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🔴 INDIAN Weapon that SHOCKED the Entire World! KALI: India’s Top Secret Future Weapon! (MUST WATCH)

Despite not having access to high-level equipment and weath India has consistently made remarkable achievements in various fields of Science especially in Space and Nuclear Science after astounding achievements in Space this time India surprised the world with its rumored sci-fi non-lethal secret weapon called “KALI” India has rumored to have successfully designed a top-secret weapon called “KALI”. It has been designed to answer any uninvited Missiles, Aircraft, and possibly even Spy satellites aim to disturb the peace of India. “KALI” stands for “Kilo Ampere Linear Injector” or “KALI”. The weapon is designed so that it can be used to destroy the enemy through soft kill. KALI is a linear electron accelerator that emits powerful pulses of relativistic electron beams powerful enough to destroy enemy targets unlike laser beams, it does not bore a hole in the target instead it simply damages the onboard electronic systems making the enemy weapon useless basically it is an advanced version of “EMP” The following footage from a popular movie perfectly demonstrates an EMP like weapon in action in a similar fashion, KALI uses bursts of microwaves packed with gigawatts of power which when aimed at enemy missiles aircraft and satellites, will cripple their electronic systems and computer chips bringing them down right away. Work on the project began in 1989 under the Indian Government’s order to Bha Bha Atomic Research Center to develop KALI for industrial applications its defense applications became clearer later when India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation DRDO got involved in the project. Currently KALI is being developed by the Accelerators and Pulse Power Division of the Bha Bha Atomic Research Center at a top-secret location under the supervision of Dr. Rajagopal Chidambaram Dr. Chidambaram is currently also serving as the Chief Scientific Advisor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi he also served as the Director of the Bha Bha Atomic Research Center while later as Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission not to forget he was the man who co-ordinated test preparations for the Pokhran 1 and Pokhran 2 nuclear tests KALI is being developed in stages the whole series includes KALI 80, KALI 200, KALI 1000, KALI 5000 and KALI 10,000 work on KALI 10,000 began as soon as KALI 5000 was successfully commissioned back in 2014. The KALI 5000 is a Single-Shot Pulse Gigawatt Electron Accelerator of 1 MeV electron energy 50 to 100 nanosecond pulsed time, 40 kilo ampere current and 40 gigawatt power level the microwave radiation emitted by the KALI 5000 are in the 3-5 gigahertz range If rumors are to be believed KALI 10,000 has been successfully developed and work on 1 gigawatt Multiple Shot Linear Induction Accelerator has already started This accelerator will deliver electron beam at the rate of 10 to 100 gigahertz with an energy and current of whopping 200 kEv and 5 kilo ampere respectively. The pulse length will be around 50 nanosecond. When fully developed the technology can be used to destroy enemy satellites turning it into a piece of junk orbiting the Earth which sooner or later will burn out on its own in the atmosphere without causing any harm to other satellites as no debris from destruction will be created The image you are seeing now is the actual image of KALI 5000 I hope you enjoyed watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “🔴 INDIAN Weapon that SHOCKED the Entire World! KALI: India’s Top Secret Future Weapon! (MUST WATCH)

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  2. We are so naive that we think that Pak. Is spreading ediotism but they are planning something beyond are thinking…….something deadly😶

  3. Wow I'm proud to be a bharatian, yes we must become mighty because might is right learnt from the British and americans

  4. Someone should go wake KALI up and let it know that Pakistani Aircraft have been dropping bombs on India… since February 2019. Looks like KALI is only a threat to India.

  5. That's how they shut down a american aircraft carrier in the south china sea maybe not the indians but the same technology you won't, here that on the news THEN IT'S JUST A FLOATING HUNK OF STEEL

  6. You know what? This is INDIAN scientist Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM sir invention, he is a god father of science and also god father of aerospace, he is a science monster from India. But now we got more then 1 million young scientists in India, and also we had
    Very very strong indian army, Navy, Air force and more over 82% world COMPUTER HACKER'S are INDIAN'S

  7. Kali is the Hindu god of death and destruction. the reason for the name of this anti-missile weapon.

  8. it was already tested on pak army base wiping it off, "operation white wash" they had no clue what had hit them, 135 pak soldiers where missing and they were finding their remains for long time at siachen

  9. I was thinking of to make such weapons for Indian defense when I grew up & I also find possibilities by myself after reading some of work of Nikolas Tesla. But frickin they made it already 🙄🙄😀😀 What about my life 😭 now 😂😭

  10. The basic blueprint and idea of this technology had come in the mind of none other than our great homi bhabha ,who had toiled day and night for indian defence ,after the debacle when china suddenly attacked india in 1962 and took a part of kashmir. But this great scientist,who was working to protect india from china and enemy countries,was brutally assassinated by the cia,who didnt want him to take india to a position where he was capable of ……otherwise,with a genius like him,india would have achieved the unthinkable much much earlier …so many obstacles india had to endure….in its path ….

  11. हम है भारत के फ़ौज पकिस्तान तू मौत को न खोज

  12. Wow, India thought of this first. Did they just play their hand? Example: to outsmart your enemy you let information trickle out over time–or what's even better, you let your enemy get proliferated information by bad information (e.g. spies). If anyone thinks that India's weapon is truly an effective way to bring planes out of the sky, you're not thinking. The illustration shows the "wiggle-waggle" energy aiming at one plane…and the statement was that it's an advanced EMP weapon (their illustration showed an EMP bringing down dozens of planes out of the sky). So, I'll stick with the EMP weapon; which, by the way, can be defeated with technology to bolster the shielding of any electrical system. I always use my compare and contrast thinking process to this type of information…the only way the US loses a war is if our government allows it to happen…false flag. Now, when push comes to shove, and our backs are to the wall, we will bring out technology that is at least 50-100 years more advanced than any other country in the world.

  13. India's fake Microsoft technicians keep calling me, trying to gain access to my computer. This is how those benechods finance this weapon by dumb people thinking these supposed techs are legit.

  14. Waiting for the day India disables a satellite and announces that it killed an perfectly healthy spy device if a hostile country.

  15. So much love n peace //////So the only thing the cow worshippers have learnt from their colonial master is death and destruction and how to f ,,,, their own people and corruption and extreme lying!????? Almost forgot …. divide and rule too…. lmao …How lame are the cow worshipers? Never mind about the druggie politicians

  16. Once this weapon is ready we’ll test it on Pakistan to make it perfect. Then we’ll aim at China and fire.

  17. On April 2012 DRDO and RAW tested this weapon kali5000W on world's highest battlefield Siyachin. Through this weapon india brought huge avalanche in pakistani area in this attack 124 pak soldiers were killed
    The operation was named as operation whitewash

  18. India is not far to become the super power country of Asia. India is rapidly boosting in both business and military.

  19. Good for India, however, as soon as the existence of something is known in this technologically preoccupied world it is no longer a secret.

  20. If you can find the pictures of the Space Shuttle that disintegrated shortly after liftoff killing all the astronauts you will notice on one particular picture that there is a white line across the picture hitting the space shuttle from a 45 degree angle, indicating perhaps that it came from a satellite. Not sure if anyone else noticed this but it sure looked like a beam of sorts blew up the shuttle, in my opinion.

  21. what happened?? i was watching a video about an emp weapon and suddenly there's pics of the hadron collider??

  22. Will this work in a thunderstorm? Does the emission have the capability of penetrating cloud cover, dust storm, MIRV warheads?

    GO INDIA 👍

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