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$1 Budget: Stop, Sleeve Pistol!

they’re ready for one dollar budget
uh… to uh… talk about these things this is something i mentioned last week
my episode the uh… boyfriend dollar tree episode and mentioned it says you use the rule
told me that you could use these outfits leave spend a dollar tree or other areas uh… storage purpose he told me of that one thing he was doing was using seasons
to store is great courage and humility using gps for free to combine exposure for so different and
do that has recently uh… white black three
pieces of land uh… with that having flu season a
storm in the usa tablets leaves fifty contrived archery for one but they also have wondered
allow it if they would also work for a job for
mostly and uh… sure enough they’re just minutes after that and well as some dryer he spends so uh… pretty good idea picture
putting that out jeans and uh… know that way store a lot of stuff about it just being everywhere fabiana not too much money next up about this this is uh… a special ops combat gear
pistol done this for five dollars a dollar
general this uh… actually pretty cool and then
i wasn’t about this was near referral your good
not happen at this uh… playing something similar only it look like uh… beretta ninety
two uh… pistol but i like this one because
barger also had the parental looking ones stryker cameron uh… pain jobs with this looks like a glock and i haven’t
seen anything like this before and basically the same uh… saying they have sound effects built into it parents live in those back when you
shoot it uh… now i don’t really care for every kind
of like the weaver rail stuff but it just doesn’t look a little bit is
perceived to be that take care of this huge barrel to which doesn’t look very realistic it appears that black
which is too big so i prefer to be rid of this person you’re still stuck with his joint
or muscle orange tip on the end for also comes with this uh… cool
silencer thing c_-plus listen next week angel sound effect which doesn’t really matter what matters
is that the slides still moves around gives the actor something to react to
actually looks pretty good i mean you could paint this black uh… or discover it was something like
hockey tape for gap pursuit or electrical tape up i would look
pretty good problems this is that there is no hole in the bay roster to drill
hole there you’re wearing worked with the hall yours do the locus cross fingers
sometimes it’s easy to having off-center hole i recommend you get something like this
could a washer grandmother it’s poetry so hold their
and then you know exactly where you want to drill good has been a black women it does
uh… work creek displaying vera lynn knows that doesn’t
slide as much as the parental model well i kinda like this because uh…
again only five bucks it’s a pretty good prop your living at the pain this uh… pistol part like to bring a model uh… you campaign this very easily quickly uh… oris again rapid hockey
team i think would work pretty well so look for the senate future of the uh…
because of the things that also comes with this uh… really lame supposed to be like a red dot type of
site but it’s still not at all and uh… if it’s on tv you know this uh… weaver rail thing
here which again didn’t care for this whole thing was a yeah but you know
it’s cheap it’s achieved you know prop pencil so why wouldn’t playing a
slight doesn’t even work so i was curious part this is just because it’s cool you know without without a sound effects cooler units change that post anywhere except
who cares friend finally we got from dollar tree
campbell carrying or stop no asset abroad or stuff i put it out to be great for using as a
door stop when you are living here early here moving into a building because
always handy to have a door stop eating is proper door opens and have somebody
holding open travel will move your foot or whatever people made fun of me because you know
that these two percent previously me funny because they said all of your
zadora stalker who works as a door stop other people told me that i was also works really well to
prop cameras up a ground level so if you have a camera my sony any expire then and you into a low angle shot on the
ground instead on these door stops and now have a uh… blowing all you do this and you want uh… this i think is narrowing the actually work better
for the sony because the lens is what’s inside it but give a camcorder or something that
has a larger narrower body with private bedrooms a larger model so this one is the dollar in adult review
to these uh… four dollars a smaller versions
which work better with the sony or other begin to change a lens cameras uh… where the lens is the largest
thing here if you have a larger can buy your something this might work better but yeah way it’s a good use for it and uh… could use for those that’s it seemed to know this stuff uh… for a dollar or just a little more and hoping used to so check it out dollar tree dollar general yeah allah dollar wal-mart boyfriend
similar things but that’s it

44 thoughts on “$1 Budget: Stop, Sleeve Pistol!

  1. I haven't watched in a while but I'm guessing you bought the sony 5n. How is it? Do you have a review on it? I was considering the 3n (I think) for the 180° tiltable screen.

  2. What lens is on your NEX? I also have a 5n and I'm looking for some good lenses for it (other than break-the-bank Sony lenses).

  3. Yay for Dollar General plug (My workplace) I have the barreta model. I'd like the find a way to mod that barrel into something more realistic looking. I do think the sound effect is great to use on set, cuz it gives something for the actors to react to, and will give you something to sync the real sounds to in post!

  4. the gun, with the sight and stuff on it, looks like a halo magnum. I'm sure you could use it as some sort of futuristic sci-fi gun

  5. Scott, I found a simular gun at Big Lots, $5, berreta style. Has blow back action, good size, but the berrel is more realistic size! Thinking bout doing a comparison vid of the 2!

  6. I must add my standard caution is if you are going to cover the bright-orange gun parts (required by CA Penal Code), and will be working outdoors or in view of public, then you need to know state laws regulating firearms, and may need a local permit or at least coordinate with local cops.

  7. Yes! You can get into a lot of trouble with the police especially in CA and there have been some cases of people being charged with a misdemeanor.

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