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📣Things To Consider When Choosing A Firearms Instructor PT 2

Hey guys Avery here not quite sure what
happened my live cut-out but I’m coming back so that we can finish our talk so
hopefully you guys will tune back in but sorry about that and we were just
talking about things to consider when you are picking a arms instructor so
hopefully you guys will be able to tune back in sorry about that so a few of
things that we went over we went over their reputation we went over the price
their teaching style and it’s just one of those things that you have to be very
very mindful of what you’re doing and the instructor that you’re choosing and
the credentials that they have because if you don’t then you may find yourself
in a situation to where you just have an instructor and you guys really don’t
drive well hey Atlanta light hey Mike and hey ghosts how are you guys I was just
live it cut out so I’m coming back it was like 30 minutes into our
conversation but I’m not gonna trip and so if anyone on the live has any
feedback for the things that they have consider when selecting a firearms
instructor would definitely like to hear that and then also considering if you
want to male or female instructor and I see that there’s a lot of people who
actually travel and they go States away to find instructors so if you find
instructor that’s good then absolutely travel and hook up with them because you
know exactly what you want when it comes to an instructor and something else that
I want to talk about tonight is I wanted to talk about hurricane prep Atlanta Light
said anyone who won’t give you a list of items in it for training red flag yes
another red flag would be instructors who really don’t communicate and I have
a lot of people who reach out to me and they will ask a lot of questions and
that’s fine with me like that’s what I’m here for and if they have questions I
should be able to answer them another thing that I pride myself on is our
journey isn’t over once you take the class like that’s the beginning of our
journey and you should be able to reach out to me we should have a relationship
and you should be able to trust that I’m the instructor and you can reach out and
get to me whenever you need to and granted it has to be within like
reasonable time but you should be able to have that open dialog in that
relationship with me I’ve just seen where some people are just like too good
and that’s never a good situation to have but you should also try to have
classes with manufacturers and some manufacturers have classes that are open
to the public and so if you can do that that’s definitely a great experience and
check out free events too there are a lot of free events that are out there
and although you may feel like it’s like way up
way below the level that you’re at you should be able to go and maybe you can
encourage other people and you can also learn something else from these people –
that’s same Mike said you always do a great job Thanks
thank you Mike um Atlanta Light said I’ve asked instructors for a list of items in
it to take their course and literally an attitude or no response I didn’t ask for
free instruction laughs allow to ask what I need it for your class yeah that
is definitely no good in certain instructors like working with certain
level of students and that’s fine for me I’d rather work I’m so used to working
with like a certain level that I really prefer working with newer shooters
because they are more apt to listen sometimes when you find that students
have been training for a while sometimes I have a huge ego and just I I really
don’t have the time for it yes Dmont said no bad habits I agree what else so
yarn dragons said my guy said save his number if I ever had to shoot anyone
call him first that was about it after the class and D Mont said they come
with an open mind to learn yes absolutely um another thing is sorry always have an open mind when you go to
a class like there’s nothing stopping you from going to that class and putting
in the back of your mind everything that you’ve learned before because different
people teach different things different ways so let them explain things try not
to cut your instructor off let them like get what they’re saying out and
you say what you gotta say later but yeah
try not to be rude that’s really good D Mont that you go with that open
mind because sometimes people don’t go with the open mind and it’s not so good sorry guys I definitely have this
sniffles and I’m trying so I want you guys to know so I was on live just now
and then it cut off but the devil is like super busy in my life right now so
I’m not even gonna let him win because I really wanted to rage it but I didn’t I
just came back on live but yeah try not to let certain things
get to you because I probably would if I would have let that get to me I wouldn’t
came back live and I would’ve just been mad so I want to share a couple so this
is like a mini side note and after I go off on my tangent then we’re gonna do
a giveaway but I have been having to deal with the worst customer service
with things that I have been doing recently so this is just a public
service announcement if you have a business and you have horrible customer
service you probably want to close your business all right because I have seen
and experienced some of the worst customer service over the past I want to
say over the past two months so I’m really bad customer service and it’s
really not good and it’s I’m not just talking about in the gun community I’m
just talking about in general if you don’t have attention to detail and bad
customer service you should just close your business and just store it in the
trash all right because it’s not good all right I’ve had to I’ve wasted a lot
of money just dealing with companies that are not good but I’m keeping an
open mind what I really want to do is really kind
of like smash them in bad reviews but I don’t like you guys really don’t
understand like the horrible customer service but I have kept it together I
have not lost my cool they just will not ever get a dollar from me again they
won’t even get 50 cents like they won’t get anything for me but if you have a
business this is gonna be lost time i’ma say it if you have a business make sure
