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006-怎么擦AR15的枪 2/2 – field cleaning – 枪机

this is the bolt carrier group the gas comes in from here and expands into the bolt once the bolt hits the barrel extension it’ll rotate and lock in when the expanding gas comes back it’ll push the carrier back and open the bolt first I’ll pull out the pin don’t loose it then drop out the firing pin then rotate the cam pin 90deg and take that out then take out the bolt use paper towel to clean everything pretty dirty clean the firing pin lets see, pretty clean it’s good to go clean the cam pin not sure what’s in Chinese clean it roughly this is the actual bolt the most dirty part typically I use a lot of oil easier to clean but normally should be more dry there typically are a lot of dried power residue which needs a cleaner the gas will expand in this chamber clean it properly clean the surface look at the bolt face and see if its clean sometimes there are residue from the bullet casings use a pick to clean it’s pretty clean clean the hole with paper should be easy not dirty I have this because its designed to scrub the bolt if it’s very dirty, the tool is handy this time I only fired 30-40 rounds its not very dirty the hole could use a cleaning this is the firing pin’s hole not that dirty need to clean the grooves the most important is the gas rings there are 3 rings like in a piston make sure the holes are not close to each other it’ll leak gas ok good to go this is the carrier just clean it the dirtiest part is this use this side of the tool to clean it again, I use paper towel to clean it i have a brush for this but can’t find it pretty dirty all the return gas will get in here so it’s very dirty need to clean properly if it’s too dirty, the bolt won’t move freely paper isn’t the best option still pretty dirty the cleaning oil is pretty cheap a large bottle is 10$ so use lots of it it’s better to have a functioning gun cleaner but still need a bit more this part can also use some cleaning but it doesn’t affect any functionality these parts needs some cleaning not very important that’s it these points where the black coating is gone thats where the carrier engages the upper reciver needs lubrication 1 drop is enough this is where the hammer slide on now let’s put it back together now let’s put it back together this is the gun oil lubricate the gas rings too much the direction needs to be correct the extractor needs to face the logo theres a hole, line those up put in the firing pin oops wrong insert the cam pin first put it in and rotate it slide the pin in last step is to insert the firing pin retainer pin easy to loose i recommend buy a few of those in case they get lost or bent just put it in, sometime needs some wiggle that’s all it is for the bolt now lets put everything together put some oil put some oil on the carrier those 4 places that’s it thanks for looking see you next week

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