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013-AR15上枪匣组装 – upper receiver step by step build

today and next week I’ll talk about how to assemble an AR15 from basic parts today is about upper receiver this entire upper is made from Aero Precision M4E1 the upper is M4E1 threaded model the hand guard is the Atlas series the barrel is a 16″ government profile made by Ballistic Advantage which was bought by Aero Precision the muzzle brake is same brand VG6 in a bit lets go to my garage to assemble this, but there are 2 other parts that goes in here the BCG and the charging handle easy to put in, there is a notch in the receiver and you just slide in the BCG that’s it that’s the entire upper receiver the rest is the optics and this is ready for firing one thing is that, when you’re assembling yourself it’s a good idea to use a field gauge which you’d insert into the chamber to make sure it’s good because all my parts are from reputable brands so I don’t feel it’s needed but it’s only $25 so if you should get it if you want to play it safe now lets go assemble this lets talk about all the parts this is a stripped upper this is the barrel 16″ long by Ballistic Advandage the marking is 1/7 means 1 rotation every 7″ 4150 CrMoV is the material this is a government profile this is the barrel nut to lock the barrel into the receiver this is the gas tube and gas block which is placed on the barrel to direct the gas back into the BCG this is the forward assist if the BCG is stuck you can strike it and push the bullet in to the chamber the last thing is the hand guard it’s also from Aero Precision, it’s the lightest 12″ in length there are a lot of choices, for example one with a full rail so this is all the parts now lets assemble it there are 2 tools required use this to lock the barrel nut with high torque the next one is a receiver block for the vise it’s made by Mag-pul called Bev-block it’s use it to lock the barrel and receiver so when you’re torquing it, all the forces will go into the vise and not damage the receiver now let’s start assembling first is to install the forward assist which is used when the BCG is stuck and needs to be pushed

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