that you have a good customer service okay if you do not have a good customer
service then just close your business because you’re probably gonna get a
whole bunch of horrible reviews okay okay and attention to detail you can
have attention to detail and every single thing that you do you don’t have
to just own a business it could be in whatever but just always have attention
to detail and over-deliver over-deliver okay when it comes to me as an
instructor I over deliver because my class may be three hours long but if I
need to go a little bit over the three hours I’m gonna go over the three hours
because I feel like I owe that to my student I feel like I want to make sure
they’re at a level that I’m comfortable at before they leave some people would
say this is a three-hour class it’s three hours time to go and especially if the
student shows up late it’s like well hmm your time’s up but you just have to just
over deliver with your customer service and the way that you make your customer
feel but like your customer could be totally wrong you could tell them that
they’re wrong in a good way all right and that goes a very very long way like
I’ve had the worst luck the worse but it’ll all work out
find some really good vendors like I’ve had so and another thing I’m going to
let you guys know is you guys will be like oh my god when it’s that shirt
coming out oh my god when is that hat coming out or oh my god when is that cup
coming out it’s not me guys it’s these trashy vendors that appear to
be really good and then they do a horrible job and I for one will not be
giving you guys or even in a lot of these things I don’t even give it to you
for free because it needs to be in a certain standard so that’s why some of
these things have not yarn dragons we will have a whole conversation about
this later some of these things just are not coming up when when I am supposed to
be getting them although I’ve paid for them but because they’re just not good
quality so D Mont don’t bring up the cups so if you guys are waiting on the cups
like I was waiting on the cups I’ll let you know that I do have I have three
black cups that are available three to order and I was going to put the cups
out the first two days for $25.99 but there’s only three so I guess I will put
the first three out for $25.99 it was just a long long story long long story
but that’s not what this live is for so I will stop so D Mont so constituting as an
example to show others how to be absolutely and I really pride myself on
not losing my cool because there has been a couple times like even today I
probably could’ve lost it but I didn’t because at the end of the day I can
always leave a bad review talk to the managers manager and just not give them
my service anymore and I can also recommend for no one else to give them
their service because they don’t do good work Gwebs thank you so Aaron said a smile goes a long way
Jhab going to a gun range I used to go to for many years after new owner took
over rude and brash goodbye and sometimes like I was I went to arrange
one time and I was really not welcome and then I reached back out like maybe a
year later but they were under new management and the new management was
awesome so sometimes you just maybe if you see something it’s under new
management and you didn’t really quite get along with all management then you
can still give them another chance I DMont I remember when they leave they
maybe what others see about your instruction yes absolutely yarn dragons I do not need boxing glove
I need ice cream James said vote with their dollars in your feet yeah if
someone doesn’t have that service I’m not giving them any more money any more
of my money and then they can like kick rocks
alright guys so time for a giveaway time for a giveaway time for a giveaway patriot in the dark cent wait a minute
are you telling me all those cups you sent me were messed up I would not ever
send you a messed-up cup unless you wanted to mess up Cup then I was alright
so we’re gonna do a quick giveaway do you guys want to primary arms giveaway
or do you want a Glock giveaway I’ll let you guys pick and if you didn’t know I
was supposed to be teaching in Daytona Beach this weekend at I Skye firearms
event it is canceled rescheduled and it will be scheduled for a later date so
due to the storm we will not be teaching in Daytona Beach this weekend so it looks
like primary arms has won so we will be doing a primary arms giveaway all you
have to do is type in PA in the comments in order to win yes ma’am it’s due to
the hurricane so you will be entered to win this nice from Primary arms patch and
then you will be entered to win this nice primary hat and then this is
the back of it so if you want to be enter to win just
type in PA I’m feeling fantastic because I’m talking to you guys right now but I
did have a very very long day I’ve had like a very very long week there’s just
been a lot going on but nothing that I can’t handle so Rodney are you asking
how do I receive these items to give away because I’ll tell you Thank You Marv and so I was kind of
worried that I would have to teach this weekend and my Cold would kind of interfere
with that but luckily not luckily sorry but the event was rescheduled that was
probably a poor choice of words but their event was rescheduled and I can
just work on getting better oh and another thing I don’t think I’ve really
let you guys know this so you guys will be the first to know
um actually after I announce this giveaway then I will tell you guys the
good news Chicowiz how are you and if you guys have not checked out my
videos that have came out on Monday mornings make sure that you check those
videos out and if you haven’t checked out my podcast make sure that you check
out the podcast to the Texas outlaw says howdy y’all hi Avery hey how are you
the Texas outlaw did you receive your giveaway items I think you won recently
and if you are watching this live I would really really like for you to
share it who knows what happened not too long ago the live cut out but I’m back
I’m telling you guys the devil is like all over me right now but he will not
win and did everybody enter for the primary arms giveaway Rodny’s said how to receive a how to
receive a what sorry alright so the winner for the primary arms giveaway is
Javr more so congratulations and make sure that you send me your address and
