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The following video contains inconveniences
in the audio due to the loud sounds of the
environment the microphones were damaged I apologize in advance, enjoy it Hello how are you? I’m juanma paradiso and we’re in a new video on the channel I came to los angeles gun club to try real weapons Natalia used to do “shooting with natalia” and shoot some crazy things not for real(of course) So what are we going to do? The real deal we are gonna shoot real weapons First of all subscribe to the Juanmaparadiso channel and.. (Some argentinian joke about the camara moving) First of all subscribe to the Juanmaparadiso channel and follow me on Instagram Yes, I said it like that, natalia saids integrñamañl Keep in mind the following this is not a toy or a game, we must be careful with the things we do There are many people, a lot of security, if you do something wrong you get good, so you must behave nicely so , well..nothing, let god decide see you in disney Ok, folllow me, lets go let’s wreck it (Ralph?) who the fuck opens the door for me now Thank you im not goin in there , not even drunk it’s a bedlam in there I also have one you will not hear anything I say because they are all shooting in here (obviously) let’s start with this yes, exactly, with that man let’s start, from the lowest to the highest we start with this one first which is the 911 (really) we take out the charger, this is very similar to what we did with natalia in the aim shooter Put the bullet like this…. understand? charge it like this, towards down (gun shoot) Help yourself with the finger if you want like this, place the bullets we put the charger back in again here what you can do is pull the slide back to load the first bullet or you push down here (click) like that (juan in action) Lets try with the first shoot and see what happens (Juan realizes he has good aim) I hit him in the eye I dunno if you can see it But I hit him in one eye (Juancito pretending to be a pro) after getting the hang of it (BANG) you can shoot with only one hand its a little bit complicated cus I have to turn my back to the camara but I dont care (csgo pro incoming) let’s start to increase the caliber bit by bit and in this case we go whit my friend the Desert “egle” (nice pronunciation) or Desert eagle (i know u could do it) the charging procedure of the charger its exactly the same for everyone (you dont say) you put it like this you charge it except when you shoot with a rifle or something else that is different the things changes but u can put ’em like this this one goes up to 7 Like in counter (cyber juan) so it’s alright okay now S E N T I E N C E lets try harder i’m gonna move backwards (and the asshole moves forwards again) (Totally deserve it) I just burned myself extremely violent with a piece of gunpowder so bad (owned) Normally what we would do is to change the target so you can know what you hit before but what im going to do is The ones we shoot are differents calibers therefore the size of the holes are differents so everything is alright so to finish with guns Lets use “The Gun” this are pretty big Just like a finger and I do not have little fingers trying to be mccree, lets put em there Ready here I go (Fail miserably) I couldn’t do it (we noticed) Pray for juancito WTF!? (R.I.P) (the highnoon intensifies) the camera just fucking blew away I dunno if you see it the cameraman is shaking he can’t handle it I thought i hit you I just shitt myself man let’s bring….. the pussyman to see what happens here come here robert good all of them in the head in the eye almoust all of them inside good only one outside fairly good for my (BANG) hands so crazy thing Lets try my good friend here we take out the charger lets put the bullets in wich is pretty simple its not so complicated we charge the charger from the top to the bottom its in put em in the top and push down is pretty simple, help yourself with the… thumb if you want like this this one can load a lot of bullets dunno how much so we just fill it up when we can not push anymore we stop the trick of this is putting it right in the shoulder so it not hurt it has a scope a red dot in this case is called red dot, but take a look look up here its green we put the charger lock the shiet hit the other side as well and its ready once we finished, we do the exact same like John Wick, press the button with the gun on a side check if its wide open, if not, you open it then we leave the gun in the table, so nobody come and tell me to fuck off I have fogged lenses rigth? its seems fogged? look hello im back well, im gonna tell you the truth I never shoot one of these before we put the first bullet here we got it inside then we can charge it from the bottom but im not going to charge it now im gonna shoot one, so i can see how i feel with that, if im feel comfortable or if it is something insane and then we’ll see that’s the most beautiful thing in the world NO(x1000) look at the hole wait wait you have to see that look at the hole of robertito two fingers enter the hole nice roberto very good let’s go I broke the holder I fucked the hook it was an accident now we have to call the guy to give us a hand and put it all again now for the end im gonna do something different im gonna try to save the hostage with the shootgun we have the “lady hostage” like a mirtha legrand with a couple of years and a man in the back trying to you know…. let’s throw the hostage with everything we got okay? (Wait what?) Wait! not the hostage to the other guy, I was saying everything wrong (good job Juan’s brain) well we are not showing this part we ruffled the wig to mirtha legrand we have save the hostage, and it only take.. let me se.. a shot in the arm two in the shoulder and one in the middle of the head, but she’s fine so I hope she survive cuz she was a nice woman and this was the video of shooting real guns i hope you enjoy it, if so susbcribe, help me with a like leave a nice comment supporting the video the sun is fucking heating my left eye but it’s all alright i love you guyss subscribe to the juan channel, follow me on instagram and see you guys next time in other video with another crazy thing that you guys want me to do and if you do not want me to do it, I’ll do it anyway because I can, so I’m leaving because I’m talking too much shit

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