll continue the bladestorm once you've re-equipped it. THis allows you to change location during the blade storm

  6. man the fuck up and speak yourself, no matter the accent or broken english it will be way better than this cheap microsoft sam piece of shit

  7. I remember using a lot of these weapons on private servers back in the day. Used to be able to bug out your attack speed, so I'd use the 8 second stun mace and any other item like these on rogues. #was nutz

  8. Mate just get comfortable with your own voice, it's not like people give a fuck if you sound like a 12-year-old.

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