you can send that on Facebook Messenger you can send it on Instagram DM or you
can email it to me at Skip’s tactical solutions at
alright so congratulations and if you did not win that is okay because I have
one more thing to give away at the end of this live and who said no blog Jahr more you have to be paying
attention in order to know if your name was called yes your name was call you
one let’s see d monoxide no block so just because my live messed up earlier
and I had such a I’m not gonna say bad week because it wasn’t bad I just had a
long week I’m gonna do an extra giveaway at the end of this live and it’s going
to be so D mont not gonna want to enter because he don’t like long but
it’s gotta be this Glock hat it’s going to be this Glock pin sorry Glock pin and
it’s that kind of pin and this Glock patch so the patch maybe you need a hat
to use when you’re cutting your grass do you might so Javar make sure ya javar
make sure that you send me a message so that we can get that shipped out to you Marv said just wondering last week you
mentioned you were no longer affiliated with some companies like vaulteq does
something go wrong no no no it did not um I was just an affiliate with Vaulteq
and for my understanding they were working on their affiliate program so I
think it was just that they didn’t really have time for their affiliate
program so they were kind of ending their affiliate program right now love
those guys definitely not something bad and I still recommend their products
although I’m not affiliated with them hey boss hogg Atlanta lights said I’ve
been gone for from the net for a while welcome back Atlanta light just skip
ever do the hurricane bug out bag I did not um I was taken to full-time
college classes and for that bug-out bag is going to take a lot of I want to give
people different options I don’t want to say ok these are the only options I want
to give options based on people’s budgets but yeah I probably should have probably in that bag but don’t fret
because we’re about to talk about some hurricane stuff now cuz yeah it’s about
to get real alright guys so if how many people are in the area where they will
possibly be affected by this upcoming hurricane is it Dorian where they will
possibly be affected by it I’m gonna raise my hand because I am and I’ve been
living in Florida for almost 11 years like yeah almost 11 years so it’s
definitely something that if you live in an area that may be well known to be
affected by things like that it should be something that makes it to your top
of the to-do list so make sure that you keep those things in mind don’t have
that and it’s kind of like the whole gun thing like oh it’s never gonna happen to
me because a lot of those things happen when we least expect it
so we let our guard down last I think it was last year was that hurricane Irma we
were very very lucky we did not get demolished so now it’s one of those
things to where something is out there pretty close to hitting and if you
haven’t already start to prepare then you’re kind of behind and two days ago
two days ago yesterday I went to go get gas not
trying to get gas for the hurricane just kind of filling up my tank cause I was
halfway and the gas station was a whole hot mess so it make sure that you’re
preparing boot wise to make sure that you’re good you want to so I’m gonna go
down a list of things that I think that you guys should make sure that you’re
focused on if you are in that area please do not wait to the last minute
and prepare ahead of time because you don’t want to find yourself in a bad
situation all right so these are gonna be some things to consider when you are
preparing for an emergency you want to make sure that you have your
prescriptions you also want to make sure that you have extra food for your
children especially if you have infants that use infant formula and then for
those of you who have I don’t know they call them not real kids okay I want to
call it not a real kid but if you have fur babies okay they call them fur
babies if you have fur babies make sure that you have enough food for your fur
babies as well because that’s very important and you also want to make sure
that you have extra water account for them as well sometimes they say to have
a certain amount of water per person in your house if you count your for a baby
then you need to make sure that you have extra water for your fur baby as well
and your important documents just in case you have to evac and we’re
going to talk about evac’ing with firearms as well here in a sec but your
insurance policy any kind of bank account information social security
cards like all those types of things you probably want to have those and like
an important documents stash so that you can grab like that file folder or whatever
it is and just take it and get out of Dodge
grab extra cash if you need it actually don’t not if you need it grab extra cash
because on your travels you may get to the point to where there’s no cash or
the ATMs have ran out of cash or now you’re not going to be able to use your
debit cards so now what are you going to do and you want to also have some type of
sleeping bag or additional bedding in blankets especially for those of you who
are in the areas that get very very cold but if you are not in a cold area you
still need to have additional bedding and/or sleeping bags as well change your
clothes if you live in an area that is cold then you may want to make sure that
you have some additional jackets you want to have some additional long
sleeves and and this is not gonna be just like hurricane emergency you can
use this for any type of emergency that you will encounter and then also make
sure that you have adequate footwear that is very important I know a lot of
Floridians and that’s what they call people in Florida a lot of Floridians
like to wear sandals don’t get me wrong I like to wear sandals as well but if
you’re dealing with some sort of emergency natural disaster you may want
to put on some sneakers to make sure that your feet are adequately covered
and that you are protected you also want to have a fire extinguisher flip-flops
are issued once you cross the florida line matches in a waterproof container
if you are self for all the males out there and most unless you’re gonna have
