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지브롤터 가지고…스나 총 2개들고 이기라고요?.. / 에이펙스레전드 Twitch_Aka

(Mission: win with two sniper rifles) “Train over there” (replying to chat) (replying to chat) (replying to chat) (replying to chat) (singing) That didn’t went well You can take it Holy sh*t Let’s give this guy a gun I can do this
(Mission: win with two sniper rifles) Need to start with guns Sniper guns are usually found on the train This is crappy Nooo Lifeline, you are down again Must be an assassin to test out my patience… Stop killing each other People must think I am a newb Carrying two sniper rifles lol I feel like I can kill these guys I hate people shooting from that far Nooo They can’t touch me They’re fighting X 3 Screwed.. There’s someone on top as well HOLY SH*T He got disconnected, what is this? I killed them?
(replying to chat – killed two streamers) Sorry! Delicious Too delicious Where did I kill them? Where did I kill Lifeline? Lifeline X 2 I think I got him on the roof I broker armor here, and got him here. Holy sh*t, this is the only place to res My missions is to win with two sniper rifles Don’t give me crap, this is hard as-is
(replying to chat) I need to win with Gib with two sniper guns (replying to chat) I think they saw me Yes they did I need to push them if I want to win Can’t win without pushing them This is the only way for me BUT why are you going there too? I don’t like this at all You deserve to get shot You can’t go in You can’t go in if you are still shooting me from there Oh you are in circle I have a purple shield I have a feeling, I am doomed Hmm How will I beat these guys pushing They have to come in The position is good, but gonna be hard when they push Noooo Why are you coming this way? This way leads you to death A team of three Ho Sh*t Jesus crazy
How did I win? Niceeee I got 4k damage on Gib lol This is too funny Yooha (Youtube Hi)

61 thoughts on “지브롤터 가지고…스나 총 2개들고 이기라고요?.. / 에이펙스레전드 Twitch_Aka

  1. 번역도 제대로 못하면서 계속 통역하는 사람이 있네, 진짜 외국인이 보기엔 진짜 엄청 이상한데… 제발 역자님 지금 번역하신게 아카님 인성 꼬인건가 라고 생각될 정도로 속뜻이 왜곡되서 전달되고 있어요.  셀리님 방에서도 그러더만 차라리 하지좀 마요 제발. 저번에 ACEU-셀리 첫합방 때도 번역 이상하게 전달되서 에이스가 셀리 자기 싫어하는 줄 알고  컨택 잘 안하려 하잖아요. 부담스러워서 가지고. 한국어랑 영어는 구조가 달라서 직역하면 의미 왜곡 엄청 심한 거 몰라요? 이해는 하는 데 지금 그 번역이 오히려 선수들 이미지를 망치고 있는 결과를 만들고 있어요.  일본어는 구조가 비슷해서 괜찮은데 진짜 영어는 번역 경험이 엄청 중요한 언어예요. 아카쟝 이제 한창 물들어올 땐 데  제에에에에발 자중해주시길 부탁해요 리얼

  2. Aka i don't understand you shit. But i enjoy your way to Play this game. U r very respectfull with ur victims. 😉 Greetings from South América, Perú

  3. 5252 믿고 있었다구 제엔장-

    ??? : 아무나 못하는걸 아무렇지도 않게 해내버리지 그래서 동경하게되!!!

  4. Hey AKA, just want to let you know, you can just say "snipers", you don't have to say "sniper guns", "sniper" can be both the person and the gun! 🙂

  5. I am a big fan of you and thank you for adding subtitles. My love for anime helped me in your previous videos to understand what you were saying

  6. I’ll never understand what’s going though that last team’s head. They should have fought for high ground not stay underneath aka like that. But aka you’re amazing as always. Keep it up!

  7. Who else releases videos this good, every day, sometimes twice a day, with closed captions in another language which I’m sure he has to do manually 👏👏 I appreciate it Aka

  8. いつもAKAさんの動画見てたら、自分も上手くなれた気がしてプレイしますけど、全然ダメです笑

  9. Uh mr editor translator guy I think we know when he’s replying to chat or singing.. we just want to know what he’s saying

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