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005-怎么擦AR15的枪 1/2 – field cleaning

last week we went to the gun range this week I’ll show how to clean the rifle I’m using an Amazon box because I don’t want to get my table dirty with solvents lets start first lets break the gun into parts upper and lower the lower doesn’t need a lot of cleaning unless it went through a few hundred rounds perhaps the hammer will be a bit dirty I use a lot of gun oil I’ll set it aside there are lot of things to be cleaned in the upper lets remove the BCG first the handle will get pretty dirty the chamber is inside let’s clean the chamber and barrel first I’ll do a close up when cleaning the BCG I have some tools here it’s a kit from Avid, this is a bolt scrubber this is a chamber brush it’s a bit old but still good the rest comes from a universal cleaning kit lets connect some rods I use Hoppes 9’s cleaning agent of course there a a number of brands I prefer to clean with kitchen paper towels but others use rags first roughly clean the upper receiver it’s pretty dirty, especially because I use Russian steel ammo they typically are very dirty I should use a glove, but forgot use some oil cleans better cleans out the most dirty parts it smells bad, so best clean outside clean the inside theres a grove inside where the charging handle moves it’s generally very dirty now I’ll clean the charging handle the returning gas will come through here so it’s very dirty it’s not critical that it’s clean but the cleaner the better trash next I’ll use the brush to clean the chamber after firing a lot of bullets there’ll be a bit of powder residue the sooner we clean the easier it is next I’ll clean the barrel I need 3 rods then use the 223 brush this is a brass brush, so it won’t damage the barrel pushing hard, it’s very tight there are residues and metal shards there are also nylon brushes they’re softer the next step is to clean the barrel with the paper towel I generally clean the chamber with a thick band of paper I’m probably doing it wrong if you know a better way, please let me know push it a bit and push it out from the muzzle see, its very dirty in a few weeks I’ll talk about various ammo options I’ll talk about brass vs steel ammo of course the steel ammo are dirtier I didn’t fire more than 40 and it’s already very dirty brass ammo won’t be this bad again now it’s pretty clean cleaning the barrel is the same, just less paper make it thinner like a bullet the rod is brass too so it won’t damage the steel barrel the steel bullets will erode the barrel more the right way is to use this tip wrapped by a small cloth I’ll make due with paper towl still dirty lets do this a couple more times one more time looks OK some times there are brass bullet flakes but not much debris with steel cased ammo I’m done with the upper, next step is to clean the bolt carrier group

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