to go to the store and grab this stuff but feminine supplies you’re going to
need those and then any kind of personal hygiene items you’re gonna need those as
well and baby wipes baby wipes baby wipes any kind of books games pencils
puzzles if you have children make sure that you have activities that are going
to keep them active keep them from like just freaking out because there ain’t
nothing to do or the power dome went out and try to have one gallon of water per
person for at least three days for drinking and sanitation and we were
talking about this today you can bind like your your bathtub so that you have
that water there hopefully you don’t need it and a
three-day supply of non-perishable food so if you haven’t already gotten your
bread peanut butter and jelly peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for like a
few days side note I did eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day
and it was good I haven’t had one in a while it was in the pantry and I was
like hmm so yeah flashlight with extra batteries
I have already charged up my Oh light and I’m ready to go but I also have some
other flashlights you want first-aid kit whistles a signal for help and moist
towelettes we’ve already talked about that baby wipes garbage bags and plastic
ties for personal sanitation wrench or pliers to turn off utilities can opener
for food and then local maps um and like Atlanta light just says Solar Charger let’s see well said I’m an adult
let’s see I’m an adult and no games needed a good bottle of vodka that to
Mike Smith sad I pray that God covers you in your family thank you so much oh so marv said that had a flood in the
house I’m throwing things out maintenance one day at a time sorry
about that Boss Hogg said nobody was really prepared for 56 inches of rain
yeah we definitely just have to prepare for the things that we can control and
then the other things we’re going to have to deal with it as they come your
yarn dragons said we have three large backup chargers and the Texas outlaw
said PB and J sandwiches are good yes they are
how many of you know what your evacuation standards when it comes to
your firearms in real quick I just wanted to let you guys know the reason
why I talked about this whole emergency thing and I meant to do an entire
episode on kind of emergency preparedness when it comes to natural
disasters but my whole channel or my whatever it’s not just about guns it’s
about making sure that you guys are prepared for a lot of these different
situations that are going to happen and it’s also about your mindset and just
about being a better person so I just want to make sure that you guys know
that it’s not just about guns if you don’t like that feel free to tune out
whenever I do talk about other things but if there’s other things that you
guys do want to talk about and I do have a lot of people who reach out to me
about being a firearms instructor how I started my business what type of
business do I have asked I have a lot of people asked me if I have like a legit
LLC or am I just operating like a little side business I do often refer to my
business as a side business because I do have a full-time job as well but I do
have a legit LLC with a business bank account and all of the above and I
business insurance so any type of discussion that you guys want to know or
you want to talk about feel free to let me know and we can definitely talk about
it sorry those sniffles again wraps out getting dehydrated drunk is a smart
feuless power and end up having to work to keep yourself themselves so another
thing that I kind of want to squeeze in here really quick though is this would
be a good time to remember why we stock up on certain things so when it comes to
ammo you want to make sure that you’re stocked up on your ammo and that you
have a firearm just in case there’s looting and that you’re able to protect
yourself and your family because the people who don’t have anything I’m
pretty sure they’re gonna start acting like savages and we can learn from
history to see how these sorts of things play out Patriot said I’m getting storm
shutters install I’ve seen that documentary about that big storm in New
York with all those sharks I have shutters I’m gonna have to have
pay someone to help me put them up marv said thanks I live in New York but the
sewage had so much water coming through that the line that couldn’t pump water
or the house during a horrible storm I’m sorry Atlanta Light said I’m preparing for
the zombie apocalypse civil war leave nothing to chance
good for you alright guys so how many people know what their state says in
regards to evacuating and firearms if you’re in Florida you’re in luck
because I’m about to tell you what our force exercise so if a mandatory
evacuation order is issued residents in the affected counties can carry
concealed firearms without a CCW permit in accordance with the Florida statue
which the Florida Statute is 790 alright in the section that is going to cover
this is 790 point zero one unlicensed carrying of concealed weapons or
concealed firearms all right so it’s going to be bullet point a and it says a
person who carries a concealed weapon or a person who may lawfully possess a
firearm and who carries a concealed firearm or about his or her person
while in the act of evacuating during a mandatory evacuation order issued during
a state of emergency declared by the governor pursuant to chapter 252 or
declared by a local authority pursuant to chapter 870 as used in the
subsection the term and the acts of evacuating means that immediate and
urgent movement of a person away from the evacuation zone within 48 hours
after a mandatory evacuation is order evacuation is ordered the 48 hours may
be extended by an order issued by the governor so I said that you guys can go
to Florida statue 790 point zero one two read this for yourself because I want
you guys to know where you can get this type of information from but you heard
it from me if you are issued a mandatory evacuation order not by your best friend
not by your husband not by your wife but that issue has to be issued during a
state of emergency declared by the governor or declared by a local
authority okay so just make sure that you’re doing the
right thing guys Boss Hogg said I need an airboat you
don’t let’s see Rob’s had a small local flood here had
people fighting for a bread at the store just don’t be stupid people,
people your kids and your family depend on you sorry um I agree with that make
sure that you guys are smart make sure that you and so for me I keep my pantry
stocked with those types of foods that we would be able to use in an emergency
and I keep things like water because you never really know and I keep energy
drinks too and ice cream so if the power goes out I just have to hurry up and eat
all my ice cream but yeah guys just be smart about it you are in charge of your
own safety and this would also be another thing to think about if there is
an evacuation order if there is a lot of things that are going on and people are
breaking into homes or doing things that they’re not supposed to the police are
going to be very very busy if they’re very very busy taking care of things
that may be more important are they going to have time to respond to your
home for someone injuring you someone breaking in someone breaking the law
that’s why you need to be able to be in charge of your own safety you don’t want
to have to rely on someone else for your safety and I really really want you guys
to think about that so this hurricane it’s hurricane season so I mean there’s
always something out there in that ocean and we just have to be prepared so if
you don’t have ammo for your firearm that may be something that you need to
go in and purchase but just don’t be out and about with a whole bunch of crazy
people doing the right things with your hoodrat friends all right try to get your gas now and I even seen on my way
home from work today that there were already gas stations that have run out
of gas if you have an extra gas scan you can
put some gas in a gas can be smart all right and I want everyone to return back
here next Thursday very safe very excited to have another
talk to me Thursday and I want to hear how everyone’s right out went and
hopefully we all come back all happy so if you guys have any questions about
that like I said let me get that statute to
you again the statue is Florida statue 790 is the
one that covers concealed weapons and you should know exactly what statute
covers concealed weapons if you do carry concealed for your sate in the 790.0 and that covers unlicensed carrying of concealed weapons
or concealed firearms okay but just also know how to use it Marv said tell people to not be silly
and go out chasing and shooting at hurricane or thinking they can launch
some weapons at it like I hear some people talking yeah please don’t do that Ryan hey thank you for joining Chico said be safe are you guys and
girls that may be affected maybe in the affected areas of this storm and so we
talked about evacuating with your firearms if you cannot evacuate with
your firearms or if you do not want to evacuate with your firearms I think it’s
very very important that you properly store your firearms which you should
already be doing but with this storm coming make sure that they are properly
secured properly stored because I say someone breaks into your home you don’t
want them to have easy access to anything that is considered important to
you so you don’t want them to be able to just go into your bedroom and get a
firearm that’s sitting against the wall or firearm that’s just laying on
your counter that would be bad business just make sure that you have all your
stuff properly stored make sure that you are prepared if you have if you’re in
any remote coned the area of this storm please prepare don’t just say that it’s
not going to happen to you and and just be safe guys please don’t weigh in to
the last minute like you’re gonna be super stressed out some people really
work well that way I don’t I want I have my to-do list and then I work on it and
I’m like okay but now we’re good so whatever you need to do please be
prepared and if you’re in Florida check out the Statue if you’re not in Florida
check out your state statute and see exactly what it says in regards to
firearms and then I also want you to talk to your children about this if you
are one of those parents who try to shelter your kids you may be doing more
harm than good and talk to them because maybe you can
empower them to help with the situation like okay so you’re gonna be in charge
of doing this you’re gonna be in charge of doing this and you just give them a
sense of accomplishment by helping out with that entire ordeal but really quick
I want you guys to let me know what are some things that you would maybe like
for us to cover in regards to this channel and it it doesn’t necessarily
have to be Facebook it could be Instagram it could be Facebook what type
of things would you like for us to cover other than guns or do you just like
talking about guns all the time Mike said I lol no don’t bomb the
hurricane I know right yarn dragons said make packing a game
Atlanta Lights said Georgia doesn’t have any laws regarding firearms during
natural a disaster because we already have super loose gun laws we are gun friendly
that’s nice alright guys so we started this off by all right so Atlanta light said training
real-world scenario training involving moving and shooting finding cover and
concealment and accounting for every shot you fire that is really good let me so Rob said in the end you can replace
things but not people wish you all good luck let’s hope it’s no big deal yeah
I’m hoping that it’s like the storm that we had I think it was two years ago I
don’t think it was a year ago I think it was two where it was supposed to be and
I can’t remember what it was the name of it I think it was Irma but it was
supposed to be like really really bad and it turned out to like not be as bad
as they projected it to be but here in Tampa it was so weird to see the water
out of the bay and people were like actually down in where the water was but
the water wasn’t there but I would have just been scared that it was yeah but
that happened I think that was a couple years ago Patriot in the dark said oh
great you guys talked about storms and now they’re tornado sirens are going off
get to safety G webs were you at and sometimes it may not necessarily be
the storm it may be the other things that come with this storm you also have
to think about the high winds and with the high winds there comes like things
that are flying around because people have not properly secured things so if
you can properly secure things go ahead and do that I know that I had like patio
furniture so my cushions and patio furniture had to get properly secured so
that it doesn’t just fly off and possibly damage something and then if
you have like any and I have like some little statues in front of my house and
so my little statues are gonna get put away as well because I want to make sure
that they don’t get damaged um Atlanta Light and I also said understanding
the basis for the second amendment and word gun control actually comes from and
a lot of them folks really have no clue so Atlanta light I really feel like a
lot of people who are anti-gun have no clue about that either because if they
did I don’t think they would be so anti-gun but I I do think that that is a
good point as well Atlanta Light also said I literally have to
walk it back to before this country was established when explaining gun and why
they are so important people need to truly be educated on the issue yes but I
also feel like people have to be open to being educated to it because I do have a
lot of talks with certain people in it’s not just something that I’m gonna argue
with people about but I educate them on why I feel like is so important and why
I pretty much made it my mission to educate people when it comes to firearms
safety self-protection because we have to learn from history like I don’t
understand why people don’t understand that history will absolutely repeat
itself if you don’t learn from it yeah I’m not understanding that but we are
here to educate others and we shall do that but they have to be very open
minded and yarn dragons said everything that can fly will fly yes it will
Patriot said I’m just worried about those sharks um boss Hogg that
tornadoes are common during hurricanes we had numerous or Harvey Atlanta Light
also said I literally start the conversation with natural law natural
laws what you observe it in nature if you see a cheetah or lion trying to kill
a gazelle that gazelle have her feud all fights back it is I agree with you it’s
natural to fight back and this is not a law by man but nature the Constitution
just recognizes it totally you agree mike said you talk about a lot of gun
topics and you have a good perspective on women carrying their guns that in
itself is good for me i do want to do more of them I guess like carrying just
different outfits of Caring I know they’re for a bit I was doing just
showing some of my often set I just want to show people that you don’t have to
dress a certain way you don’t have to look a certain way if people were to see
me out in public they wouldn’t really think that I would be caring because I
don’t dress like the typical I don’t want to say the typical I just don’t
wear like cargo pants and all that I still try to dress as normal as I can
what’s normal for me and I try to be as comfortable as I can and I know you guys
probably see some of the pictures of me with my students and I have on like
those cargo pants and I also have on like a business polo but those are
only for when I’m teaching when I’m teaching I have to wear my uniform and
look the part and I want to be as professional as I
can be and that’s definitely not the way that I dress when I’m out in public and
I’m just living my living my best life but I do like to show different
perspectives and do show those different perspectives and show the different
methods like the off body carry off body carry gets a lot of bad press and I
think it’s just people who are not open-minded because sometimes you just
can’t carry on your body so if you like I want you guys to really think about
this right now what people often tell in a lot of times
as women they’ll saying do not carry off your body just don’t have a gun like
does that make sense see you guys because if you’re wearing
something and it just so happens that you can’t carry and you want to still be
safe right you still want to be protected people are telling you do not
carry off your body and that’s pretty much telling you dude
protect yourself because of the outfit that you’re wearing but I also see men
who off body carry and I don’t really hear people putting them down as much as
they put women down for off body carrying so do you guys ever hear that
as a hat people just completely go off on me about me off body carrying or me
being encouraging that people off body carry I encourage people to carry
however they see fit but I’m not going to talk down to someone just because of
the way that they decide to carry as long as it’s in a safe manner
Atlanta Lights it typical thought left lol see how she had to sidestep
that she dresses like a respectable woman and didn’t want to offend anyone
it depends on your awareness and accountability in my opinion if you walk
around up paying attention to stuff and very absent-minded
I don’t work them in off body carry um I do agree with you I do agree with you on
that but a lot of the times we try to make sure that we’re aware of our
surroundings even when you’re not carrying because to be honest sometimes
you can’t carry and you want to be aware so that you can carry or not avoid a bad
situation if you can because we want to use our gun if we have to but sometimes
we don’t have to we can just go ahead and avoid that situation and get out of
Dodge because we can see that something’s gonna go sideways and we
don’t want to be there when it does David said everyone is an expert in
their own mind I’m absolutely not an expert I just have my experience that I
love to share with everybody because I’ve definitely learned some things the
hard way and I don’t want other people to learn the hard way and I want to make
sure that people are spending their hard-earned money on quality things so
many people waste their money and buy things that Archie
you don’t want to buy cheap you want to buy things that are affordable in
quality but you definitely don’t want to buy cheap so I try to do my best on
educating people and being that resource that they can go to and trust that every
time they have a conversation with me or ask my opinion then I’m going to lead
them in the right direction yarn dragons said I have friends that argue
you about off body about what’s the point bag is not on you so the whole
thing with off body is that you want to keep that on like pretty much on your
person so that you can get to it if you need it and if for some reason you have
to sit it down or do something you want to know where it is and it needs to be
absolutely accounted for like I was at a wedding and I’m off body carried in when
I went to go dance or something I made sure that my husband had my purse
so that he so that he would be able to account for it because I wasn’t gonna
have my purse on the dance floor and that was just something that I decided
to do and I didn’t go oh I’m just gonna sit this down for a random person to
just go through my purse if they felt the need to so if it’s off body you want
to have it on your body as much as you can but you also just want to have
positive like um accountability over that Chiecowiz I said I enjoy your
Thursday live streams this is my third week here keep doing a skip we
definitely need more women to join it to 2a community took my younger sister
shooting for the first time back in May she did it for the first time shooting
after me drilling the safety aspects of it that’s great I hope that she really
liked it and even if she didn’t like it just continue to introduce her to it and
encourage her and I think we will have a new to 2a supporter before we know it but guys um we have a lot going on this
week I definitely had a lot going on this week and next week I’m starting
school again I did share with you all that I wanted to have a goal to finish
my bachelor’s degree by the end of 2019 we have September October November
December laughs and I do plan on finishing it I have three classes left
so I will be back in school here next week so one please pray for me but I
have goals your girl got goals and I know that you guys have goals as well I
want you guys to make sure that you’re working on your goals day in and day out
because we have some missions to do so if you would like to share your goals
with me feel free to share those with me and I can be like your little baby
accountability partner but I am definitely working on my bachelor’s I
will be done here very soon and I like to share those things with you guys
because I want you to know that it’s for me it’s not all about although I am
trying to improve myself some people ask me why am I trying to get my bachelor’s
if I plan on doing my well running my own business full-time once I retired
from the military but it’s because I am forever a student and I want to learn
and I also want to have my bachelor’s degree so that I can just be like geez
and I just thought question are you up for E7 I am NOT up
for seven I am actually up for E8 and I’ve been E7 for a couple
years now Boss Hogg did you see my my face when you type that Davis said that
is awesome almost across the finish line yes and something else that I want to
share with you all is you’ve got to keep going for your goals because especially
if you have kids they’re watching you and they see how you do things and they
want to be like you when they grow up so be a very good role model and show them
how hard work pays off my kids have watched me grow my business and they
have a sense of pride in it as well because there are things that they’ve
helped me with so I think that we all have these things that we want to do and
if you want to do it I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely do it you
can do anything that you put your mind to
alright so that was motivational skip right there Boss Hogg said go for your
masters I almost blocked you when I saw ahead just kidding
I think I’m done after my master after my bachelor’s because I’m not really
student material when it comes to like College I’m not college material
I believe in have a go with you um Kevin looks like congratulations oh no I’m
gonna be making no I have three years in ten months until I retire and you guys
will all be invited to the retirement and if not we’ll just live streaming on
YouTube just so you guys can see it but um we are almost at the end of 2019 and
I have some major things on the horizon for 2020 I have some things that I’m
gonna be trying to work on with you guys so definitely want you to stay tuned and
keep in touch make sure that you interact and if
there’s things that you guys want to see let me know I know some of these videos
so if you see my videos when it comes to like my reviews those things take me a
lot of time and when it comes to the range there’s sometimes restrictions on
time and I just don’t have a lot of time to film videos so when it comes to me
doing videos you guys have to be very patient
and I just kicked out quite a few videos because I had to batch them so you have
to be patient with me because some of these videos require like some extensive
things and I’ve been teaching like every weekend like sometimes two days on my
days off so I still have to make time for my kids and I still have to make
time for my husband so it comes to and then I have a podcast too so if you guys
have not listened to my podcast feel free to listen to my podcast and Atlanta Lights yes retire after 20 years so I have three years and ten
months Kevin Brooks said you’re gonna stay
longer than 20 no sir no sir I’m gonna have to hang it up at 20 and
the reason why I want to hang it up at 20 is because I want to be able to do
this full-time I do have people ask me I do have people ask me if I will be able
to travel to them and there’s not really a lot of things that I can do because
there’s restrictions with my time because I still have a full-time job so
I do want to be able to provide this to you guys full-time oh and I told you
guys I had good news and I totally forgot to tell you Atlanta light said old enough to be
talking about retirement I am I am I actually joined I was 17 my
parents big shout-out to my parents because I had to sign for me to join the
airforce so I really appreciate them for
supporting me so and the news that I wanted to share with you all is I have
joined the women’s out there news so I will be providing content through the
women to outdoor news as well so definitely check me out on their channel
I will be having some stuff come out within the next couple of months with
them but I’m very excited to be on their team and provide content to them and I
would like for you guys to support and if you know any women or if you guys
would like to view the women’s outdoor news that’s fine too but I will
definitely be putting out content with them soon so more videos right now Lana
Lang said air force you know she’s smart it’s at the ASVAB and it was clear
infantry got some bullets everybody has their own strengths I’m smart as hell I
don’t know about that but I have been in the Air Force for 16 years and I’m very
thankful for the Air Force and I’m thankful that I’ll be able to do my 20
years of service and start on my next journey but that was my good news for
tonight like I said I did have a very very long week but that it’s okay
because it’s over and done with and I do have some black tumblers that
I’ll possibly post I will not put them on the website because there are only a
limited amount and I will not be putting the tumblers up and talk get the rest of
the tumbler just the tumblers if you guys do not sorry if you know of a
company here in the Tampa area that does some really good work on apparel and I
guess promotional items please let me know because I’m definitely in search
because I am 100% tired of dealing with companies that don’t have a good
customer service and they like attention to detail and that’s just me saying it
in a nice way but since I’m feeling real good and I really appreciate you guys
and we’re just gonna get ready for this hurricane prep we’re going to do a
giveaway and this is going to be a giveaway for everybody on live and
that will be D Mont not gonna want to do this and another thing is if you
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see you guys because I know you guys don’t really like those phone videos and
I want to get some good videos out to you guys so giveaway time nice work boys
on live and Dmont does not want this but it is a glock hat so just type Glock
in the comments Glock pin lock pin that’s a lock pin caGlocktch it’s velcro patch and
there’s a couple stickers in there to you so for those of you who will not be
dealing with a hurricane possibly this weekend what do you guys have going on sometimes you guys are really funny Ryan
said Ruger and if there’s something that you guys would like to cover for next
week please let me know so that we can cover that next week Oh Marv so I thought he was trying to
ask me how I get this stuff and then I didn’t really I couldn’t
oh yeah sorry so the way that I get this stuff is I begged the companies I have a
really good friend that works I Glock and he sends me some things mr. Scotty
banks who is amazing he sent to me some Glock things so the stuff that I get I
try to give it out to you guys because I like to incentivize people to get into
this whole 2a lifestyle personal protection and I think it’s
pretty cool just give things away so yeah um I’m like that annoying person
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bags this is a little Glock Streamlight I’m gonna give that away next week
if the hurricane doesn’t blow away our entire home you guys think I should take the swag with me not funny yes so that mo can oh I have a video
that I need to put out about that but I’m surprised I still on there but Marv’s going to the State Fair this
weekend so have a funnel cake for me because I definitely like funnel cake
Davis had nothing wrong with free swag oh GWebb said that he carries that light
every day nice and of course I have my old light here with me guys if you
didn’t know I’m a ol light dealer so this is my o light in yarn dragons
picked up well actually her husband picked her up a o light so now we’re like
a light twinsies because she got one of these two and just because I’m super
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you guys to see how cute this is do not roast me in these comments okay
look how cute this is isn’t that cute I think it’s cute so yes Ryan so I will
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and it’s one of those nice to where my husband said I had some problems at the
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um it’s the Glock all right so did everyone that wanted to enter for the
Glock inner young dragons said speaking of lights I was cussing up a storm today
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because I’m about to pick a winner but that’s like the real me that you guys
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Jake Dell home so please send me a message so that I can get the shipped
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so Jake you just won this please reach out with your information and if you
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don’t comment on this live comment and under the description of the video
ok guys tonight we talked about choosing a firearms instructor some of the things
that you want to think about we also talked about preparing for emergencies
and make sure that you guys are all safe make sure that you are very proactive
and I want to see you all back here next Thursday if you guys have any questions
feel free to reach out and one last plug is I want you guys to check out skye
firearms some people have their isms about them but what I really love that
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alright guys every Sunday they’re giving away 12 free
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winner for this right here will be announced next week alright guys so
please stay safe if you are in the impact area for the hurricane and I will
see you right here next Thursday 8 p.m. Eastern 4 talk to me Thursday thank you
so much for each and everyone who tuned in and have a great night guys see you

4 thoughts on “📣Things To Consider When Choosing A Firearms Instructor PT 2

  1. For beginners looking for an instructor, check to see if they provide firearms and equipment if not free then for rental. At a gun show I talked with 4 instructors and the one I had the best feeling about liked i never fired a gun. He said do not buy a gun before the class and he would have several to try at the ccw training. Also provided holster and mag holders. 2 day class and ended up being more like defensive hand gun course than ccw. After ccw qualifying we did drills with security guard qualifiers so was well worth the extra dollars over the other instructors I talked with.

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